Raker – доставка раков – Raker: fast delivery cancers for gourmets and lovers of this delicacy

Raker – доставка раков

Raker: fast delivery cancers for gourmets and lovers of this delicacy

Raker – доставка раков screenshot 0Raker – доставка раков screenshot 1

Raker – a convenient way to order a live crayfish or ready to Kiev and the region. Choose a favorite recipe with different kinds of spices and the size of crawfish. All that remains – to fill a simple form with contact details and expect a courier.
The app allows you to monitor the status of the order and call the service manager if necessary.

At this point in the annex to the order of recipes are available:

The classic recipe for Ukrainian familiar and loved everyone. Fragrant crayfish cooked with allspice, bay leaf, salt and dill.

In Chinese
For fans of acute and spicy – crabs on the ancient Chinese recipe with soy sauce and exotic spices.

In Louisiana
The combination of spices, corn and lemon creates excellent taste in this unique South American recipe.

In Spanish
Tomato sauce and southern spices – the ideal components crayfish taste, cooked by the best Spanish recipes.

Women’s cancers
Crayfish, boiled in milk, sweet and soft on the palate, c unique set of spices.

Fried crawfish
Crawfish, fried in butter with the addition of beer, garlic and fresh herbs.

Antonovsky cancers
Cancers are prepared with apples, have a fruity aroma and bright flavor with a slight sweetness.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/uGUkIO

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