Tatobite Online Food Ordering – Order food with real-time restaurant confirmation with your Tatobite app

Tatobite Online Food Ordering

Order food with real-time restaurant confirmation with your Tatobite app

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Convenient ordering i.e. anytime; anywhere food ordering and real-time order confirmation is what you look for and Tatobite food ordering app just does that for you.

Tatobite is a one stop “app” for all your food pickup or delivery requirements. It gives you a charming food ordering experience taking you away from busy streets and ever full parking’s.

Tatobite is the best and fastest way to order food online both for yourself as well as for your loved ones from your favorite restaurants in Pune.


• Location based listing of all the restaurants in your location along with its distance from you instantly
• See if your favorite restaurant is ready to take online orders.
• Order food online from your chosen restaurants
• You can also place advance food orders
• Your order confirmation includes delivery/pickup time estimate provided for your specific order
• Your order will be confirmed in real time as member restaurants are directly handling your orders immediately
• View your order history
• Create your profile and add various addresses to your profile where you usually like your food delivered for a superfast ordering experience

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/NLBVDj


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