Buyme – Buyme – Easier Than You Can Imagine


Buyme – Easier Than You Can Imagine

Buyme screenshot 0Buyme screenshot 1Buyme screenshot 2Buyme screenshot 3Buyme screenshot 4

Buyme is a marketplace app where you can buy, sell, rent almost anything. Just press Take photo and fill in the details and your ad is up! Press search to look for your desired items. You can chat with the seller directly without any hassle, just press chat with seller! We have added location based ads for items nearby your current location. You can even create your wish list, so you can get notifications based on your affordable budget and product category. You can personalise your search too! It was an innovative idea to create Buyme for the people, so that a large marketplace could come to the palm of your hand in your smartphone, and since it is very user friendly, using it will be very easy. This product is brought to you by Softmove Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Happy Shopping!!

See more information and download apk file for android:

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