Zanfardino – App Supermarket Zanfardino, our offers on hand, everywhere.


App Supermarket Zanfardino, our offers on hand, everywhere.

Zanfardino screenshot 0Zanfardino screenshot 1Zanfardino screenshot 2Zanfardino screenshot 3Zanfardino screenshot 4Zanfardino screenshot 5Zanfardino screenshot 6Zanfardino screenshot 7

App Supermarket Zanfardino, our offers on hand, everywhere.
With our application you will be informed on the handwheel and on the daily deals and more profitable you will receive coupons to use in our supermarket!
Join at any time in our app: compare our promotions, receive coupons, browse the flyers and stay updated.

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La Mimosa – Supermarkets La Mimosa, our best offers on hand, everywhere.

La Mimosa

Supermarkets La Mimosa, our best offers on hand, everywhere.

La Mimosa screenshot 0La Mimosa screenshot 1La Mimosa screenshot 2La Mimosa screenshot 3

Supermarkets La Mimosa, our best offers on hand, anytime, anywhere.
With our application you will be informed on the handwheel and on the daily deals and more profitable you will receive coupons to use in our supermarket!
Join at any time in our app: compare our promotions, receive coupons, browse the flyers and stay updated.

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민스샵 – Enjoy your shopping apps without the constraints of time and place!


Enjoy your shopping apps without the constraints of time and place!

민스샵 screenshot 0민스샵 screenshot 1민스샵 screenshot 2민스샵 screenshot 3민스샵 screenshot 4민스샵 screenshot 5민스샵 screenshot 6민스샵 screenshot 7민스샵 screenshot 8민스샵 screenshot 9민스샵 screenshot 10민스샵 screenshot 11민스샵 screenshot 12민스샵 screenshot 13민스샵 screenshot 14

Hey ~ mince syapaep Thank you very much for taking down.
A time sale, new product information and news through our shop mince mince syapaep sure to get the fastest
You can. Download the app TAKE 5% discount coupons just go take ~ ^^

> When installing apps I love this stuff!
* 5% coupon issued: run the app at the bottom right of the screen to ‘Settings’ Touch> Set at the bottom of the screen, receive coupons TOUCH
* Registration 2000 won reserve and pay immediately available
* Do not miss the benefits! Time Sale checked immediately available 12:00 to 17:00 daily discount offers
* What are my courier when it comes ?? Real-time courier inquiry!
* Connect with us on LTE speed! Touch at a time, please contact us!

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Mebelkart – Furniture Store – Everything home in the palm of your hand!

Mebelkart - Furniture Store

Everything home in the palm of your hand!

Mebelkart - Furniture Store screenshot 0Mebelkart - Furniture Store screenshot 1Mebelkart - Furniture Store screenshot 2Mebelkart - Furniture Store screenshot 3Mebelkart - Furniture Store screenshot 4

Everything home in the palm of your hand! Whether you are sitting at your home or on-the-go, the Mebelkart app for android phone and tablets gives you easy access to furniture and décor across all styles and price points. From furniture and bedding to lighting, accents, and more, our app brings you the looks you love, for less. Download now for everyday discounts up to 70% off. Because style and savings are better together.

– Browse a catalog of over 3,00,000 handpicked home products from 5000 sellers with ease
– Easily save, organize, and share all of your favorite products
– Enjoy simplified shopping with fast, mobile-optimized checkout
– Enjoy free shipping & COD on all orders
– In-app order tracking
– Get notified as soon as new sales start
– Easy filter and sorting of products
– Liked a product, but not sure about purchasing it? No worries, just add it to your wish list ♥ and buy it later, anytime anywhere, when you are ready
– Call directly to our customer care for any kind of query, product information & order status.

We have handpicked more than 3,00,000 products from 5,000 sellers and brand to decorate your dream home.
• Living Room furniture – Browse & purchase designer sofa, recliners, sofa cum bed, bookcases, tv stands, coffee tables.
• Bedroom furniture – Browse through our wide range of wardrobes, king & queen sized beds
• Dining Room furniture – Browse through our exclusive collection of dining tables and chairs
• Kitchen and Dining – Browse our kitchen furnishings or kitchen storage, or shop our large and small appliances.
• Home Décor – Shop our bedding, decorative accents, wall art, rugs, lighting and what not!
• Kids Room furniture – Here you’ll find everything from nursery and children’s furniture to outdoor playhouses and swing sets.

Shop your favourite products from reliable brands like Nilkamal, Style spa, Zuari, Godrej, Tupperware, Prestige, Morphy Richards, Housefull, Bombay Dyeing, Little India, Bajaj, Stellar, Swayam, Hawkins and other premium brands.

The Mebelkart mobile app is absolutely free and user-friendly. Buy anything and everything you like and avail special offers on the finest range of furnitures, home décor and home furnishings in just a few clicks. So what are you waiting for? Simply download the Mebelkart app NOW to enjoy all this and much more!

Email your feedback, suggestions and questions to If there’s anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to send us a quick email.

Official Mebelkart Website:

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Love's Connect


Love's Connect screenshot 0Love's Connect screenshot 1Love's Connect screenshot 2Love's Connect screenshot 3Love's Connect screenshot 4Love's Connect screenshot 5Love's Connect screenshot 6Love's Connect screenshot 7

Love’s Connect

Clean Places & Friendly Faces at Your Fingertips
Family owned and operated since 1964, Love’s brings you the ultimate travel app for professional drivers. The Love’s Connect application is specifically designed to help you find what you want, where you need it. From bulk DEF to Love’s Truck Tire Care, the Love’s Connect app is your digital guide to store information.

Location, Location, Location
No matter where you are in the country, Love’s Connect finds the nearest store based upon your location, city, state or zip code. In just a few more taps, driving directions too.

Fuel Prices in Real-Time
Love’s Connect puts the high-rise pricer right in the palm of your hand for every single one of our travel stops. Watch fuel prices along your planned route to help you make better fueling decisions along the way.

Feature Rich
In just a few taps you have all the features and amenities of your favorite Love’s locations. You will be able to check your I Love Rewards® points, find amenities, tire care locations, exits and even monthly specials.

Promotional Alerts
Love’s Connect allows you to view monthly promotions and deal alerts at your favorite Love’s locations with instant savings opportunities.

At Love’s we know your time is valuable. Love’s mission of Clean Places & Friendly Faces is key to making sure your experience is the best on the road. Love’s Connect allows you to check your I Love Rewards® account, view real-time fuel prices and blends, connect to your favorite stores and even to our customer service team. We want to know when we have done a great job and when we haven’t. Love’s Connect is another tool to help you no matter where you are.

FIXED My Love Rewards balance information not returning correct data

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Ofertitas – We search, select and analyze the best deals online.


We search, select and analyze the best deals online.

Ofertitas screenshot 0Ofertitas screenshot 1Ofertitas screenshot 2Ofertitas screenshot 3Ofertitas screenshot 4

The objective is to locate Ofertitas quality products at the best price, to make them known through the blog, social networking and app itself, always ensuring consumer interest.

Behind Ofertitas no “sellers”, but e-commerce experts, who spend as long as possible to get the best bargains, advising the best bargains and reasoning, and looking for deals at stores that offer better guarantees.

Ofertitas is a project developed by HDBits, content network with over 15 years experience in the maintenance of forums and websites and extensive experience in the management of social networks.

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Magento Admin – Manage your magento store admin orders through your mobile.

Magento Admin

Manage your magento store admin orders through your mobile.

Magento Admin screenshot 0Magento Admin screenshot 1Magento Admin screenshot 2Magento Admin screenshot 3Magento Admin screenshot 4Magento Admin screenshot 5Magento Admin screenshot 6Magento Admin screenshot 7Magento Admin screenshot 8Magento Admin screenshot 9Magento Admin screenshot 10Magento Admin screenshot 11Magento Admin screenshot 12Magento Admin screenshot 13Magento Admin screenshot 14Magento Admin screenshot 15Magento Admin screenshot 16Magento Admin screenshot 17Magento Admin screenshot 18Magento Admin screenshot 19Magento Admin screenshot 20

Magento Admin is an easy tool to manage your Magento Store Orders with your finger tips. It will give you complete control on the Orders with invoices and shipments without any middle-ware bridge installation between your Magento Store and your Mobile.
You will just have to create an API USER and a ROLE and keep those details with you for Authentication purpose. (You can see the steps on how to create an API Users at the bottom.) This app is a secured tool as all the information transferred between the Store and this App is via the use of Magento’s standard API’s. All the data transferred is in XML format.
Magento Admin Order Management App Features:
• Hold an Order.
• Un-hold an Order.
• Cancel an Order.
• Create an Invoice.
• Create the Shipment.
• Add tracking Details of an Order while generating its Shipment.
• Complete an Order.
• Get New Order Notifications.
• Refresh the Order list at one go button manually.
An Order’s Preview would provide every minute details about that Order like:
• The Ordered Items and its quantity.
• Billing and Shipping Details.
• The Payment Information like the method of payment and other required information.
• Shipping and Handling Information
• Customer Account Details information.
• Orders totals like subtotal, tax, paid amount, refunded amount etc.
• You can contact customer by just clicking the contact number in billing and shipping details or email id in customer information. (V 7.0)
• You can add and view customer comments for a given order, invoice and shipment. (V 7.0)
Fetching of Orders in 3 different ways:
1. Fetching on the Time Span:-
• Last 24 hours Orders.
• Last 7 days Orders.
• Last 30 days Orders.
2. Fetching on the Order Status:-
• Pending.
• Processing.
• On Hold.
• Canceled.
• Complete.
• All Status.
3. Fetching Order Information :-
• By Order ID
• By First Name
• By Last Name
• By Email Id
• By Selecting Date
Other Features :
• Notification System. You will get a notification whenever a new Order is placed in the Store. The time for notification interval can be set from the settings section.•
• Change the Store at a single click.
• Auto Login.
• Order Notification Alert Profile mode (Silent/Sound/Vibrate+Sound/Mute).
• You can Change Order Status with Message notification to your customer.
Fixed Issues in Version 7.0
Fixed login issue.
Fixed Notification issue.
Fixed some minor issue in loading and filtering data.
New Features in Version 7.0
Fetching of Invoices and Shipments are with Time Basis and also by its details like invoice id, shipment id, date range.
Fetching of Invoices by its status and also setup notifications for invoices.
In shipments, you can add and delete tracking numbers.
In shipments and invoices, you can add and view comments.

Time Period Configuration is added in settings for status based order filters
Customer details are added in list of orders, invoices and shipments
All dates in lists and detail pages are displayed as per your mobile timezone.
Qty selection is added in creating invoice and shipment from order detail page.
Email button is added to send pdf of order/invoice/shipment details to a different email address in detail page
Steps to create API USER and ROLE in the Admin Side:
1. First create a ROLE
a. System->Web Services
b. SOAP/XML-RPC-Roles( or only Roles)
c. Add New Role
d. In the Role info, give the Role Name,
In the Role Resources, Select “Sales” option and Save.
2. Create API User
a. System->Web Services
b. SOAP/XML-RPC-Users( or only Users)
c. In User info, give all appropriate Details in each field. (Remember User Name and API Key)
d. In User Role, select previously created ROLE, Save.
Now, this API Username and API Key are to be entered in the Magento Admin Application along with the Store URL (for e.g. for Authentication.
If you face any problem while using this app, you can always contact us so we will help you to fix it. You can contact us on

Detail information and download apk file:

Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App – First-of-its-kind swipeable app for buying and selling cars – Cars for Sale

Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App

First-of-its-kind swipeable app for buying and selling cars – Cars for Sale

Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 0Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 1Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 2Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 3Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 4Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 5Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 6Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 7Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 8Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 9Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 10Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 11Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 12Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 13Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 14Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 15Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 16Wyper: Swipe-Car Buying App screenshot 17

Looking for a new or used car or truck? With Wyper you can swipe like tinder through multiple used auto sites and dealer websites in one place.

From exotic to electric cars, Wyper has more used cars for sale than any app. Plus, know how long a car or truck has been for sale, how its price compares to similar vehicles, know the price history, analyze pricing, aggregated seller reviews, the best car trader.

Wyper outshines the competition with a predictive search platform that allows the consumer to simply swipe or as we like to say “wype” through their results. No more searching through thousands of listings and jumping from site to site. Our platform is designed to give consumers a single location to view the largest amount of listings from dealers nationwide, conveniently from their mobile phones. Even better, these results are completely customized based on factors derived directly from the consumers themselves.

Wyper and its team of engineers have sought out to simplify the online car buying process and put the focus back where it belongs, on the consumer. Wyper is ready to take the pain out of your next car search and put you back in the drivers seat.

Wyper Features

• Largest organic search platform for cars
• First swipe-able vehicle search mobile app
• Largest single database of used cars for sale
• In app anonymous communication
• User predicted interest algorithms
• Machine learning identifies value, popularity and user’s personal interest
• Personalized result
• Aggregated dealer reviews from Google, Edmunds, Yelp and Wyper
• Fastest results
• In-market comps and analysis

Questions? Comments? Car chat? Email us at

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SUBCARD™ Suomi – SUBCARDILLA ™ you get points for your purchases in the participating SUBWAY® restaurants!


SUBCARDILLA ™ you get points for your purchases in the participating SUBWAY® restaurants!

SUBCARD™ Suomi screenshot 0SUBCARD™ Suomi screenshot 1SUBCARD™ Suomi screenshot 2SUBCARD™ Suomi screenshot 3SUBCARD™ Suomi screenshot 4SUBCARD™ Suomi screenshot 5SUBCARD™ Suomi screenshot 6SUBCARD™ Suomi screenshot 7SUBCARD™ Suomi screenshot 8SUBCARD™ Suomi screenshot 9

SUBCARD ™ allows you to earn points on all your purchases SUBWAY®– and this is just the beginning!
You can see how many points you need to collect before the next express for Subi® bread or hot drink, you can also check your nearest SUBWAY® restaurant location and returned to tell the program what Subi® help-thy bread tasted.
Within easy after the registration process, you can select the product menu, select the desired Subi® bread conveniently allows your phone.
We share the app also features news and promotions SUBWAY® restaurants, which we hope you will also share with friends and Facebook.
The new app includes:
– All SUBWAY® products, including nutritional values ​​of products
– Offers as well as information on upcoming campaigns
– Opportunity to share on Facebook
– Quick Sign-up to check your points balance

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Zorbas – Easily order your food from Zorbas Takeaway.


Easily order your food from Zorbas Takeaway.

Zorbas screenshot 0Zorbas screenshot 1Zorbas screenshot 2Zorbas screenshot 3

Welcome to our new takeaway App!
Once downloaded it will enable you to order food quickly and easily.

Useful features include:
-extensive menu
-optional extras
-delivery distance auto-check
-pay by card safely and securely
-order for delivery or collection

Other helpful information includes a map of our takeaway location, opening times and contact details.

We hope you enjoy using our App, please let us know what you think by leaving a review below!

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