Weloveshopping – An application that allows you to enjoy a selection of products from the online mall.


An application that allows you to enjoy a selection of products from the online mall.

Weloveshopping screenshot 0Weloveshopping screenshot 1Weloveshopping screenshot 2Weloveshopping screenshot 3Weloveshopping screenshot 4Weloveshopping screenshot 5Weloveshopping screenshot 6Weloveshopping screenshot 7

Weloveshopping An application that allows you to enjoy a selection of new online mall -.
Larger lowest in the country at any time, no matter where you are. The fashions, cosmetics, cameras, mobile IT mothers and children, toys, gifts, home decorative items, chic entertaining games from all over the world easily. Via your phone

Advanced Resources include all styles: Enjoy a selection of all categories. Updates Hot Deals discount up to 90% of sales 200,000 with feedback that allows you to see the services of vendors that interest you.

A selection of easy and fun: choose the location where you are most comfortable. Or enjoy its share of interest through social media friends to comment or store it in your Wishlist.

Content Diversity: Browse and read new trends from Weloveshopping Magazine and TV with beauty guru IT and DIY presents an interesting update to trend.

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/OmEGZu

Supplyrs Wholesale Market – Edge out your competitors by powering your garment retail sourcing with B2B

Supplyrs Wholesale Market

Edge out your competitors by powering your garment retail sourcing with B2B

Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 0Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 1Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 2Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 3Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 4Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 5Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 6Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 7Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 8Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 9Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 10Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 11Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 12Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 13Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 14Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 15Supplyrs Wholesale Market screenshot 16

With the Supplyrs.com app, you can source your apparel requirements from renowned manufacturers and suppliers from all around country.

The app is designed for ease-of-use enabling browsing, comparing and ordering, anytime anywhere. The app provides you options which otherwise would have been very difficult for you in terms of logistics and order quantities.

Key features
Ø Remain Up-to-date on trends – know popular products
Ø Multiple categories for easy search
Ø Buy low cost stock-lot goods
Ø Easily manageable minimum order quantity(MoQ)
Ø Return policy
Ø Work with your preferred logistics partner

See detail information: https://goo.gl/pk4N6l

RetailGenius – Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce marketplace, now in your smartphones!


Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce marketplace, now in your smartphones!

RetailGenius screenshot 0RetailGenius screenshot 1RetailGenius screenshot 2

RetailGenius is the Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce marketplace. RetailGenius provides a platform for vendors across the country to connect with millions of customers. Our online shopping platform has the widest assortment of products from thousands of national, international and regional brands across diverse categories like Mobiles, Laptops, Cameras, Appliances, Women’s Wear, Men’s Wear, Watches, Home & Kitchen, Automotive and Sports. Grab your favorite products at best prices and save the one thing that matters most to you.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/f0gnmc

Wmestocard – карты, скидки – WmestoSard – virtual discount cards wmesto plastic!

Wmestocard - карты, скидки

WmestoSard – virtual discount cards wmesto plastic!

Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 0Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 1Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 2Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 3Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 4Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 5Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 6Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 7Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 8Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 9Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 10Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 11Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 12Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 13Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 14Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 15Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 16Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 17Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 18Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 19Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 20Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 21Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 22Wmestocard - карты, скидки screenshot 23

WmestoCard – is a free application to store discount cards for Android, which will give you more than a discount card favorite places:

– Always at your favorite store discount cards!
– Scan the card simply by using barcode scanner!
– Select card template in 1 click!
– The ability to get a new discount card anytime and anywhere!
– Storage of plastic discount cards available in virtual form!
– Ability to provide feedback and comments, participate in discussions and actions!
– View of fresh stocks and news!
– Get a discount, learn about sales!
– Communicate with friends and family!

You no longer need to carry a hundred discount card! You will forget about the uncomfortable plastic and thick wallets! Now, all your cards will be with you in your smartphone! Furthermore if you do not have the desired store discount card, you can instantly get it by going to the page of the company.

You continue to save when making purchases with your same discount cards and can easily get new cards! With wmestocard you first learn and be able to take advantage of discounts and special offers!

Thanks tapes discounts and news you can always get the latest information from the companies.

No pesky SMS or e-mail. They wanted to hear the news – went to the tape of news and information of interest received, wanted to know about discounts – went to the tape of discounts and saw all the existing prices. Use the search options to find discounts of interested companies. Use the filter and get discounts in the desired categories. Quite simply everything is available.

Dissatisfied with the quality of service in the store ended goods at a discount, do not have your size – please contact directly with the representative of the company – write about it in a review, suggest how to improve the quality of service! Call the company, contact phone is always at hand! Tell me your favorite companies, how to satisfy your desires. They are waiting for this!

Look for new company get a virtual discount cards, buy discounts. For convenient shopping search, use the map of the area.

Share your complimentary messages to friends and loved ones! Participate in discussions, read and leave feedback and comments!

See more information: https://goo.gl/Y3ScBj

Тануки – Appendix "Tanuki" – will have access to the vast possibilities of the shipping service.


Appendix "Tanuki" – will have access to the vast possibilities of the shipping service.

Тануки screenshot 0Тануки screenshot 1Тануки screenshot 2Тануки screenshot 3Тануки screenshot 4Тануки screenshot 5Тануки screenshot 6Тануки screenshot 7Тануки screenshot 8Тануки screenshot 9Тануки screenshot 10Тануки screenshot 11

We are introducing a new version of the application “Tanuki”, performed in all modern trends:
– new design;
– Application for all devices smartphones and tablets;
– Fast menu loading in the background;
– Order in 3 clicks without registration;
– Detailed menu in HD resolution;
– Offers 24 hours;
– Online-payment order by credit card;
– Online-status notification and convenient;
– Address book and order history;
– Personal settings;
– Geolocation with the possibility of a route using the map of the city or metro

and much more…

Detail information: https://goo.gl/h4iHGx

PNG Diamonds – Official Mobile Application of PNG Diamonds.

PNG Diamonds

Official Mobile Application of PNG Diamonds.

PNG Diamonds screenshot 0PNG Diamonds screenshot 1PNG Diamonds screenshot 2PNG Diamonds screenshot 3PNG Diamonds screenshot 4PNG Diamonds screenshot 5PNG Diamonds screenshot 6PNG Diamonds screenshot 7PNG Diamonds screenshot 8PNG Diamonds screenshot 9PNG Diamonds screenshot 10PNG Diamonds screenshot 11PNG Diamonds screenshot 12PNG Diamonds screenshot 13PNG Diamonds screenshot 14

Purshottam Narayan Gadgil, a most trusted name in Jewellery and utensils business in Maharashtra, was started in 1832 in Sangli.

The establishment further expanded their business by starting a shop on Laxmi Road in Pune on 9th February 1958. In the year 1998 PNG Jewellery & Gems came into existence for dealing especially in Diamonds, Precious & Semi Precious Stones, Pearls, Corals and studded jewellery. Within just a few years, the business prospered and PNG Diamonds became a house-hold name in Maharashtra, India. PNG Diamonds is known for its high quality standards.

This mobile application is one of a kind app, which literally brings our designs to the fingertips of the users. Users can download our designs and try them on their selfies taken using the app. Users can take as many selfies as they want with different hairstyles and attires. Its pure fun!

VIRTUAL TRIAL STUDIO – Try out our designs on your selfies! Create a variety of selfie profiles in different attires and hairstyles and try our designs on them! This shopping experience is second best only to physically visiting our store and physically trying out our designs.
PRODUCT CATALOGUE – Our spectrum of products such as necklaces, bangles, rings, mangalsutras, earrings are available for sale on catalogue.
E-COMMERCE – A unique shopping experience
UPDATES & ALERTS – We will keep you updated through push notifications with the latest designs, promotions, events & offers. Treat this app as your jewellery shopping assistant!
SHARE THE APP – Share the app with your friends and spread the word

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/3S3ihf

POS 1mycom – A revolutionary app that lets you manage online shopping vouchers and card.

POS 1mycom

A revolutionary app that lets you manage online shopping vouchers and card.

POS 1mycom screenshot 0POS 1mycom screenshot 1POS 1mycom screenshot 2POS 1mycom screenshot 3POS 1mycom screenshot 4POS 1mycom screenshot 5POS 1mycom screenshot 6POS 1mycom screenshot 7POS 1mycom screenshot 8POS 1mycom screenshot 9POS 1mycom screenshot 10POS 1mycom screenshot 11POS 1mycom screenshot 12POS 1mycom screenshot 13POS 1mycom screenshot 14

The POS 1mycom is created to enable businesses to manage platform shopping vouchers and coupon codes via the app that simulates a real POS.

Maintaining the habit of consumers and businesses, 1mycom created the POS which manages all transactions of shopping vouchers to enable rapid distribution of the benefits of a sale.

With a PIN known only to the member consumers can safely manage shopping vouchers to complete the various phases of a sale when payment is determined in affiliated businesses.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/OgbBJn

갓피플몰 – A comprehensive shopping mall :: gatpipeul share God's heart for the Christian and the church.


A comprehensive shopping mall :: gatpipeul share God's heart for the Christian and the church.

갓피플몰 screenshot 0갓피플몰 screenshot 1갓피플몰 screenshot 2갓피플몰 screenshot 3갓피플몰 screenshot 4갓피플몰 screenshot 5갓피플몰 screenshot 6갓피플몰 screenshot 7

Shalom ~ gatpipeul Thank glad to meet you as a shopping mall application.

I received a lot of love of Christians packed with products and services on the mind of God gatpipeul Mall

Through it has been able to serve in a mobile shopping app.

Church supplies, church musical instruments, religious books, music, bible, children’s goods, products such as rural churches

Pre-order now easy and convenient anytime, anywhere!

We are apps

1) it implemented via a convenient mobile shopping easy to use UI.

2) the left side was configured with frequently used functions in the Quick Menu

3) You can view the real-time BEST at a glance.

4) essential to the Christian Bible and books, supplies, etc. itdapnida be confirmed by a glance exhibitions.

5) Check the latest product I’ve ever seen at one time and can go directly to the product category you want to easily find and retrieve the recommendation.

6) How many Christians in the Products page views each report can know the product, you can also easily embed a variety of SNS.

Now when Christians everywhere to get gatpipeul Mall Shopping Mobile Apps.

Thank you.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/gp4zLD

Downtown Highland Park – DTHP – The Official App of Downtown Highland Park, Illinois

Downtown Highland Park - DTHP

The Official App of Downtown Highland Park, Illinois

Downtown Highland Park - DTHP screenshot 0Downtown Highland Park - DTHP screenshot 1Downtown Highland Park - DTHP screenshot 2Downtown Highland Park - DTHP screenshot 3Downtown Highland Park - DTHP screenshot 4Downtown Highland Park - DTHP screenshot 5


Our app will help you find dining, shopping, movies and services within Downtown Highland Park, Illinois. Get notifications of flash sales, upcoming events, and special news! Find movie times, parking spaces, the hours of nearly every store in town and so much more!

The vibrant downtown shopping district is an upscale urban outdoor shopping mecca filled with one-of-kind boutiques, jewelry stores, national retailers, home furnishings, specialty shops, unique restaurants, beauty and personal care businesses, and professional offices.

The Central Business District is approximately 106 acres big and has a daytime population of close to 9,000. Within a 1.5 mile radius of the downtown the consumer population is 22,155, within a 4 mile radius it increases to 71,084, within a 7.5 mile radius it increases to 216,737, and within a 10 mile radius the consumer population increases to 519,900.

The Downtown Highland Park Alliance is a public/private partnership dedicated to improving the economic vitality of the Highland Park, Illinois Central Business District. Embracing collaboration with businesses, property owners and the City of Highland Park, the Alliance encourages local spending, investment, tourism, and a sense of community through promotion of the Central Business District.

What’s New in Version 2.0
* New Quick Nav with access to the most popular areas of the site
* New look and feel with upgraded functionality
* Find any downtown locations near you
* Improved Calendar of Events to keep you up to date on all DTHP events

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/NO3uqJ