UGペット.com -ペットフード・ペット用品通販アプリ- – Pet food pet's supplies shopping site UG pet .com shopping app. Dog, cat, stocks rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, aquarium, insects and the like.

UGペット.com -ペットフード・ペット用品通販アプリ-

Pet food pet's supplies shopping site UG pet .com shopping app. Dog, cat, stocks rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, aquarium, insects and the like.

UGペット.com -ペットフード・ペット用品通販アプリ- screenshot 0UGペット.com -ペットフード・ペット用品通販アプリ- screenshot 1UGペット.com -ペットフード・ペット用品通販アプリ- screenshot 2

Pet food pet’s supplies shopping site UG pet .com shopping app. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, tropical fish (Aquarium), insects, etc., stocks a wide range of goods.

[Dog supplies]
Dog therapy food, dog food, snack, pet sheets, circle for the dog etc.
Handling Brand: Royal Canin, Betts plan, Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Science Diet Pro, Pro Plan, Artemis, Sorubida, Natural Harvest, Debifu (d.b.f), Gurinizu etc.

[Cat supplies]
Cat for therapy food, cat food, canned cat food, cat litter, cat tower etc.
Handling Brand: Inaba (INABA), Aisia, Lion, Royal Canin, Betts plan etc.

Pellets, rabbit cage etc.
Handling Brand: Bunny selection, OXBOW etc.

Bait, hamster cage etc.
Handling brand: hamster selection, Marquand etc.

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NYITNYIT JUNIETHA OS – All items in the catalog are ready items ready to send


All items in the catalog are ready items ready to send


22/06 lazy Durenan

– All the items in the catalog are ready items ready to send
– PO quickly to fashion and branded bags ready maximal 1 week
– Fast delivery with JNE Express estimated 1 day to eastern Java and outer islands estimated 2 days
– Cheap expedisi Tritama bella trassindo all jatim 6 thousand
– We also serve shipping with JNE or POS
– Delivery and update the product every day

Whatsapp: 082232666077/082232666076
Blackberry: 5E6D357F / 5F6E2B36
(Invite one only)

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Fashion Bigsize – E-Commerce fashion products for ladies BIG SIZE Indonesia

Fashion Bigsize

E-Commerce fashion products for ladies BIG SIZE Indonesia

Fashion Bigsize screenshot 0Fashion Bigsize screenshot 1Fashion Bigsize screenshot 2Fashion Bigsize screenshot 3

Fashion Big Size is an online store specialized women’s fashion product sizes big size / plus size (XL – 6XL). Our collection includes all categories of types of clothing, from blouse, dress, muslim clothing, jeans, to lingerie. what about the price? do not worry. we ensure each product is at present at an affordable price. lah linger in our application, there is always a special attractive offers for you. happy shopping.

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Nando’s Australia – Satisfy your App-etite with the official Nando’s Australia App.

Nando’s Australia

Satisfy your App-etite with the official Nando’s Australia App.

Nando’s Australia screenshot 0Nando’s Australia screenshot 1Nando’s Australia screenshot 2Nando’s Australia screenshot 3Nando’s Australia screenshot 4

Satisfy your App-etite and heat up your phone (or tablet) with the official Nando’s Australia App.

From getting rewarded with PERi-Perks (our tasty loyalty program) to finding your closest Nando’s restaurant, this App is packed with as much goodness as our flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken.

What’s in it for you?

– PERi-Perks
We believe that your loyalty deserves a reward, so download now and start turning points into PERi-PERi.

Join Upp + Get Pperks!
It’s easy as ordering your favourite Nando’s chicken! Once you’ve joined; you’ll enjoy perks such as:
o A complimentary drink
o A meal on us for your birthday
o VIP tickets and experiences
o Menu offers and deals you’ll love

Eat Upp + Get Ppoints!
Earn points every time you eat Nando’s. (No, this is not a joke!).
$1 = 1 point. Spend a dollar, earn a point. It’s that simple.
Once you’re registered simply scan your unique barcode every time you make a purchase at any Nando’s restaurant.

– Gift Cards
Prefer not to have another annoying plastic card in your wallet? The App lets you keep track of your balance and expiry dates on any gift cards you might have.

– Find a restaurant
You never know when a Nando’s craving might kick in. Our restaurant finder will make sure you get that Nando’s fix super quick! Get directions to your nearest PERi-PERi nirvana when you need it bad.

– Menu
Check out our delicious menu on the go and keep track of your calorie intake with the built-in calorie counter.

– Contact Us
If you want to send us some love or feedback, or you just want to say G’day, send us a message direct to our customer care team and we’ll have you sorted in no time.

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Mobile Ordering POS Sector – Speeds up service up to 20% in more than 3800 restaurants around the world.

Mobile Ordering POS Sector

Speeds up service up to 20% in more than 3800 restaurants around the world.

Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 0Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 1Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 2Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 3Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 4Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 5Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 6Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 7Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 8Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 9Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 10Mobile Ordering POS Sector screenshot 11

ew and improved POS Sector’s Restaurant Mobile App is faster, more guest friendly and built with enhanced ordering capabilities.

How Restaurant mobile app POS Sector helps you to increase sales?

The only thing that you can do to increase productivity during the period of rush time is to speed up the process of taking customer’s orders and bringing them to the table.

Besides the fast and efficient work in the kitchen and bar, you need to reduce your waiter’s moving, as his walking to the cash register, time for entering orders in a cash register and giving information about orders to staff in the bar or kitchen.

Also, you should avoid that your waiters take 4-5 orders at once because this is the main reason why they often make mistakes about ordered food, so as a result you are losing your precious time or even worse, you may lose your customer.

How does it work?

This improvement to the app and mobile ordering is the most recent development that complements the existing POS Sector’s technological capabilities.

Set the Printer or Monitor in your Bar or Kitchen

In your bar or kitchen set the printer that will print the orders created on your waiter’s tablet or smartphone while your waiter is still with guests.

Instead of the printer, you can also set the monitor or tablet where your staff in the kitchen will see all orders.

Mobile Ordering System for Your Waiters and Kitchen Staff

The waiter takes orders from guests near their table, tap it in the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and automatically sent the order to the kitchen or bar where your staff can see it printed or displayed on kitchen’s / bar’s monitor.

In the same time, the order that was sent by waiter’s mobile device is transferred through the wireless network and prints on the printer or shown on kitchen display.

The restaurant staff in the kitchen/bar could immediately see the orders and start with its preparation.

In addition to showing of orders in real-time, kitchen monitor shows when an order was created, so the kitchen staff knows what order has priority.

The order is ready

Once the order is ready, kitchen staff inform the waiter by sending a notice about prepared order from kitchen monitor to waiter’s mobile device only with one tap/click.

After notification, the waiter gets audible or visual signal on his mobile device,and he is ready to go to pick up the order and serve the guest.

What do people think about POS Sector mobile ordering app?

“ POS Sector gives to my customers easy options to add sides and other extras to their orders. It individualizes our restaurant menu and our guest become even more satisfied”.

“ Now I don’t have to argue with kitchen staff and not to mention how my tips increased as I always bring correct order to my customers.”

“With POS Sector mobile ordering app we increased our sales up to 25% and decrease labor costs by 30%!”

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Cashitto – Cash Reward & Gifts – Earn real money by trying new apps!

Cashitto – Cash Reward & Gifts

Earn real money by trying new apps!

Cashitto – Cash Reward & Gifts screenshot 0Cashitto – Cash Reward & Gifts screenshot 1Cashitto – Cash Reward & Gifts screenshot 2Cashitto – Cash Reward & Gifts screenshot 3Cashitto – Cash Reward & Gifts screenshot 4Cashitto – Cash Reward & Gifts screenshot 5

Earn real money by trying new apps!

This user friendly app provides you easy way to generate revenue by completing various offers on your device.
Instead of sitting or waiting for a bus, you can make easy money and have fun at the same time.

How to make money
– Install Cashitto, sign in with your Google account and start completing offers that you like.
– You’ll get credits for every offer you successfully complete.
– When you have enough credits, you can select coupon or gift and claim your reward.

There are several types of coupons and gifts (eg. Bitcoins, Steam or Amazon coupon), but not all of them might be available when you want to make a payment. But don’t worry. There always will be PayPal coupons, so you will definitely get your money.

What are you waiting for? LET’S GET RICH!
If you are looking for fast way to get easy money, quick cash or just get some free gifts and rewards, you definitely want this cash app. You want Cashitto, the best money app for you.

If you want to earn cash in Cashitto, you must follow the rules. Otherwise your account will be irreversibly terminated and you will loose all credits. For example:
– You cannot use multiple Google accounts to sign in on one device.
– You cannot use multiple devices with one Google account.
– You cannot use VPN, proxy server or any other tool which provides fraudulent access.
The full text of the rules is described in the app (section Help).

If you have any questions about Cashitto, feel free to contact us at

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Tucupon – Llego Tucupon, online discounts TucumanEasy, Simple and FREE


Llego Tucupon, online discounts TucumanEasy, Simple and FREE

Tucupon screenshot 0Tucupon screenshot 1Tucupon screenshot 2Tucupon screenshot 3

With Tucupon you have the best discounts and promotions.

We are the most comprehensive free guide to Tucuman so you save on all your purchases: you have discounts in Fitness, Gastronomy, Bars, Home Services and much, much more

Register, I chose the category, solicitous Tucupon and presents the code in trade
In addition, for every purchase you make with our discounts you score points that you can redeem for prizes!

Want to save and win prizes?
Sumate to Tucupon

You want … we have discount stores!

Also find us on our web

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Spring – Shop 1,000+ brands. – Spring is the top app to shop and discover the best brands.

Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands.

Spring is the top app to shop and discover the best brands.

Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 0Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 1Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 2Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 3Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 4Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 5Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 6Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 7Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 8Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 9Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 10Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 11Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 12Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 13Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 14Spring - Shop 1,000+ brands. screenshot 15

Spring is the top app to shop and discover the best brands.

** Shop 1,000+ brands in one app
** Free shipping and free returns
** Be the first to hear about sales, exclusives, and new arrivals

Shop new arrivals every day from Warby Parker, Everlane, Opening Ceremony, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Beyoncé, 3.1 Phillip Lim, American Apparel, and hundreds more.

What you can do on Spring:

• Shop 1,000+ brands in one place.
• Enjoy free shipping and free returns.
• Enter your payment and shipping info just once.
• Follow brands and be the first to know about sales, new arrivals, and exclusives.
• Explore collections, see editors’ picks, and meet brands we love.
• Complete your purchase with Android Pay.

Lots of people love Spring:

• Vogue – “This app will change the way you shop forever”
• Refinery29 – “The 15 Best NYC Apps for New Yorkers”; “10 Essential Apps that Every San Francisco Girl Needs”
• – “10 Amazing New Fashion Apps”
• Lucky – “5 Apps, Sites, and Services that Make Online Shopping Easier”
• Racked – “Buzziest Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness Apps of the Year”

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토니모리 – Tony Moly official App Store


Tony Moly official App Store

토니모리 screenshot 0토니모리 screenshot 1토니모리 screenshot 2토니모리 screenshot 3토니모리 screenshot 4

In the city that offers a great lifestyle Beauty
The street culture brand TONYMOLY
Meet now to APP.


To attend events and events that you can participate in daily Roulette
Point Shopping Mall, as well as up to 10% discount coupon!
In the write once again find the very products,
The product of writing, along with the many celebrities
Grab easily from a mobile app!


The more you write and write yeppeojineun product quality and the FUN package
Beauty with a wit and sense of fun,

Please Mori with Tony –



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ASAP54 Fashion Search – Find fashion for Men & Women. Tops, shoes, boots, dresses, bags, coats & shirts

ASAP54 Fashion Search

Find fashion for Men & Women. Tops, shoes, boots, dresses, bags, coats & shirts

ASAP54 Fashion Search screenshot 0ASAP54 Fashion Search screenshot 1ASAP54 Fashion Search screenshot 2ASAP54 Fashion Search screenshot 3ASAP54 Fashion Search screenshot 4

ASAP54 – Your search engine for fashion

Search for more than 5 million products from over 600 stores.

Unlike any other search engine, when using ASAP54 you decide what the search entry point can be and we will turn everything into shoppable fashion items, meaning that you can:

– Search by text: i.e. v neck white t-shirt
– Search with any picture you take – go crazy and get inspired by the world around you
– Search by uploading photos from your phone
– Search using Instagram Posts you’ve liked
– Any image you find inspiration from!

Why is ASAP54 better than a standard search engine?…

– We are a mobile search engine that can empower you to search, shop or wish list anything that you want. ASAP54 is your fashion companion and on top of searching for fashion in various ways you can also use us to:

– Shop from Instagram – Link your Instagram account to ASAP54 and any picture you like on Instagram will be available in ASAP54 to use as a search image

– Price Comparison – Do you know what you want to buy but want to know if it’s cheaper somewhere else? Take a picture of the product, refine by keyword or brand and see if any other stores have it cheaper

– Use any product image to start a search – You’ve seen a product that is almost what you are looking for but not quite. With ASAP54 you can long tap on the image to use it to start a search to find similar products from any category!

– Cross Category Search – Searching for accessories to match your shoes? Lipstick to match your bag? Cufflinks to match your tie? ASAP54 enables you to search for any fashion category you like, so take a picture of what you want to match, choose a different category and start your search

– Wish List – Add the products you want to your wish list to save them for later. We will even let you know if the price changes!

– Everything is available to buy – Every product in ASAP54 is shoppable, so no links to fashion blogs or websites where you they write about the product but you cannot purchase it

Tips for getting the best search results:

– Refine – Start your search with text or an image, then refine by store, brand, keyword, price and color to get better results faster

– Crop – Use the cropping tool to focus on the area of the picture you are interested in (colour / pattern etc.) – Better cropping means more relevant results

– Image Quality – If you are taking your own picture, make sure the lighting is good and the main area of inspiration in the image is clear

Start searching!

Having technical issues? Email our support team on

We prefer love letters to hate mail, but all feedback is welcome at:

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