AnneLutfen – Our mission is to make life easier for mothers!


Our mission is to make life easier for mothers!

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who are we

Annelutf of all products from all over Turkey and they are looking for the mother of children aged 0-12 with his mother in order to ensure a single point of purchase at affordable prices was established in September 2011.

Our mission;

Changing needs and desires of our dear mother, to meet in accordance with their expectations are continuously provide the highest customer satisfaction. offering a high quality level of products and services to win more customers trust and loyalty of our responsibilities towards the environment and society at the same time to fulfill in the best way.

Our vision;

Happy mother of all our main aim the development of our brand and to progress by targeting customer satisfaction.

Our Differences;

Fast, reliable and the best way to meet your needs and expectations of our high quality service.

Detailed product descriptions, product photos and videos, post items by members advising the mother and reviews, as well as ease of use and sales order / post customer support mothers with the services it provides, such as to make life easier for Annelutfen’s always the first priority.

Turkey offers the most varieties of mother-infant-child of the site. The brand is located in more than 300 products to more than 10,000. The products are 100% authentic and guaranteed. Annelutfen All products are carefully selected and sold the products of the best brands. Will ship in 1-5 business days and ordered products are delivered safely to your address.

7/24 Annelutf 365 days of shopping, not the opportunity or campaign site, all of the products you are looking for 365 days a 7/24 shop. Is an online sites you can find.

1-5 days shipping time, fast and timely delivery, attentive customer service. The products are delivered to ship within 1-5 days and is delivered as soon as possible in your address.

The identical term installment credit cards, cash on delivery, Paypal and wire transfer options- Annelutfen Bonus, World, Cardfinans maturity of the credit card Maximum Axess and is presented in installments of up to 12 identical. Besides paying by credit card, debit card, money order and pay at the door with offers Annelutf rich payment options.

Worker our principle;

Vision of the importance it attaches to the happiness of its members, in order to make submissions and provide the attentive and timely customer service with Annelutf the better the shopping experience of growing with each passing day and its members continue to work.

Contact us:

For any questions and suggestions on week 09-18: 00 between us we ulaşabilirsiniz.süp campaigns and offers from 0212.481.07.88 or you can subscribe to our newsletter to keep track of the addresses. You can also follow us on our following pages 🙂

Facebook: I
Google Plus:
Twitter: that (the @Annelutf)
Instagram: that (the #Annelutf)

We would like to thank all who choose to Annelutfen mother. We wish you an enjoyable shopping …

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