Perfume’s Club – Bring all the information on your APP for tablet and mobile.

Perfume's Club

Bring all the information on your APP for tablet and mobile.

Perfume's Club screenshot 0Perfume's Club screenshot 1Perfume's Club screenshot 2Perfume's Club screenshot 3Perfume's Club screenshot 4Perfume's Club screenshot 5Perfume's Club screenshot 6Perfume's Club screenshot 7Perfume's Club screenshot 8Perfume's Club screenshot 9Perfume's Club screenshot 10Perfume's Club screenshot 11Perfume's Club screenshot 12Perfume's Club screenshot 13

In the App of you will find over 9000 products available among our more than 120 luxury brands, all perfectly distributed within our categories, such as perfumes, cosmetics, hair care, makeup, sun care and sunglasses, among others.

This App has been developed so that you can install it on a Smartphone or Tablet. Here you can find all the information related to your user account in, as well as various functionalities that will provide you greater interaction and involvement with the online shop, in addition to several products and benefits that you already can find in

The process to download / use the App is quite simple:

1) Go to the App Store of your Smartphone or Tablet and search the App “Perfume’s Club”.
2) Download it
3) Once downloaded, log in with your account of or register if you are not yet a user, but remember to mark the function “remember information” to not have to enter it each time you want to access.
4) Once you are inside, you will find 5 functionalities available:
“Main menu” on the top left.
“Scan price”, “Mirror”, “Beautician” and “Shop” in the home of the App.

Description of functionalities:

1) Main Menu: here you can access all the information of your account or user profile.

– Scanned Products
– Shop
– Offers
– Beautician
– Account information
– Discounts
– My Messages
– Blog

Access from the HOME:

2) Scan price – With this functionality you can scan the barcode of the products you desire and then it will be shown the price at which it is available in our shop.

3) Mirror – Enabling of the front camera so you can put your makeup on or simply watch how you look wherever you are.

4) Beautician – Specific form for the enquiries about the skin problems you may have for our professional beautician.

5) Shop – Direct access to shop to buy our products.

If you have any doubt or problem with the App, please, contact us to 0870 80 75 412 or send an email to

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Mego – Your Personal Bringer – רק עם אפליקציית ״מיגו״ החבילה מהדואר מגיעה עד אליך!

Mego - Your Personal Bringer

רק עם אפליקציית ״מיגו״ החבילה מהדואר מגיעה עד אליך!

Mego - Your Personal Bringer screenshot 0Mego - Your Personal Bringer screenshot 1Mego - Your Personal Bringer screenshot 2Mego - Your Personal Bringer screenshot 3

לראשונה בארץ! עם “מיגו” אתם יכולים לקבל חבילות שהזמנתם באינטרנט לאן שתרצו ומתי שתרצו

איך זה עובד? אנחנו נביא את החבילה מהדואר במקומכם. תמורת 19 ש״ח החבילה תגיע עד אליכם. אם יש לכם 2 חבילות? חבילה נוספת רק בתוספת של 5 ש״ח

בנוסף באמצעות “מיגו” תוכלו:
לראות איפה החבילה שלכם בכל רגע נתון
לתאם ולדבר עם המביא שלכם

See more information and download apk file:

W컨셉 – Have selector designer shops faster and more convenient shopping concept with W mobile app!


Have selector designer shops faster and more convenient shopping concept with W mobile app!

W컨셉 screenshot 0W컨셉 screenshot 1W컨셉 screenshot 2W컨셉 screenshot 3W컨셉 screenshot 4W컨셉 screenshot 5W컨셉 screenshot 6W컨셉 screenshot 7

<< Information >>
Shop comfortably at home and abroad well-known designers and budding product designers collections to mobile!
With a variety of information on fashion trends for men and women fashion people
W exhibition with trends and concepts featuring only three days alone, the event will be updated on a daily basis.
Designer shops selector to start the mobile app services in the W concept.
Now you can experience anywhere, anytime special exhibitions and sensual items W CONCEPT.
Editing Star designer shops get the exclusive products every season in the W concept!
W. shopping in the designer’s iconic fashion designers of the concept of the South Korea you can meet 24 hours.

Life & Culture Atelier concept in collaboration with noted collection of designer receives every season
The selector shop fashion designers showcasing a variety of styling possible at a reasonable price.

Fast! You can see the most popular items and sale items with a push alarm service
Mobile app download Incognito sale information that can be found only met him guidance, etc., you can quickly see the most interesting shopping news.
Best! Check out your own customized products in the ‘Recommendation’ category offering products of interest to the recommendation of the user.
Easy! Easier, more closely into various categories exhibition goods and a wide variety of content optimized for mobile channels, you can enjoy mobile shopping.
* Now for those who are new subscribers to the W Shop concept will be a 10% coupon.

Download apk file: – Sale, rental, used, cars, real estate, spare parts and Shopping

Sale, rental, used, cars, real estate, spare parts and Shopping screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot 12

He announced to the world has brought a new breath and vision. With so many different features that you are accustomed to as Turkey’s first and only social ad platform is opened to serve you proudly.

As you can place your ad in each category also our pages, categories and many different social sharing platform to track ad in cities. full advantage, user-friendly, intelligent design, presented to you with fun and easy to use.

Our target ads to you the best in the world, the easiest is to provide the fastest and highest quality.

Also, sale and apartments for rent, new and second-hand cars, shopping products, business machines and access to classified in several categories, such as spare parts can take advantage to advertise for free.

In the Real Estate category for sale and rent apartments, houses, villas, residences, farm houses, cooperatives, mansions, prefabricated houses, waterside, waterside apartment, condominiums, cottages, daily, weekly rental apartments and villas, offices, gas stations, anaokol the , kindergartens, apartment, buffet, bureau, office, cafe, bars, restaurants, farms, warehouses, factories, warehouses, wedding hall, shops, stores, factories, commercial buildings floor, parking, market place, plaza solid, spa, hammam, sauna sports facilities, a tourist resort postings.

in tourist facilities, hotels for sale, rental apartments, boutique hotels, you can find a hostel or campsite

both for sale and for rent in the Land category has ads. land for sale, land, residential land, commercial land for tourism zoned land, vineyard & garden, storage & warehousing, schools zoned land, industrial land for sale is located in one of the sub-categories in olive qualification. These lands are in receipt of money opsiyonları floor.

In the medium category, 2nd hand or zero, Audi for sale and rent, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Daewoo, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Geely, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lincoln , Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Rover, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Tata, Tofaş, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and cars of all brands, jeep, you can find ads 4×4.

Marine vessels, Motor yachts, sailing, boats, gulet the boat, speedboat, is located in the Boat Marine Engine Ads.

Motorcycles, Spare Parts, Minivans, Vans, Commercial Vehicles, Construction Machinery, Vehicles, Car Rental, Vehicles, Classic Cars, Electric vehicles, you bulabilil New car prices and the announcement of the caravan.

In the Services category, Franchise Company sales of baby and child care, computer repair and information technology, building and garden maintenance, office stationery, consulting, crafts, clothing & textiles, beauty & cosmetics, animal world, scrap & waste, construction & decoration, courses & courses, logistics & transportation, motor transport, engineering, organization, tutoring providers, advertising and promotion, health care, arts & media, insurance & finance, sports, repair & maintenance, technical service, cleaning & spraying, interpreting & translation , transport & travel, meals and a variety of food categories such as painters, electricians, you can find ads like mechanic.

Detail information and download apk file for android:

SATURN Shop Clock – Always shop the best SATURN offers – matching the current time.

SATURN Shop Clock

Always shop the best SATURN offers – matching the current time.

SATURN Shop Clock screenshot 0SATURN Shop Clock screenshot 1SATURN Shop Clock screenshot 2SATURN Shop Clock screenshot 3SATURN Shop Clock screenshot 4

Did you know that the average smartphone user looks on his smartphone up to 150 times a day to check the time? SATURN turns this into a revolutionary and entertaining shopping experience: The SATURN Shop Clock Widget shows you the best SATURN deals and offers which fit the current time, e.g.: at 06:49 a iPhone for 649€, at 14:30 a ultra HD TV for 1430€.
Never miss a great SATURN offer – just install the SATURN Shop Clock Widget!

– The Shopping Revolution – shop directly from the clock widget on your homescreen
– Every glance at the smartphone becomes an opportunity to get a great deal
– Tech deals, offers and bargains matching the current time
– The best deals from more than 200,000 products: computer and laptops, smartphones and wearables, tv and projectors, hifi, audio and video equipment, games and consoles, household tech, movies, music and books – and much more
– Choose individual design to suit your background image

Detail information and download apk file:

Cùng Mua – Mua sắm giá ưu đãi – DEAL HẤP DẪN, GIÁ TỐT DÀNH RIÊNG CHO APP MỖI NGÀY!

Cùng Mua - Mua sắm giá ưu đãi


Cùng Mua - Mua sắm giá ưu đãi screenshot 0Cùng Mua - Mua sắm giá ưu đãi screenshot 1Cùng Mua - Mua sắm giá ưu đãi screenshot 2Cùng Mua - Mua sắm giá ưu đãi screenshot 3Cùng Mua - Mua sắm giá ưu đãi screenshot 4

DEAL HẤP DẪN, GIÁ TỐT DÀNH RIÊNG CHO APP MỖI NGÀY! – App mua sắm với giá ưu đãi TỐT nhất thị trường với nhiều sản phẩm thời trang / tiêu dùng và dịch vụ ăn uống / làm đẹp / giải trí.

Download ngay app Cùng Mua, bạn sẽ được:
• Khám phá các khuyến mại hấp dẫn nhất từ những thương hiệu lớn như KFC, CGV cinema, Soul Garden, Khaisilk, và hàng trăm deal buffet ngon và spa chất lượng.
• Nhận voucher điện tử để sử dụng ngay mà không cần chờ giao.
• Tìm kiếm theo vị trí gần nhất quanh bạn để tiết kiệm thời gian đi lại.
• Nhận ưu đãi,giảm giá đặc biệt khi bạn mua sắm tại App.
• Hiển thị bản đồ hướng dẫn đến hệ thống Outlet Nơi mua hàng tiêu dùng giá nhà phân phối.
• Thanh toán linh hoạt – Giao hàng tận nhà miễn phí.
Giờ đây bạn chỉ cần mở điện thoại là có thể dễ dàng mua sắm mà chẳng cần vào hotdeal, muachung, nhommua, cungmua hay bất kỳ trang web nào khác.

Hãy liên hệ với Cùng Mua nếu bạn cần hỗ trợ hoặc có góp ý.
Hotline: 1900 6637

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Tiendas Elektra – Elektra purchase easy, fast and safe, wherever you are.

Tiendas Elektra

Elektra purchase easy, fast and safe, wherever you are.

Tiendas Elektra screenshot 0Tiendas Elektra screenshot 1Tiendas Elektra screenshot 2Tiendas Elektra screenshot 3Tiendas Elektra screenshot 4Tiendas Elektra screenshot 5Tiendas Elektra screenshot 6Tiendas Elektra screenshot 7Tiendas Elektra screenshot 8Tiendas Elektra screenshot 9

Download our app and take advantage of exclusive promotions and months without interest and free shipping on selected products!

Online Shopping on your smartphone: more agile, safe, simple and practical. With a single click, in seconds you’ll have access to our wide range of products and services, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world and the largest variety of payment options.

Search Article
Add it to your cart
Enter the shipping address or pick it up in our stores
Choose payment method
Usually, you have created your order!

Meet a wider selection of products and new exclusive categories with the best brands at the best prices

In the application you can:
Find the details and characteristics of the product
See photos from different angles using the zoom
Filter by different attributes such as category, brand, price, etc.
You can also locate the nearest store

See more information and download apk file: