Wusify – Scan. Buy. Snap. Sell.


Scan. Buy. Snap. Sell.

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Wusify is a fast and easy way to buy and sell online. See something you like? Just scan the QR code to learn more or buy it. Have something you want to sell? Just snap a photo, upload it and fill in the specifications. Best of all, you can do all this quickly and easily from your mobile phone- anytime, anywhere. Fun and convenient shopping at your fingertips.


+ Enjoy great deals and promotions only available on Wusify.
+ Choose to deliver or pick up your purchases anytime.
+ Find nearby shops and items within your Neighborhood or Countrywide.
+ Shop with a peace of mind with our trusted retailers with registered physical shops.
+ One-stop shopping platform: Find everything from the hottest gadgets to rare niche products.
+ Support good causes when you shop with our charitable vendors such as The Salvation Army and Tzu Chi Foundation.


+ Set up your very own mobile and web e-commerce store quickly and seamlessly – Just 3 Steps!
+ FREE Platform to Showcase your Business & Products
+ FREE Promotion in Platform & Social Media
+ Wusify Search Helps Customers Find Your Shop
+ Easy Order Management via Mobile
+ Support Self Pickup and Delivery
+ Trusted Shop Community
+ Unlimited product listing!
+ Support Video Playback
+ Full QR Code Support

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/zTl5C5

R and M Ladies Jeans – R & M Ladies Jeans is the instant application for shopping Clothing BRANDED

R and M Ladies Jeans

R & M Ladies Jeans is the instant application for shopping Clothing BRANDED

R and M Ladies Jeans screenshot 0R and M Ladies Jeans screenshot 1R and M Ladies Jeans screenshot 2R and M Ladies Jeans screenshot 3R and M Ladies Jeans screenshot 4R and M Ladies Jeans screenshot 5

R & M Ladies Jeans is the instant application for shopping Clothing BRANDED and CHEAPEST fun, free and reliable.
Get great deals:
Reseller discount automatically when shopping using mobile applications
STOCK / Resi shipment up to date automatically

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/PlHggy

AmplePost – Buy Sell Worryfree – Buy or sell your used items without worrying about the identity of the person.

AmplePost - Buy Sell Worryfree

Buy or sell your used items without worrying about the identity of the person.

AmplePost - Buy Sell Worryfree screenshot 0AmplePost - Buy Sell Worryfree screenshot 1AmplePost - Buy Sell Worryfree screenshot 2AmplePost - Buy Sell Worryfree screenshot 3AmplePost - Buy Sell Worryfree screenshot 4AmplePost - Buy Sell Worryfree screenshot 5AmplePost - Buy Sell Worryfree screenshot 6

Buy or sell your used items without worrying about the identity of the other person. Our app and our site is only accessible to company employees and students with verifiable email address.

Browse through the thousands of items posted for buy/sell by your colleagues or by employees from other companies.

Trade your items with students from your own university or nearby universities.

Reliable and secure. Your email is not disclosed to other users.

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/chDWbl

RokJeans.com – RokJeans.com official application, shopping for long jeans skirt and gamis jeans


RokJeans.com official application, shopping for long jeans skirt and gamis jeans

RokJeans.com screenshot 0RokJeans.com screenshot 1RokJeans.com screenshot 2

RokJeans.com an online store that sells long jeans skirt, pants culottes and gamis jeans. Rokjeans.com serve purchases retail, wholesale and dropship, delivery throughout Indonesia.

To be able to dropship are required to register in advance. Dropship Reseller Registration can be done through an application.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/HGkhLy

Panorama Berlin – Panorama Berlin, the Marketplace for leading Brands.

Panorama Berlin

Panorama Berlin, the Marketplace for leading Brands.

Panorama Berlin screenshot 0Panorama Berlin screenshot 1Panorama Berlin screenshot 2Panorama Berlin screenshot 3Panorama Berlin screenshot 4Panorama Berlin screenshot 5Panorama Berlin screenshot 6


The name says it all here: as an overview of the most important trends and tendencies of the coming season, Panorama Berlin presents a contemporary and relevant selection of women’s and men’s collections, shoes, accessories and lifestyle articles by market leading brands.

Ever since the premiere of Panorama Berlin in January 2013, the new fashion trade fair has enhanced the offerings of Berlin Fashion Week with a select portfolio of top international fashion brands with business relevance. Thanks to the new brand mix and strong focus on visitor services, Panorama Berlin was able to establish itself quickly and is today one of the three leading trade shows of Berlin Fashion Week.

With the overwhelmingly positive reviews from exhibitors, buyers and representatives of the press, the 21,000 square meters of exhibition space at the new ExpoCenter Airport near the capital city’s future Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BER) quickly became too small, with the result that, with the Spring/Summer 2015 Season, Panorama Berlin will be moving into a new inner-city location on the grounds of the Messe Berlin.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/U5PKKg

Best Before – Never let food go to waste again! Save money and the environment!

Best Before

Never let food go to waste again! Save money and the environment!

Best Before screenshot 0Best Before screenshot 1Best Before screenshot 2Best Before screenshot 3

Best Before is designed to save you food and money.

An average family of four currently tosses out an estimated $590 (£373) of wasted food per year! (UA Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology). Not only that, it has serious environmental implications too!

Best Before is an application designed to track when your food goes off and to alert you before this happens so you can use it before it’s too late. Using your smartphone’s camera it is possible to scan the barcode of a product and add it to a list of food you have. Keep track of what’s in your fridge, cupboard or anywhere else!

# Automatic food name discovery
# Automatic food expiration discovery
# Calculates the average number of days before the item will expire.
# Customise what time to be alerted.
# Customise how many days before the food expires to be alerted.
# Customisable automatic expired food removal if a certain amount of days expired.
# Turn off notifications globally or per item

I designed this application as I am a student and have very little money to waste. I hope it can save you money too, as well as helping to save the environment.

If you have any feature requests, comments or queries please do not hesitate to contact me!

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/cgKgZJ

ショッピング通販アプリネットプライス/ファッションブランド等 – ★初めてのお客様に500円分クーポンプレゼント★会員数230万人突破!ブランド、ファッション、コスメ等の通販・ショッピングアプリならネットプライス。



ショッピング通販アプリネットプライス/ファッションブランド等 screenshot 0ショッピング通販アプリネットプライス/ファッションブランド等 screenshot 1ショッピング通販アプリネットプライス/ファッションブランド等 screenshot 2ショッピング通販アプリネットプライス/ファッションブランド等 screenshot 3ショッピング通販アプリネットプライス/ファッションブランド等 screenshot 4ショッピング通販アプリネットプライス/ファッションブランド等 screenshot 5ショッピング通販アプリネットプライス/ファッションブランド等 screenshot 6




スマホでの通販は 『ネットプライス』でお得で楽しいお買い物をお楽しみ下さい。





See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/a406gR

Just Bake – Online Cakes Delivery in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mangalore and Kolar, India

Just Bake

Online Cakes Delivery in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mangalore and Kolar, India

Just Bake screenshot 0Just Bake screenshot 1Just Bake screenshot 2Just Bake screenshot 3Just Bake screenshot 4Just Bake screenshot 5Just Bake screenshot 6Just Bake screenshot 7Just Bake screenshot 8Just Bake screenshot 9Just Bake screenshot 10

Making Every Celebration Special For Over A Decade!

If you like the way they look, then you will love the way they taste. All our cakes are all handmade and use only the best high quality ingrediants to make the tastiest cakes. Just Bake assure that we will not use any cheap quality, preservative stuff for making the cakes in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mangalore and Kolar.

We have developed an almost unlimited selection of cake designs with messages that can all be personalised to create a unique centre piece to any occasion. Incase if you can’t find what you are looking for,just get in touch and one of the team members will be happy to help

We are also able to customize design based on your requests

Shop for your favourite character edible photo print cake or buy a shape cake to make your moments even more special from our wide range selection gallery – Designer Cakes, 3D Shape Cakes, Theme Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Baby Shower Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Celebrating Promotion, Wishing Farewell, Wedding-Marriage Cakes, House Warming Cakes, Castle Cakes. You can choose from our hundreds of designs and personalise them with your text or photographs and send it to you (or anyone else!)

Online Cake Orders & Delivery in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Mangalore is indeed A PIECE OF CAKE!

You can then pay with your credit or debit card and specify your delivery information.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/ttMWdu

FreshDepo – Online Store – Buy Online Fruits & Vegetables, Grocery. Free Home Delivery & COD – Rajkot Only.

FreshDepo - Online Store

Buy Online Fruits & Vegetables, Grocery. Free Home Delivery & COD – Rajkot Only.

FreshDepo - Online Store screenshot 0FreshDepo - Online Store screenshot 1FreshDepo - Online Store screenshot 2FreshDepo - Online Store screenshot 3FreshDepo - Online Store screenshot 4

Now you can get all your Freshdepo’s favourites delivered straight to your door through your Android phone or tablet.
Our app’s packed with loads of fresh vegetables, fruits, sauces, cheese, bevarages, frozen and many more items to make shopping quick and easy.

• By starting app you will see all the available deals.
• From side panel you can view available categories.
• By click on category it will provides you product list available.
• From product listing you can direct add product to cart or wishlist.
• When you click on product photo, it will take you to product detail page.
• Our product details page gives all the information about product.
• You can buy particular product direct or add it.
• Payment mode should be cash on delivery.
• Once you done with shopping just click on top right cart button to view your cart.
• If you have any promo code you can apply it and then click checkout.
• Checkout takes you to register page if you are not registered.
• After login you can easily process your order.

Enjoy The FreshDepo App!!

Detail information: https://goo.gl/vj1oLr