Groceria – The online traditional market to fulfill your daily groceries needs


The online traditional market to fulfill your daily groceries needs

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We are a traditional online market that provides a smartphone application that sells groceries from reliable traditional markets in Surabaya and sends it right in front of your door within 1 to 2 hours max.

If you do not have time to go to market, busy keeping the child, or busy with work so that you forget to shop, Then we are here for you. Entrusting the work of your everyday shopping with us.

We work with merchants in traditional markets in Surabaya that who has become our partner, thus, there are no doubts about the quality, cleanliness, and hygiene of foodstuffs being sold.

We know our merchants. We make sure you choose a food that is clean and healthy. We also make sure that the groceries you buy are free from formaldehyde, or other dangerous chemical preservatives. Before we send your order, we will clean and neatly packed your order, so that the cleanliness maintained and hygienic.

One of the conveniences we offer is that you no longer need to shop at the market. Entrust tasks of daily expenditure on us, we can send your shopping in just one hour in the whole area in Surabaya.

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