MaisCarrinho – The is your grocery price comparison!


The is your grocery price comparison!

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This application is a complement to the site, allowing quick product search through bar code.

The is a price simulator that you can use with your PC, tablet and smartphone. It is the comparison of grocery and FMCG which aims to help the Portuguese consumer to make the best buying decision.

Search and compare products quickly reading its barcode, at home, in a supermarket or anywhere else! Ensure that you are getting the best price!

We have over 28,000 different products (code different bars) for sale in Portugal, to search and automatically compare the product price so read your barcode, the 5 largest retailers (Mainland, Intermarché, Jumbo, Lidl and Pingo Doce ).

At the moment, we cover more than 28,000 different products (code different bars) for sale in Portugal, automatically comparing the price of the product associated with the read barcode.

still enjoy the hot key “promotions” which takes you to the more than 3,000 products on sale daily at different retailers.

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WooShopee – Woocommerce App – Looking for white label android app for your woocommerce based online store?

WooShopee - Woocommerce App

Looking for white label android app for your woocommerce based online store?

WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 0WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 1WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 2WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 3WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 4WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 5WooShopee - Woocommerce App screenshot 6

Looking for white label native android mobile app for your woocommerce based online marketplace ? Try 30-day free trial of our woocommerce ecommerce mobile solution app and go mobile commerce in few hours to increase your sales exponentially. Pay as you go pack at just $69/month.

WooShopee is our native android app (not Hybrid HTML5/CSS) for online store based on Woocommerce platform. Turn your woocommerce ecommerce store into an m-commerce app with Woocommerce. Works on your existing website, syncing with a wide variety of shopping carts and PayPal. Customize with your own brand elements, logo, product images and descriptions.

Native App – The mobile app developed using native platforms that gels well with all mobile devices. Further performance wise your app will be steadfast and hence customers are assured of a quick shopping experience.

100% Custom Branding – With your own logo and app color combinations, get a custom branded own mobile app at nominal cost of developing your mobile app.

Product Catalogue – Display your products in your shopping app in a user friendly manner complete with banners for your most popular categories.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics for Mobile Apps measures your app’s full value, from discovery and download to in-app conversions. See what users love and how to make them happier — and make your app more successful.

Synchronizations – Any changes on the website to the Product categories, Catalog updates, and Customers profile, the changes gets reflected automatically in your mobile app. So you need not have to perform the changes on your app again.

Payment Gateway – Your shopping app will come embedded with the payment gateways offered by Woocommerce. Let us know if need more payment gateways.

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Geoship – Search for eBay – A simple search on multiple eBay sites and offline notifier for watched items.

Geoship - Search for eBay

A simple search on multiple eBay sites and offline notifier for watched items.

Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 0Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 1Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 2Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 3Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 4Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 5Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 6Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 7Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 8Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 9Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 10Geoship - Search for eBay screenshot 11

Geoship – Search for eBay is a search engine based on service which presents global eBay search results on the same page.

Want to search all international eBay sites at once?
Want to get offline notifications for watched items?
Want to block untrustworthy sellers?
Wish to know what other buyers say on the item you want to buy?

If the answer is yes then this app is for you!

The key features:

* Search all eBay sites at once from one page
* Offline notifications for ending of watched eBay items, even without internet connection
* Block unwanted eBay sellers and countries
* Unlimited saved searches with configurable notification engine
* Find eBay item feedback left by other users that have bought the item
* Completed and sold eBay items filters (useful for sellers research)
* Prices are displayed in user defined currency
* Unique search filters: seller feedback range
* Unique sorting criteria: total price, shipping, bids count, item location
* Friendly and simple interface

Important note:
We are not the providers of the products, we only search stuff on eBay, the product itself shipped and bought from eBay sellers.

Please help to make the application better by reporting any bug you have found.
Any suggestions are also welcome.

Download apk file for android:

Click Home Food – Home cooked foods in online

Click Home Food

Home cooked foods in online

Click Home Food screenshot 0Click Home Food screenshot 1Click Home Food screenshot 2Click Home Food screenshot 3Click Home Food screenshot 4Click Home Food screenshot 5

We are the home food lovers and we love to share the same.
Bridging the gap between potential customers and food suppliers.
In today’s hectic lifestyle with work time taking precedence middle level employees which forms major part of the working population is looking for convenient food, at low cost.
We will provide maximum customer satisfaction
We will provide low cost quality food at the click of the button
We will extend high quality and quantity.

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