SINGER SL – Buy General Home Appliances And Electronic Devices Online.


Buy General Home Appliances And Electronic Devices Online.

SINGER SL screenshot 0SINGER SL screenshot 1SINGER SL screenshot 2SINGER SL screenshot 3SINGER SL screenshot 4SINGER SL screenshot 5SINGER SL screenshot 6SINGER SL screenshot 7SINGER SL screenshot 8SINGER SL screenshot 9SINGER SL screenshot 10SINGER SL screenshot 11

SINGER SL App takes you to great shopping experience with world renowned brands, products and offers.

With SINGER SL App you can:

✓ Make purchases on
✓ Search Products Quickly.
✓ View new products, promotions, discounts and offers.
✓ Email product information as a PDF document.
✓ Track and stay up to date on status of your orders.
✓ Receive notification of promotions.
✓ Search for any SINGER retail outlet.
✓ Leave feedback and call our hotline.

** Requires Android OS 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) & up.
** To use the app, you are required to register free to make an account.


Important note regarding permissions. SINGER SL App requires access to the following services to operate properly:

Network Communication: Internet access (Mobile Data or Wi-Fi) is needed to use the app.
Phone calls: Within the app you are able to place a call to SINGER Customer Service.

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Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply – Droply -kupony and discount codes for your favorite online stores and shopping malls

Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply

Droply -kupony and discount codes for your favorite online stores and shopping malls

Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 0Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 1Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 2Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 3Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 4Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 5Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 6Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 7Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 8Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 9Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 10Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 11Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 12Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 13Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 14Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 15Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 16Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 17Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 18Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 19Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply screenshot 20

DROPLY is a free application, map gallery zniżek.Codziennie opportunity to update the coupons, discounts and sales information sezonowych.Najlepsze discounts and special offers to major stationary stores and shopping malls in many cities Polski.Oszczędzisz money while shopping in the city and online.Sprawdź gallery coupons , special offers and sales on your smartphone Ikas coupons coupons ladybug and frog. It’s your passport benefits.


In the application on the phone can search for m deals and discounts on new collections with more than 200 brand shops ie. H & M, Reserved, Orsay, Zara, Stradivarius, C & A, Venezia, Pull & Bear and MOHITO, Zalando, answear

Coupons & Rebates in restaurants and cafes

Discount coupons and special offers happy hours on the phone to the restaurant and cafe, ie. Coupons mc McD McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King coupons, KFC Poland PL, Pizza Hut, North Fish and Starbucks.


Shopping nights, weekends occasion, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in the largest shopping malls and centers Outlet type of application you will find discounts on shopping in Tesco ezakupy, House, HM, Cropp, Bershka, Mango, Rylko, Rossmann, Empik, Esotiq, Deichmann, CCC , River Island, New Look, Sephora, Douglas, Superpharm, Home & you, Apart, Pandora, Diverse, Duka, Sarenza, IKEA.

Current discounts on purchases collection spring-summer and autumn-winter in the Mid Season Sale offer Cubus, C and A, C & A, Big Star, Tally Weijl, Intimissimi, Massimo Dutti, Vero Moda, Kappahl, Calzedonia, Promod.


Actions discount galleries:

– Golden Terraces, Arkadia, Blue City, Galeria Mokotów, Union Square Shopping City, Wola Park Vilnius and Warsaw in Warsaw – night sales;

– Silesia City Center in Katowice Katowice Gallery – weekends occasion;

– Bonarka, Krakow Gallery and Kazimierz – night shopping;

– Wroclaw Arcade, Arcade Grunwald and Dominican Gallery in Wroclaw;

– The Old Brewery, Poznań City Center and Plaza Galeria Malta in Poznan;

– Baltic Gallery in Gdańsk;

– Passage of Lodz, Lodz Manufactory;

– Galaxy Centre and Gallery Cascade in Szczecin;

– Gallery Olympus in Lublin;

– Galeria Korona Kielce …


Magazines and newspapers Glamour, High Heels, Your Style, Claudia Joy, Flash, Grazia, Elle, Hot Fashion & Shopping, InStyle, LOGO or Avanti, Groupon and newspaper publicity for example. Ladybug, Tesco, Lidl, my Carrefour newspaper publish offers for discount coupons catalogs discounts and promotional coupons for the entire range of discount products and discount shares as Black Friday, Madness and Stylish Shopping purchasing. Stores in shares of discount are: Wittchen, Yves Rocher, Benetton, Yes, Crocs, L’Occitane, Bath & Body Works, Camaieu, Gatta, Ecco, OYSHO, Smyk, Reporter, Monnari, Vistula, Wólczanka, Dorothy Perkins, American Eagle, The. Raven, Raven Ania, Gino Rossi, Avon, Tołpa


Current depreciation, occasions, summer and winter sales are searched on the internet for example. KWC make up on the streets and in the newspapers and coupons czasopismach.Drukowane wildcat is przeszłość.Kuponu discount in the application bezpłatne.Bez darmo.Dołącz login and a shopper’s club as justtag .Zostań promo promohunter hunter payback en Buy cheaper discount and shopping bonami.Zacznij occasion as Allegro, ceneo and knockout scanner or freebee your card and vinted Listonic not qpony en Do not execute the service. Alleoferty and shopalike!


– Search the current coupons and promotions in stores with a list of

– Search sales in categories such as apparel and accessories, home and interiors, electronics, books, music and movies, traveling and vacations, gifts and flowers, restaurants and cafes (eg. McDonald), Sport and Recreation, Health & Beauty, Pets Zooplus Services

– Search shops where there are promotions, discounts on products and services;

– Competitions;

Coupon or voucher is the image, the validity, terms of promotion and a list of stores. Names and registered trademarks are of their respective owners and are informative.

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PideloRapido – PideloRapido is the only solution for mobile purchases in Latin America.


PideloRapido is the only solution for mobile purchases in Latin America.

PideloRapido screenshot 0PideloRapido screenshot 1PideloRapido screenshot 2PideloRapido screenshot 3PideloRapido screenshot 4PideloRapido screenshot 5PideloRapido screenshot 6PideloRapido screenshot 7PideloRapido screenshot 8PideloRapido screenshot 9PideloRapido screenshot 10PideloRapido screenshot 11

PideloRapido is the only solution for mobile purchases in Latin America, which allows you to order products from top stores in the United States, directly to the door of your home or office, with all expenses paid.

In the application you can create a profile with your interests and send you offers only PideloRapido based here, elimimnando spam.

Also prmite you make your payments and local currency without a credit card. Deposited into your bank of choice and our system will take care of the rest.

PideloRapido, easy, secure and fast.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

Razer Cortex: Deals Mobile – Compare game prices across the top digital stores to snag the best discounts.

Razer Cortex: Deals Mobile

Compare game prices across the top digital stores to snag the best discounts.

Razer Cortex: Deals Mobile screenshot 0Razer Cortex: Deals Mobile screenshot 1Razer Cortex: Deals Mobile screenshot 2Razer Cortex: Deals Mobile screenshot 3

With Razer Cortex: Deals, you’ll always enjoy the lowest game prices even when you’re on-the-go. Now you can compare game prices across the top digital stores to snag the best discounts, build your Wishlist, and receive instant notifications when price drops and deals happen on the games you want – all from the convenience of your smartphone.

– Gives you instant access to the best deals in digital PC gaming
– Compares prices from the top digital stores so you’ll always get the best discounts anywhere

– Sends you notifications straight to your smartphones and tablets the instant a deal comes up for any game on your Wishlist

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Mahallem Esnaf – The fastest and easiest way to order

Mahallem Esnaf

The fastest and easiest way to order

Mahallem Esnaf screenshot 0Mahallem Esnaf screenshot 1Mahallem Esnaf screenshot 2Mahallem Esnaf screenshot 3

Neighborhood application you can serve nearest potential customers, it is a platform you can place an order via SMS easily and quickly.

Share your lokasyonunuzu while recording on the company’s application and enter your information.
Save your photos to the system that you want to offer products to potential customers in your neighborhood.

transmitted written you enter your room rates or add visual order basket. Send your check to the customer’s shopping cart that you create. Perform your customer after delivery Cart confirmed.

Choose your preferred payment method when registering the application. Get your pay with cash or credit card.

Note: The application is only broadcast pilots in Istanbul Maltepe.

Support your gönderebilirizs requests to address.

Download apk file for android:

MahalleM – Find tradesmen, gave the order through messaging


Find tradesmen, gave the order through messaging

MahalleM screenshot 0MahalleM screenshot 1MahalleM screenshot 2MahalleM screenshot 3MahalleM screenshot 4

Neighborhood application is a shopping application that you can place orders and exchanging messages that lead to close trades. The application provides you with ease while saving both time and order.

Share your lokasyonunuzu while recording the application and see the trades in your neighborhood.
Make a selection and exchanging messages trades your order.

Located on the profile you select trades “order now” button. need your message by typing in the screen or making your selection from the range of products offered by the artisans of the message.
Confirm your shopping cart to receive your confirmation sent by artisans.

cash or credit card that appears after you create your order by selecting one of the payment options you can complete your order. pay by credit card through the app or you can pay at the door by cash option.

Note: The application is only broadcast pilots in Istanbul Maltepe.

Support your gönderebilirizs requests to address.

Download apk file for your android phone:

Доставка еды в Караганде – Copacabana – food delivery in Karaganda

Доставка еды в Караганде

Copacabana – food delivery in Karaganda

Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 0Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 1Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 2Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 3Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 4Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 5Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 6Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 7Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 8Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 9Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 10Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 11Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 12Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 13Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 14Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 15Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 16Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 17Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 18Доставка еды в Караганде screenshot 19

Hungry? Once the cooking? I wanted something tasty and wholesome? Then this app is for you!
An exclusive project for the delivery of food from Copacabana to Karaganda is now in your smartphone!
User-friendly interface, detailed menu and fast ordering! Now you’ll always be up to date with the most lucrative offers, promotions and bonuses! We offer the best way to deliver food to your home or office.

How it works:
To order, you need only:
1) run the application
2) fill a favorite food basket
3) Checkout
And we will come to you very soon!

Service is absolutely free, download and enjoy the convenience of the application, with generous discounts, first class service and excellent food taste!
Our team works every day to the development and improvement of the platform so that it becomes your chief assistant in the selection and ordering food.

Caring about customers
Food delivery Copacabana =)

Our website:
FaceBook Group:

Download apk file:

MaisCarrinho – The is your grocery price comparison!


The is your grocery price comparison!

MaisCarrinho screenshot 0MaisCarrinho screenshot 1MaisCarrinho screenshot 2

This application is a complement to the site, allowing quick product search through bar code.

The is a price simulator that you can use with your PC, tablet and smartphone. It is the comparison of grocery and FMCG which aims to help the Portuguese consumer to make the best buying decision.

Search and compare products quickly reading its barcode, at home, in a supermarket or anywhere else! Ensure that you are getting the best price!

We have over 28,000 different products (code different bars) for sale in Portugal, to search and automatically compare the product price so read your barcode, the 5 largest retailers (Mainland, Intermarché, Jumbo, Lidl and Pingo Doce ).

At the moment, we cover more than 28,000 different products (code different bars) for sale in Portugal, automatically comparing the price of the product associated with the read barcode.

still enjoy the hot key “promotions” which takes you to the more than 3,000 products on sale daily at different retailers.

Detail information:

WooShopee – Woocommerce App – Looking for white label android app for your woocommerce based online store?

WooShopee - Woocommerce App

Looking for white label android app for your woocommerce based online store?

WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 0WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 1WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 2WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 3WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 4WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 5WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 6

Looking for white label native android mobile app for your woocommerce based online marketplace ? Try 30-day free trial of our woocommerce ecommerce mobile solution app and go mobile commerce in few hours to increase your sales exponentially. Pay as you go pack at just $69/month.

WooShopee is our native android app (not Hybrid HTML5/CSS) for online store based on Woocommerce platform. Turn your woocommerce ecommerce store into an m-commerce app with Woocommerce. Works on your existing website, syncing with a wide variety of shopping carts and PayPal. Customize with your own brand elements, logo, product images and descriptions.

Native App – The mobile app developed using native platforms that gels well with all mobile devices. Further performance wise your app will be steadfast and hence customers are assured of a quick shopping experience.

100% Custom Branding – With your own logo and app color combinations, get a custom branded own mobile app at nominal cost of developing your mobile app.

Product Catalogue – Display your products in your shopping app in a user friendly manner complete with banners for your most popular categories.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics for Mobile Apps measures your app’s full value, from discovery and download to in-app conversions. See what users love and how to make them happier — and make your app more successful.

Synchronizations – Any changes on the website to the Product categories, Catalog updates, and Customers profile, the changes gets reflected automatically in your mobile app. So you need not have to perform the changes on your app again.

Payment Gateway – Your shopping app will come embedded with the payment gateways offered by Woocommerce. Let us know if need more payment gateways.

To connect more with us and to have more updates and information , join in and follow us at :

– Facebook –
– Google+ –
– Twitter –
– LinkedIn –
– Blog –

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