Kliksa – Online Alışveriş – The last chance of the year, New Year special discounts and gifts delivered on the same day.

Kliksa - Online Alışveriş

The last chance of the year, New Year special discounts and gifts delivered on the same day.

Kliksa - Online Alışveriş screenshot 0Kliksa - Online Alışveriş screenshot 1Kliksa - Online Alışveriş screenshot 2Kliksa - Online Alışveriş screenshot 3Kliksa - Online Alışveriş screenshot 4

Fast and convenient opportunities for Christmas gifts, New Year special offers and benefits Kliksa the pocket internet shop. Cosmetics, perfume, technology, games and more here. .

Every moment, if you do not have anywhere to Kliksa!

On the same day with your loved one that day delivery of Christmas gifts in Istanbul. The most suitable technology for the new year with your loved ones, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, gifts and accessories online shopping convenience is here. All your pocket with fast delivery and secure shopping. Download now to year-end deals and campaign products.

Free with practical and easy to use features of our Android app Enjoy shopping online you want to make the Kliksa. Online shopping has never been so easy at all. You can get more information about the product before buying a product, discounts and a great e-commerce site where you can catch Kliksa campaign.

Discover our wide range of products. Television Kliksa, phone, tablet, computer, in short almost all technology product of mother baby products, from accessories, cosmetics, personal care, furniture, toys, and cheap and you know you can find reasonable prices on many products to the market products?

Deals of the day for all product categories, do not forget to use the feature. Every day you can catch the right opportunity for you. Be sure to find the right product and product reviews. Make online purchases with incredibly cheap prices Featured products. Follow opportunities can often be achieved with free shipping.

Be sure to try our specialty, which çevirkaz full of surprises! Kliksa you download the mobile app to your phone or find the opportunity çevirkaz the featured products on your tablet, turn your mobile device, take the product you want to buy more cheaply, winning instant discount.

Sabanci assurance we provide our service to users under the fast, cheap, easy to offer the discount and privilege of shopping.

If you want, you are delivered to your door by courier the same day our service Gelsin Just the products you buy.

TV to computers, tablet to provide immediate solutions to the technical problems you may have in any brand of equipment you buy until phone and carrying the first property in Turkey in order to support technology, “On-Site Service” service is always ready for you.

Applicable to all categories of products that are on sale at Kliksa can take advantage of special discounts and campaign attractive price, you can buy products with different payment options. You can also use our free shipping campaign frequently repeated. Kliksa eCommerce and application will now always stop for online shopping.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/9vVYTJ

Tas Branded Adera – Suplier Tas Branded

Tas Branded Adera

Suplier Tas Branded

Tas Branded Adera screenshot 0Tas Branded Adera screenshot 1Tas Branded Adera screenshot 2Tas Branded Adera screenshot 3Tas Branded Adera screenshot 4Tas Branded Adera screenshot 5Tas Branded Adera screenshot 6Tas Branded Adera screenshot 7

Selamat Datang di Tas branded ADERA.. Temukan semua tas branded keinginan Anda disini.

Welcome Reseller & Dropshipper. Suatu kebanggan bagi Kami dapat bekerja sama dengan Anda GUDANG Kami berada di Jakarta. Tas branded yang Kami jual adalah kualitas bagus, bukan abal-abal. Ayo siapkan dirimu untuk menjadi reseller tas branded.

Happy shopping all…

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/xq8gI1

Payoye POS – Payoye™ POS – A revolution in the payment world.

Payoye POS

Payoye™ POS – A revolution in the payment world.

Payoye POS screenshot 0Payoye POS screenshot 1Payoye POS screenshot 2Payoye POS screenshot 3Payoye POS screenshot 4

Payoye™ POS is a revolutionary way of accepting payments through mobile. Now any merchant can accept payments anytime, anywhere, anyway and from anyone. A CashCardContact™ less way to accept payments. Now selling stuff will never be the same, have POS in your pocket. Charging is as simple as entering the amount and generating OYETag™ . The customer or user will scan the OYETag™ , confirm and pay.

Flexibility to receive payments from numerous payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card, e-Wallets, Cash Card and Net Banking. Makes life easy for all kinds of merchants. Just register with us, download this awesome app and start charging.

It’s revolutionary and one of its kind :

1. Accept Payment Anywhere and Everywhere : Easy and secure way to accept payments in restaurants, shops, practically anywhere – a customer just need to scan the OYETag™ presented by the merchant.

2. Variety of Payment Options: No worries if you do not have a credit card terminal or other options to accept payments, we have brought everything on your mobile. Gear up and accept payment using this app, we have enabled Credit/Debit Cards, iBanking, eWallets etc.

3. Get Instant Transaction Confirmation: Go paperless, why collect so many receipts. Get instant receipt and notification on your app.

4. Dashboard & Transaction Panel : Real time access to your transaction history and live view of sales dashboard and other analytics.

5. Reward Points: Give discounts to your customers using our app and let customer earn payoye™ reward points as well that can be redeemed later.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/WRFbem

Methodo – The convenience of a key, the innovation of your Smartphone.


The convenience of a key, the innovation of your Smartphone.

Methodo screenshot 0Methodo screenshot 1Methodo screenshot 2Methodo screenshot 3Methodo screenshot 4Methodo screenshot 5


** Check that the distributor of your company is enabled looking for our logo. **

Four adjectives to describe our application?

FAST: after a quick registration you can immediately go to purchases. A practical and intuitive menu allows you to quickly access all the information you need, as the report of the purchases or recharges.

DIRECT: creates a direct communication with us, sending us your suggestions. We value your opinion, so that we modulate our service relying on the feedback of those who, directly, using our distributors.

SAFE: charge your credit coins and / or banknotes as if your phone were a stick. And if you do not have with you? You can use your Paypal account to charge the credit!

BENEFIT: Receive special offers, dedicated and designed exclusively for users of this application. For example you can offer coffee on your birthday or create a personalized menu on your choices.

See more information: https://goo.gl/YyaIu9

Kuponiaki – kupony rabatowe – Kuponiaki.pl – is a collection of coupons and promotions businesses in your area

Kuponiaki - kupony rabatowe

Kuponiaki.pl – is a collection of coupons and promotions businesses in your area

Kuponiaki - kupony rabatowe screenshot 0Kuponiaki - kupony rabatowe screenshot 1Kuponiaki - kupony rabatowe screenshot 2

Eat, exercise, buy CHEAP!

Kuponiaki.pl – is a collection of coupons and promotions businesses in your area.

Discounts, coupons, promotions, discounts and markdowns occasions – all in one free app!
A clear list of promotional offers specially prepared by the companies in your area!

At this point coupons available in Krakow, Rzeszów and Lublin. Soon more cities will appear in our application.


Meet the company in your city again. Personalized any company allows you to direct contact with it, or navigate to it.

Future or current User of this application:
It is thanks to this application you can discover the richness of taste in restaurants and cafes, where ever, or I have not been. In addition, the spending bill for less than you thought! Discount is something that no one denies.

Wondering how to spend your free time? You want to try new challenges, but do not want to overpay? You will certainly find something for yourself and for your friends.

A long time ago you or did you sign up for a gym or start to play sports, but you can not go about it? Use promotion and buy a pass for the gym or take advantage of other sports activities at a lower price!

You are planning a shopping? Clothing? Footwear? Home accessories? See if you can save! Would not it be better to buy a blouse 3 instead of 2 for the same price?

Do not hesitate, why overpay ?! Promotions waiting for you. This is the application which was lacking in your phone!

Encourage your friends to download the application and enjoy the time spent together, and above all with discounts and discounts of cash left in your wallet, you can allocate the additional needs! And as everyone knows, they never lacking. Now use the promotion in Krakow, Rzeszów and Lublin.

Is saving was ever easier ?! Promotions and discount coupons until they ask to use them.

Activity coupons and promotions at the moment:
Krakow, Rzeszow, Lublin

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/dOLUeV

Kapişle – Buy & sell pre-owned luxury clothes and accessories.


Buy & sell pre-owned luxury clothes and accessories.

Kapişle screenshot 0Kapişle screenshot 1Kapişle screenshot 2Kapişle screenshot 3Kapişle screenshot 4Kapişle screenshot 5

Take photos of your new or almost new luxury items and sell to other Kapişle members.

Your payment is kept in escrow until you receive and approve the item. Seller ships within 3 days and declares tracking number. You have 3 days after receipt to approve the item. After your approval your funds are released to the seller

We do not store your card details. Our system uses 1024 bit SSL encryption to forward your card details to the payment processor. You can also use your bank to transfer to our escrow account

If you notice any problems when you receive the item, you can get in touch with us within 3 days to initiate the return, after this period, returns are not accepted. Returns are possible for items that are counterfeit, replica, badly damaged or items not matching advertised specifications.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/MqYWfE

GoGoDarts – GoGoDarts is the cheapest darts online shop in the World wide.


GoGoDarts is the cheapest darts online shop in the World wide.

GoGoDarts screenshot 0GoGoDarts screenshot 1GoGoDarts screenshot 2GoGoDarts screenshot 3GoGoDarts screenshot 4

GoGoDarts is the cheapest darts online shop in the World wide. We are not compromise on low and poor quality we are selling High Quality Branded Darts in the Worlds cheapest price. We are only one in the world. We also take care of our customers to sell them a good products with high quality. We don’t forget our customers after sell them a products we always make a good relationship with our customer because after all we are only one in the World wide who’s selling darts in Cheapest lowest and affordable price only on GoGoDarts the cheapest darts online shop in the World wide.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/yY8wno