Wish8 – 收到最想要的禮物 – Received a gift most wanted!

Wish8 - 收到最想要的禮物

Received a gift most wanted!

Wish8 - 收到最想要的禮物 screenshot 0Wish8 - 收到最想要的禮物 screenshot 1Wish8 - 收到最想要的禮物 screenshot 2Wish8 - 收到最想要的禮物 screenshot 3Wish8 - 收到最想要的禮物 screenshot 4

Wish8 is a new concept of APP, you can choose what you want the goods (that is, make a wish) at Wish8 above, have the opportunity to receive the gift of their most want!

Wish8 let you have the opportunity to come true. Expensive gift? No problem, as long as the number recruit your friends, and friends can work together to raise funds, the great unity of power and they can get the most wanted gift.

“One of the most practical gift to send to send than three useless gift.”

Wish8 want to solve the problem:
• Are often receive “dislike” of goods / gift?
• When you send a gift, whether anything like my friends in trouble?
• Do you think a gift is too much trouble? Why can not we raise funds to send a most wanted gift?
• There is no time to pick a gift?
• gifts packaged trouble
• To gifts to distant friends, really convenient

Wish8 can help you solve these problems! Through the power of technology, so that everything becomes very fast, time-saving and convenient!

Wish8 following five major functions:
1. Establish your own wish list.
2. View a friend’s wish list.
3. Direct buy gifts for friends, looking for other friends to raise a gift.
4. When friends wish, invite you to participate in a joint venture, or send your friend a gift immediately notified.
5. The group chat, upload photos and share thanks article.

Quickly download Wish8!

See more information: https://goo.gl/ViYnA3

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