Ballpark Stores – Download the Ballpark Store Finder to receive deals or find a store near you!

Ballpark Stores

Download the Ballpark Store Finder to receive deals or find a store near you!

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Ballpark Stores are dedicated to customer service and to making your visit convenient! We’re proud to offer mobile applications as the next step in our customer service journey – stop in today!

Find the closest Ballpark store and get directions from your current location. Find nearby stores based-on city and state, or zip code.

Get up-to-date gas price information for Ballpark stores.

Find a station with a particular fuel type (e.g. diesel or kerosene), or locate the nearest Ballpark Store that has what you need!

Sign up to receive alerts about exclusive promotions and deals available at Ballpark Stores.
Ballpark Stores offer convenient products and superior customer service. We invite you to stop by quench your thirst, pick up some lunch, or wash your car! Whatever you need, we’ve got it!

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Recarga Claro – Refills CLARO Ecuador, easier and faster.

Recarga Claro

Refills CLARO Ecuador, easier and faster.

Recarga Claro screenshot 0Recarga Claro screenshot 1Recarga Claro screenshot 2Recarga Claro screenshot 3Recarga Claro screenshot 4Recarga Claro screenshot 5Recarga Claro screenshot 6

CLARO sell refills is now easier and faster with this mobile application, no need to consume data plan or balance.

What should you do to start?

1. Register your online CLARO
2. Enter destination number and value to Reload.

Saves time, you are just two steps to sell more.

Valid only for Ecuador.

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Nisita Online Shop – Supplier surabaya clothes in the sale price of 20rb to 50rb, Sign Up ..

Nisita Online Shop

Supplier surabaya clothes in the sale price of 20rb to 50rb, Sign Up ..

Nisita Online Shop screenshot 0Nisita Online Shop screenshot 1Nisita Online Shop screenshot 2Nisita Online Shop screenshot 3Nisita Online Shop screenshot 4Nisita Online Shop screenshot 5

Supplier clothes surabaya
Certain price selling d dr 20rb-50rb

Local barang2 like
Children clothes
Muslim dress
Knick knacks
unique items
and lain2

d use its own bs / d sell again

Line = @nisitashop (fast response)

Wa = 0822 33 88 9003 (fast response)

Delivery using JNT

Home = homestead scenic west 5 pp 1 a

Just be sent.
Could not get the stuff at home and COD



Note: the contents of clothes on the website with different yaa d aplikasii

All goods redy 1minggu account after settlement

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Thrift Town – This is the official ThriftTown app!

Thrift Town

This is the official ThriftTown app!

Thrift Town screenshot 0Thrift Town screenshot 1Thrift Town screenshot 2Thrift Town screenshot 3

This official, ‘must have’ Thrift Town app is a great way to stay in the know with all the latest news, special discounts, exciting promotions, upcoming sales and more! Thrift Town is voted the ‘best thrift store’ year after year, and this app will help make that unique Thrift Town experience come to life on your Android tablet and/or phone.

Our very cool, and easy to use, Thrift Town app enables you to:

– Know which color tag is on sale for %50 off each week
– Get information about our exclusive SuperShopper Program
– Stay up to date on all Contests & Events
– Preview of some of the latest thrifted finds via our photo gallery
– Shop online for cool Thrift Town LogoGear
– Find out the most convenient way to donate clothing & household items to our local nonprofit partners
– Check store hours and get quick directions
– Directly link to all of our social media pages
– Register to be a Thrift Town VIP so we can email exclusive VIP offers & promotions directly to your inbox.
– Have VIP access, as a registered Thrift Town VIP, to the most current VIP coupons (registration is optional).

Thrift Town puts out over 4,000 items every day in each one of our ‘clean, bright & organized’ stores! Thrift Town is filled with incredible bargains and great values on unique, one-of-a-kind items. This official Thrift Town app will make your shopping experience even more fun & exciting! Thrift Town is proud to make a difference every day, and we look forward to see you soon!

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SimiCart Demo – Magento in a Mobile App

SimiCart Demo

Magento in a Mobile App

SimiCart Demo screenshot 0SimiCart Demo screenshot 1SimiCart Demo screenshot 2SimiCart Demo screenshot 3SimiCart Demo screenshot 4SimiCart Demo screenshot 5

Nowadays, mobile shopping is booming. Smart phones and Tablets are playing a big role in the Ecommerce Industry growth. Why not catch this trend by going mobile right today?

We can help you do that. With SimiCart, Magento stores can create an app for their Customers to shop (search products, add to cart, make payment and so on) on mobile devices.

Too view more details, please visit our website:

See detail information and download apk file:

Playmore – Playmore is the first app allows you to create your own T-shirt, Hoodie and more


Playmore is the first app allows you to create your own T-shirt, Hoodie and more

Playmore screenshot 0Playmore screenshot 1Playmore screenshot 2Playmore screenshot 3Playmore screenshot 4

Playmore is the first app allows you to create your own T-shirt, Hoodie and Jacket in one app. Transform your photos and designs into wearable products and share them with the world.

Unlike most of the T-shirt app whom printing on the stocks, Playmore is the real custom made shopping app from receiving your enquiry, printing, cutting, sewing and shipping. Thanks to the digital printing technology we are able to show your photo or design almost 100% real photo effect on the garment.

With Playmore app you can share your creativity in an easy way:

– Login with your Instagram, Facebook or create a new user account
– Choose different item from T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Cushions and more
– Personalize your gear by snapping a pic, upload a photo or art work
– Customize your designs with photo filters and text
– Share your creation on Instagram, Facebook and more
– Enjoy fast, secure check out with PayPal
– Earn 10% commission by inviting user and selling your designs in the app
– Free world wide shipping
– 1~2 weeks shipping

Capture, Play and Share! Everyone is an artist; each shirt has a story, share yours with the world.

Connect with Playmore_Fashion on Instagram and Facebook and get in touch with our updates.

If you have questions or feedback please contact us at

Download apk file for your android phone: