FatKart.com – Fatkart.com is one of India’s leading online shopping websites


Fatkart.com is one of India’s leading online shopping websites

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Fatkart.com is one of India’s leading online shopping websites providing you an assortment of products from different brands. We, at Fatkart.com, truly understand the value of your hard-earned money and this is the very reason why believe in offering you greatest discounts and amazing deals here on our website.

Now shop your favorite apparel for women, men and kids, footwear, jewelry, bags, health and beauty care products, home and furnishings, kitchen and dining accessories, flowers, cakes and chocolates. Besides all this, we have a plethora of gift items for you near and dear ones. We specialize in women clothing – particularly Bollywood Sarees. We have a whole lot of newest fashion when it comes to sarees, lehengas, anarkali suits and dresses. We thrive to offer latest gears and accessories to boost your shopping experience.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/VsxH8v

Waist Cinchers Best Shop – Waist Cinchers Best Shop – What is a waist cincher corset?

Waist Cinchers Best Shop

Waist Cinchers Best Shop – What is a waist cincher corset?

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Using a waist cincher to speed up your body’s weight loss can be beneficial. Although, with so many good waist trainers, corset shapewear and shapewear tools on the market it is hard to choose the best body shaper for women. Many brands claim their body shaper corset is the best.

What is a waist cincher corset?

A waist nipper is a garment you use around your waist to achieve a slimmer waist faster than usual. Just using this corset body shaper won’t give you fast results but combining the usage of one and a healthy lifestyle with frequent exercise will give you outstanding results with all kinds of cinchers. Do not try to buy a cheap waist cincher – in this sphere of beauty business price often means quality. Due to the flexible boning in a waist trimmer corset you will be able to perform your daily activities without any problem. Using a waist shaper corset under your clothes will be no problems and it isn’t noticeable under any given outfit. It can also be used with other shapewear. Waist cinchers can also be used to correct the shape of your body so that you can use your favorite dress with a perfect shape.

What type should I pick?

The ideal answer to question this is both. Although, this is something everyone can afford and if I were to pick one I would pick a waist shaper due to the fact that I can wear it for a longer period of time. Most people claim that they feel sorta trapped and not as comfortable wearing a steel boned corset therefor they use a waist cincher. After a while you will be able to sleep while using your waist trainer, wouldn’t it be awesome to achieve a small waist while sleeping?

If you are able to, mixing the usage of a corset and a waist cincher would be the optimal. Not at the same time though as that would damage both of your garments. But if you can’t afford both I would suggest that you would would buy a waist trainer because you’ll be able to use it for a longer period of time which leads to more time that you waist train.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/JNW9hh

Scrapbooking Facile – The Italian reference in the hobby of scrapbooking, blogs, news and products.

Scrapbooking Facile

The Italian reference in the hobby of scrapbooking, blogs, news and products.

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Any artist, with good reason, claim that a product born of computers and industrial machinery has no soul and personality, for this reason we Scrapbooking easy we have undertaken the difficult task of marrying art and technology. Not one in the service of the other, but a perfectly balanced blend of innovation and craftsmanship.
Easy scrapbooking idea and realizes, thanks to laser cutting, exclusive products for scrapbooking, jewelery and wood and Plexiglas, our pride, wedding cards extremely original and personalized.
With this app you can see our products, stay up to date on promotions and news, follow our blog and our social pages.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/AcbPRH

Westfalika – Online store offers Westfalika buy shoes and women's accessories.


Online store offers Westfalika buy shoes and women's accessories.

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Online store offers Westfalika buy shoes, top
clothing, accessories and household goods with free shipping to Russia (in paragraphs ex – network shops). our production Shoes can only be ordered through the online store, mobile app or buy branded retail stores in all major cities of Russia. We believe that with us you will find your perfect match!

The company produces an exclusive line Valeriya by Westfalika.
Fashionable footwear collection, developed with the participation of popular singer Valeria, also represented in the online store shoes “Westfalica”.
The catalog is represented as a female, and men’s shoes.

Westfalika today – it’s not just shoes and accessories, but also a line of clothing under the brand Snow Guard, as well as a wide range of branded Westfalika Home household goods.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/NMJyYf

nemlig.com – nemlig.com



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Buy groceries on your mobile for min. kr. 400, – and get delivered on time of day that suits you from only kr. 9, -.

nemlig.com supplies in the metropolitan area and selected cities on Zealand. We are constantly working to expand our delivery area.

The app is your memory & shopping list where you pick up what you need to buy. When you are ready to act, just select when to come up with your products – it could not.

With our app you can:

• Handle among our more than 8,500 items
• See all the week’s many offerings
• Draw inspiration from more than 1,000 recipes
• Access your personal Top 100
• Get an overview of your orders
• Scan your items and put them directly in the cart

It is easy and fast to add your items in the basket from your phone and send your order. You can also log in from your computer and access the same cart that is fully synchronized.


See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/9aH980

Mavi Kartuş – Cartridge Card is now on your mobile phone!

Mavi Kartuş

Cartridge Card is now on your mobile phone!

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Cartridge Card is now on your mobile phone!
Log in to the colorful world of Blue Cartridge! Connect your cartridge card application, exchange your points earning, spending the freedom to start accumulating points!

Card carrying cartridge end with the application!
Kartuş’u to use your store card in blue turn enough to show the barcode to safe guard!

* Cartridges and discover the new collection of blue with the application. Choose your favorite blue. Stop by your nearest store to try blue or purchased from mavi.com.

* Blue from the freshest news, special offers and deals you get in your pocket. Stay up to date on points.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/UFwv9y

InReceipts – Get instant Receipts and pay using Mobile wallet anywhere, anytime.


Get instant Receipts and pay using Mobile wallet anywhere, anytime.

InReceipts screenshot 0InReceipts screenshot 1InReceipts screenshot 2InReceipts screenshot 3InReceipts screenshot 4InReceipts screenshot 5InReceipts screenshot 6InReceipts screenshot 7InReceipts screenshot 8InReceipts screenshot 9InReceipts screenshot 10InReceipts screenshot 11InReceipts screenshot 12InReceipts screenshot 13InReceipts screenshot 14InReceipts screenshot 15

In Today’s’ shopping behavior the paper printed receipt is either thrown away casually or managed with great effort at the customer end. Our solution with the name of “INRECEIPTS” would provide these receipts on the mobile itself and to incentivize this operation, your shop owner would be inserting exciting discount offers/promo.

Customers and shop owners’ click the receipts photographs and share on Whatsapp.

– Get Real time Automatic Receipts from our Partner Merchants

– Pay with Mobile Wallet on these receipts – No Scanning, no manual entry. Choose any wallet in India

– Get instant cash-backs from your merchants as well as from the wallet player

– Get exclusive offers from your merchants — special offers not the generic ones.

– Lost Paper Receipts and No Warranty, No Service. Save it on Inreceipts Cloud

Say goodbye to Paper receipts and photographs of old, curled and faded receipts, download your receipts anytime after the purchase automatically or pull it with Inreceipts Unique Receipt ID.

Get excited super discounts, offers on your purchases and share it with your friends.

Real Time Receipts of your purchases from our Partners Merchants
Mobile Wallet Payments on Receipts – New Feature
Sharing your receipts by emails and outlook
Sharing your deals on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter
Automatic Push Receipts to Connected Consumers
Link & Pull Receipts with Unique Receipt ID

Wallets Supported: Oxigen Wallet, FreeCharge, EKO, TMW
Please Note: Paytm Wallet Not Supported

Go Green with Mobile Receipts

Merchant Registration : bit.ly/2d2swQg

See detail information: https://goo.gl/TgXFR2

FRSH – Order delightfully fresh food in Gurgaon. Indulge guilt-free!


Order delightfully fresh food in Gurgaon. Indulge guilt-free!

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FRSH prepares and delivers delightfully refreshing and yummy sandwiches, salads, and beverages in Gurgaon. Our food is innovative, delicious, nutritious, calorie-light, and freshly-prepared.

Sandwiches: All our sandwiches are prepared using freshly-baked breads. The filling consists of choicest ingredients hand-picked from the best suppliers. The sauces are carefully selected and bring bags of flavor to the sandwiches without adding too many calories. Some sandwiches are served with accompaniments such as baked chips.

Salads: We toss some of the best salads on town. All vegetables and fruits that go into our salad are sourced fresh every day, and are sanitized with a 5-stage RO water wash. The juiciness and crispiness of the ingredients remain intact till the time the salads are delivered and consumed. Our salads easily replace regular meals – all salads are wholesome and filling, and are served with accompaniments such as pita and hummus.

Beverages: We have refreshing lemonades and iced tea on the menu. The drinks are the right amount of tangy to tickle your taste buds, and go great with our sandwiches and salads. We use RO water for preparing everything in our kitchens.

Aside from the menu, another great thing to write home about is our packaging. The design is pleasing, sturdy, as well as ergonomic – you won’t leave a mess behind after indulging in our salads and sandwiches! Everything we use in packaging is food-grade and fully safe.

This app lets you place an order in a matter of seconds. All it takes is just four simple taps where you select your delivery location, delivery timing, choice of food, and payment mode. Each order earns you loyalty points, which can be redeemed for future orders!

App features:

1) Order on your previous saved locations

2) Place your order in 15 seconds

3) Track/Cancel/Modify your order

4) Get notifications for special offers

5) Pay online hassle-free

6) Refer friends and earn reward points

7) Really small size – Installs in seconds!

For any feedback on our food or the app, feel free to write to us at info@frsh.com or call us at +91 8010 763 763.

Our social media links are:


We look forward to welcoming you and serving you some delectable food!

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/6jQlbQ