Tatlı Sepetim – tatlisepetim.com.t is hosting in-house dessert shops all over Turkey.

Tatlı Sepetim

tatlisepetim.com.t is hosting in-house dessert shops all over Turkey.

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I Tatlısepet, Istanbul in Turkey and soon also the first and only online applications coming to mind as the most powerful mobile ordering dessert! Download your favorite app to easily order from the bakery! Tatlısepet very easy to eat with my order. Select your neighborhood, choose your pastry, sweet that you want (waffles, suffle, rice pudding, custard, cream ekmekkadayıfı,künefe,aşure,kabaktatlısı,kazandibi,şekerpare,kadayıf,güllaç,revani,burma,lokma,kalburabastı,
Chicken breast, Pumps dessert, Höşmerim, Şöbiyet, Keşkül, peanut Sarma, Spangle, sweets, Maraş ice cream, baklava) Add to the basket, select your payment type and order data. Moreover, unique promotions and discounts your dessert order the diversity of data at an affordable price. If you wish to pay by cash or credit card at the door, or in order to complete your order online easily pay with your credit card. Your order will be at your door within an average of 30-45 minutes!


* Live Help 7/24 with you for all your questions about your order.
* Previous Repeat orders easily.
* Advanced Restaurants Choose your restaurant you want by filtering system easily.
* Door Cash / credit card or online with credit card (ACD) with the possibility of paying
* Order your Comment / Rate leave, restaurants comment / review based on their scores.
* View the latest price all menus and desserts.

Contact us

Facebook: the facebook.com/tatlisepetim.com.t
Instagram: The instagram.com/tatlisepetimcomt
for topics you’re interested: the info@tatlisepetim.com.t
Just download the application and order now!

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/6ldhud


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