FAYDAA BAZAR – FAYDAABAZAR has emerged as a serious player in the Indian e-commerce sector


FAYDAABAZAR has emerged as a serious player in the Indian e-commerce sector

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FAYDAABAZAR has emerged as a serious player in the Indian e-commerce sector over the years, providing employment to enthusiasts in different departments. It has a full-fledged team of photographers, stylists, designers, models, and other support staff from logistics and supply chain departments, who are all products of the ever-increasing scope for opportunities in the e-commerce industry.

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/zFafyG

Subastas Gamer – Buy items at extremely low prices gaming!

Subastas Gamer

Buy items at extremely low prices gaming!

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SubastasGamer is an online store based on the method of reverse auctions where you can buy gaming products for prices that you would never have imagined!
You just have to devise a strategy and participate in one of our many auctions to take you home incredible at outrageous prices.

SubastasGamer, your number one destination to buy gamer products.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/7sgji0

Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop – Buy Yellow Sapphire,Pukhraj,Blue Sapphire,Neelam,Rubies,Emeralds and Gemstones

Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop

Buy Yellow Sapphire,Pukhraj,Blue Sapphire,Neelam,Rubies,Emeralds and Gemstones

Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 0Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 1Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 2Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 3Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 4Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 5Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 6Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 7Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 8Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 9Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 10Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 11Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 12Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 13Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 14Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop screenshot 15

Venus Jewellers is a one-stop shop to buy all kinds of jyotish gemstones online. Our wide range of products includes – Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire), Kashmir Sapphire (Blue Sapphire), Manik (Rubies), Panna (Emerald), Moonga (Red coral), Moti (Pearl), Lehsunia (Cats eye), Gomedh (Hessonite), Safed Pukhraj (White Sapphire), Diamonds and other Semi-precious gemstones. Since 2007, Venus Jewellers is providing 100% genuine and natural gemstones to customers looking for cost-effective gemstones. Browse through our large selection to buy gemstones online.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/9cm2QT

PCBox – Accessed easily and quickly to PCBox from your Android device.


Accessed easily and quickly to PCBox from your Android device.

PCBox screenshot 0PCBox screenshot 1PCBox screenshot 2PCBox screenshot 3PCBox screenshot 4PCBox screenshot 5PCBox screenshot 6PCBox screenshot 7PCBox screenshot 8PCBox screenshot 9PCBox screenshot 10

Access easily and quickly to the contents of PCBOX from your Android device.
PCBOX is the chain of computer stores reference for the expert.

Tools PCBOX application are:

– Scanner Product: Read the barcode of the product you want, wherever you are, and buy in PCBOX from your mobile device.
– Find Your Store: Locate your nearest store PCBOX, access their contact information and find out the route to get from where you find through Google Maps.
– Last Catalog: Consult a click PCBOX the latest catalog, always with the best deals.
– Pcbox.com: fast to browse our web for your optimized, lighter, fast and friendly mobile access mobility. Consultation all our product catalog and online if you want to purchase.

Requirements / Limitations:

– In order to access the services provided by the application, you need to have Internet access.
– To use the scanner product you need to have camera with autofocus capability and have the free Barcode Scanner application, if it does not have installation is proposed.
– To find your nearest store PCBOX requires access to your GPS device. Otherwise the application will suggest you enable it.

Change Log:

  – Deleted the requirement to have the camera or GPS device. The application can be installed and functions that require specific hardware that will not be functional (Scanner product and Find your store), but the rest.
  – Now the last page open in http://www.pcbox.com is remembered after returning to the main menu.
  – Full use of geo-location throughout http://www.pcbox.com.
  – Implementation of security improvements reported by Google.

  – New image PCBOX. Design change in the user interface.
  – Design optimized with multi-resolution screen
  – New support landscape mode.
  – Performance improvements and navigation.
  – Improved compatibility with more terminals.
  – Bug fixes.
  – New requirement: Android 3.0 Honeycomb or higher (API level 11)
  – Correction of errors that prevented the execution in some terminals.
  – Better control and reporting connection errors.

  – Newcomers 😉

See detail information: https://goo.gl/itdlwJ

Échantillons et rabais Québec – Do not miss any samples, coupons, contests or deal in Quebec!

Échantillons et rabais Québec

Do not miss any samples, coupons, contests or deal in Quebec!

Échantillons et rabais Québec screenshot 0Échantillons et rabais Québec screenshot 1Échantillons et rabais Québec screenshot 2Échantillons et rabais Québec screenshot 3Échantillons et rabais Québec screenshot 4

The “Samples and Quebec discount” offers the latest free samples, contests, coupons, deals and mail-in rebates available in Quebec.

The procedure to take advantage of the latest offers is very simple:
– View your favorite categories: free samples, contests, coupons and find the best discounts near you in Quebec!
– Click on the offer for more details.
– Click the “I benefit” á button and start saving today.

We publish more than twenty deals daily. Some are so interesting that they can even breathe in time! With our app, you will not miss any offer because you will be notified in real time of the latest deals available in Quebec.

Take your time to browse all the deals available in all categories:

★ free samples of food & beverage, cosmetics, animal feed, for babies and children, for men, for the home and garden.
★ Games and competitions money, beauty and health, baby and children, electronics, home and garden and travel.
★ Coupons.
★ Deals.
★ postal discounts.

You will find lots of discounts and freebies on your favorite brands:

– About drinks: Martini, Bacardi, Slow cow, Milk2Go Sport, William Lawson, Kickstart offer discounts on their products
– Cool radius: save your favorite Caprice des Dieux, your dairy with The Milkmaid or Elle & Vire.
– Pamper yourself with our products Hygiene and Beauty: Pampers, Cashmere, Gillette, Venus, Vichy, Roger & Gallet, Garnier, Sephora etc.
– Participate in our contest to win a trip unforgettable trip and share pleasant moments with family and friends.
– Indulge your pet with the Purina ONE range, the Whiskas products range Purrfect IAMS, Pedigree range …
– Take care of your home with La Croix Bleach, Purex laundry Baby Soft, Glade, Bounty products ….

We also list the best deals and discount coupons sites in Quebec websaver.ca, save.ca, smartsource.ca, pgeveryday.ca, Brandpower.com, hometesterclub.com, gocoupons.ca or checkout51.com


★ Listing of offers: The offers are sorted by date and filtered by category.
★ Search: Easily find the store, brand or offering you seek.
★ Favorites: Put your favorite deals in favorite to have them always at hand at all times.
★ Details of offer: get more details on offer or a coupon. Share your comments with the community. Click the “I benefit” button to get your free samples or play contest.
★ Sharing: share discount coupons, free samples and contests with friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, or email pinterest.
★ Notification: Never leave an offer to expire! Intelligent notification allows you to save a lot easier by sending alerts on coupons or samples that are expiring.
★ Widget: do not waste your time, all new offers are accessible from your home screen and are updated every 15 minutes.
★ Tablet: the application “Samples and discount Quebec” is available both on your smartphone on your tablet, so you never spend next the last good deals available near you!

Notices five-star user reviews:

“I love the app! Easy and efficient! “Myriam C.
“Excellent” Adriana R.
“Excellent application to be aware of the latest samples and discount coupons available in Quebec.” Mr. Younes

❤ not wait Join a community of more than 300,000 Quebecers who save every day on their shopping through our app.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/7AJQsL

Pimple Saudagar Biz Directory – Pimple Saudagar Biz Directory, Deals, Events & Bazaarhttp://pimplesaudagar.in

Pimple Saudagar Biz Directory

Pimple Saudagar Biz Directory, Deals, Events & Bazaarhttp://pimplesaudagar.in

Pimple Saudagar Biz Directory screenshot 0Pimple Saudagar Biz Directory screenshot 1Pimple Saudagar Biz Directory screenshot 2Pimple Saudagar Biz Directory screenshot 3

Pimple Saudagar Local Business Directory, Local Nagar/Street Guide, Local Bazaar, Events, News, Home Services and more.

What is the Pimple Saudagar Business Directory?

The Business directory is your guide to find local businesses like beauty salons, pubs, grocery shops, restaurants, and fitness clubs. It is the best place to search for the right business and provide reviews. Through the Business Directory, you can take advantage, like never before, in listing your business, updating it with new offers, discounts, articles and reviews.

How will I list personal business?
Get your Business Listed or Marketed online at Pimplesaudagar.in by reaching us at http://www.Pimplesaudagar.in/contact-us

What is Local Bazaar?
Local stores from Pimple Saudagar can now come online and benefit from getting Online Orders. This is the way you can fight the leading online sellers by offering your products online bundled with your personal touch/service locally.
eg; of our Bazaar: pimplesaudagar.in/bazaar presents offering of Local Stores Online (aiming to achieve 2-4 hours delivery time)Pimple Saudagar residents get a Single App to access all things related to Pimple Saudagar.

Come and try our App as it will become your no. 1 preferred App for your Pimple Saudagar needs.

For any Query, Feedback, Suggestion : email us at contact@pimplesaudagar.in

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/sD8SvU