PCBox – Accessed easily and quickly to PCBox from your Android device.


Accessed easily and quickly to PCBox from your Android device.

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Access easily and quickly to the contents of PCBOX from your Android device.
PCBOX is the chain of computer stores reference for the expert.

Tools PCBOX application are:

– Scanner Product: Read the barcode of the product you want, wherever you are, and buy in PCBOX from your mobile device.
– Find Your Store: Locate your nearest store PCBOX, access their contact information and find out the route to get from where you find through Google Maps.
– Last Catalog: Consult a click PCBOX the latest catalog, always with the best deals.
– Pcbox.com: fast to browse our web for your optimized, lighter, fast and friendly mobile access mobility. Consultation all our product catalog and online if you want to purchase.

Requirements / Limitations:

– In order to access the services provided by the application, you need to have Internet access.
– To use the scanner product you need to have camera with autofocus capability and have the free Barcode Scanner application, if it does not have installation is proposed.
– To find your nearest store PCBOX requires access to your GPS device. Otherwise the application will suggest you enable it.

Change Log:

  – Deleted the requirement to have the camera or GPS device. The application can be installed and functions that require specific hardware that will not be functional (Scanner product and Find your store), but the rest.
  – Now the last page open in http://www.pcbox.com is remembered after returning to the main menu.
  – Full use of geo-location throughout http://www.pcbox.com.
  – Implementation of security improvements reported by Google.

  – New image PCBOX. Design change in the user interface.
  – Design optimized with multi-resolution screen
  – New support landscape mode.
  – Performance improvements and navigation.
  – Improved compatibility with more terminals.
  – Bug fixes.
  – New requirement: Android 3.0 Honeycomb or higher (API level 11)
  – Correction of errors that prevented the execution in some terminals.
  – Better control and reporting connection errors.

  – Newcomers 😉

See detail information: https://goo.gl/itdlwJ

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