Mobile Ordering POS Sector – Speeds up service up to 20% in more than 3800 restaurants around the world.

Mobile Ordering POS Sector

Speeds up service up to 20% in more than 3800 restaurants around the world.

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ew and improved POS Sector’s Restaurant Mobile App is faster, more guest friendly and built with enhanced ordering capabilities.

How Restaurant mobile app POS Sector helps you to increase sales?

The only thing that you can do to increase productivity during the period of rush time is to speed up the process of taking customer’s orders and bringing them to the table.

Besides the fast and efficient work in the kitchen and bar, you need to reduce your waiter’s moving, as his walking to the cash register, time for entering orders in a cash register and giving information about orders to staff in the bar or kitchen.

Also, you should avoid that your waiters take 4-5 orders at once because this is the main reason why they often make mistakes about ordered food, so as a result you are losing your precious time or even worse, you may lose your customer.

How does it work?

This improvement to the app and mobile ordering is the most recent development that complements the existing POS Sector’s technological capabilities.

Set the Printer or Monitor in your Bar or Kitchen

In your bar or kitchen set the printer that will print the orders created on your waiter’s tablet or smartphone while your waiter is still with guests.

Instead of the printer, you can also set the monitor or tablet where your staff in the kitchen will see all orders.

Mobile Ordering System for Your Waiters and Kitchen Staff

The waiter takes orders from guests near their table, tap it in the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and automatically sent the order to the kitchen or bar where your staff can see it printed or displayed on kitchen’s / bar’s monitor.

In the same time, the order that was sent by waiter’s mobile device is transferred through the wireless network and prints on the printer or shown on kitchen display.

The restaurant staff in the kitchen/bar could immediately see the orders and start with its preparation.

In addition to showing of orders in real-time, kitchen monitor shows when an order was created, so the kitchen staff knows what order has priority.

The order is ready

Once the order is ready, kitchen staff inform the waiter by sending a notice about prepared order from kitchen monitor to waiter’s mobile device only with one tap/click.

After notification, the waiter gets audible or visual signal on his mobile device,and he is ready to go to pick up the order and serve the guest.

What do people think about POS Sector mobile ordering app?

“ POS Sector gives to my customers easy options to add sides and other extras to their orders. It individualizes our restaurant menu and our guest become even more satisfied”.

“ Now I don’t have to argue with kitchen staff and not to mention how my tips increased as I always bring correct order to my customers.”

“With POS Sector mobile ordering app we increased our sales up to 25% and decrease labor costs by 30%!”

Download apk file for your android phone:


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