23Shoppe – Marketplace for all type of Products


Marketplace for all type of Products

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23shoppe.com is a marketplace for all type of Products. It a great Platform for sellers to sell their products especially Fashions of Men & women.

India is a beautiful assortment of diversity reflected in our Clothing, Food, Lifestyle, Language, Music, Books etc. This diversity is so rich and diverse that an attempt to capture it on a single platform was never made. 23shoppe.com is that sincere attempt by bunch of young insane guys and gals who think this is possible now with the Internet.

23shoppe.com uses a marketplace model to capture the regional variations of India. We connect direct sellers to buyers all over India online.

23shoppe.com will be launched in allover India in upcoming days and boost the sale of sellers.

Customer delight is our motto. Please write to us directly if you have any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions.

Yours Truly,
23 Shoppe.com

See detail information: https://goo.gl/S52N9Q

GrocerMax – Online Grocery – Online Grocer in Delhi & NCR. 8000+ Items Below MRP, Free Delivery over Rs. 500

GrocerMax - Online Grocery

Online Grocer in Delhi & NCR. 8000+ Items Below MRP, Free Delivery over Rs. 500

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About GrocerMax.com

GrocerMax turns grocery weekends into grand weekends. With GrocerMax.com, buying grocery online is easier now than it was ever before. You don’t need to make weekly/fortnightly shopping trips to the supermarket. Just place your grocery order online with us, and rest assured. From fresh fruits and vegetables, ration items, frozen food to snacks, bakery, personal and home care products – our experts are sweating it out to get you the best of all worlds – Price, Quality, Range, Offers and much more. We carefully bundle bucket offers as per your purchase pattern, and deliver at your doorsteps in slots decided by you at the time of placing the order.

GrocerMax is a venture put together by veterans, each having 3 decades of experience, in grocery retailing. We’re here to make “shopping grocery online” a habit, and currently serving 8000+ grocery items to 20000+ customers in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad who keep coming back to us every week/fortnight. Gearing up to serve the nation soon.

GrocerMax Mobile – the App

It’s an extension of grocermax.com for all the good reasons, and it suits your ultra-mobile lifestyle. It brings grocery supermarket to your palms so that you can shop quicker & smarter than ever before; explore quality grocery effortlessly, and make secure purchase whether you’re on the move, at work, or relaxing. Fill your big basket of groceries, from pepper to pulses, with just one tap. GrocerMax Mobile makes your weekly grocery as easy as 1..2..3…

GrocerMax Advantages

– In a swipe explore rich and diverse grocery chosen by experts, offered always at less than the MRP
– Unbelievable offers / jaw-dropping deals and combis
– Tonnes of Free stuff / bill busters
– Exciting Cashbacks we score just for you from wallet partners such as PayTM, PayU and Mobikwik
– Pay options by Sodexo and other meal vouchers, in addition to card payments and CoD
– Enjoy prompt and free delivery for orders above Rs. 500/-
– Share your experience and earn rewards/rebates
– Keep yourself abreast with latest offers, updates and tips
– Quickly contact GrocerMax customer care

Contact Us

Many ways to visit us, share your views, say hello, or share feedback:
– grocermax.com/
– facebook.com/grocermax
– hello@grocermax.com
– Call 8010 500 700

©2015 GrocerMax

See more information: https://goo.gl/0WRlHM

펫박스-강아지,고양이 용품 필수쇼핑앱 – 가장 빠른배송! 펫케어 라이프케어 매니저 영양 상담! 국내최초 정기배송 서비스! 국내1위 맞춤형 추천상품!반려동물의 모든것을 펫박스에서!

펫박스-강아지,고양이 용품 필수쇼핑앱

가장 빠른배송! 펫케어 라이프케어 매니저 영양 상담! 국내최초 정기배송 서비스! 국내1위 맞춤형 추천상품!반려동물의 모든것을 펫박스에서!

펫박스-강아지,고양이 용품 필수쇼핑앱 screenshot 0펫박스-강아지,고양이 용품 필수쇼핑앱 screenshot 1펫박스-강아지,고양이 용품 필수쇼핑앱 screenshot 2펫박스-강아지,고양이 용품 필수쇼핑앱 screenshot 3펫박스-강아지,고양이 용품 필수쇼핑앱 screenshot 4

오리젠,오가닉스,네츄럴코어 등 유기농 사료와 간식들 은 다 모았다!
펫박스에서 최저가로 최고의 서비스를 누려보세요~

★ 에헤이~ 넣어둬! 펫박스의 풍성한 혜택! ★

1) 국내최대 상품! 진짜리뷰! 속지말고 구매하자!

2) 유통기한 책임 보상제! 신선한것만 주세요!

3) 반려동물 정보입력하고 생애주기별 맞춤형 상품 추천받자!

4) 회원가입시 2000원 할인쿠폰 증정!

5) 회원가입시 2500원 무료배송쿠폰 지급!

6) 친구와 더블! 신규가입시 추천인 입력하면 최대 2천원 증정!

8) 오직 펫박스에서만! 해외프리미엄상품 직수입! 펫트렌드셔터가 되세요!

9) 빠른배송상품 구매시! 오후6시까지 당일발송!

★ 매일매일 새로운 펫박스 APP ★

1. 재구매 버튼 클릭 한번만으로 주문했던 상품들을 손쉽게 다시 구매하세요

1) 빠른검색,빠른 속도! 쉽고 간편하게 상품을 찾아보세요!

2) 이젠 돌아다니지마세요! 강아지상품,고양이상품 한번에 구매하세요!

3) 사람들이 많이 구매하는 인기상품 기획전에서 잇아이템 가져가세요!

4) 마이페이지에서 주문상품,쿠폰,포인트 등의 정보를 한번에 확인하세요!

★ 도와줘요 펫박스 ★

앱이용시 불편사항이나 문의사항은 펫박스 이메일로 보내주시기 바랍니다.

고객님의 소중한 의견을 바로 반영하도록 하겠습니다.

hello@petbox.kr (단말기 기종과 OS를 함께 작성해주시면 더욱 빠른 답변이 가능합니다.)

펫박스 이용 및 기타 문의사항은 펫케어라이프메니저가

직접 친절하고 신속하게 처리합니다!

펫박스 고객센터 070-8762-1500

펫박스 이메일 hello@petbox.kr

펫박스 카카오톡 @펫박스

평일 : 09:00 ~ 20:00

토요일 : 09:00 ~ 12:00

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/i0WlBK

麦芽城-日本海淘正品好物,畅享时尚品质生活 – Malt City – most Amoy Japan, a better life!


Malt City – most Amoy Japan, a better life!

麦芽城-日本海淘正品好物,畅享时尚品质生活 screenshot 0麦芽城-日本海淘正品好物,畅享时尚品质生活 screenshot 1麦芽城-日本海淘正品好物,畅享时尚品质生活 screenshot 2麦芽城-日本海淘正品好物,畅享时尚品质生活 screenshot 3麦芽城-日本海淘正品好物,畅享时尚品质生活 screenshot 4

City malt brand characteristics

Fax: Malt Direct government regulation punctuality tip goods
Malt City is the world’s first direct purchase of the Sino-Japanese cross-border electronic business platform, committed to the Sino-Japanese cross-border electricity supplier services to customers the best quality goods and services, to provide users with real brand and price advantage of goods products and services! Also stationed in Shanghai Free Trade Area of ​​the first cross-border business enterprise, Shanghai and Shanghai through cross-border partnerships, government regulation, the sun off clearance merchandise quality guaranteed!

Fast: Bonded speed up tax package shipping spot straight hair
Speed ​​Zone tax package shipments, stocking in Shanghai FTA, massive commodity spot straight hair, lightning delivery, speed to reach the hands of users! Some of the goods can be done free shipping tax package, there are a lot of promotional activities will continue to follow soon!

Good: The most fun and interesting Amoy Japan to buy good fun
Japan 9 years of professional team, and Japanese corporate direct talks, direct brand authorization and procurement, the Japan’s most distinctive products, the second element, kawaii merchandise and other fun and interesting to share with close user!

Province: malt ensure more economical procurement of low-cost integration
We have established a warehouse in China Free Trade Zone, in Tokyo and Shanghai have established companies, with a sound logistics system to ensure safe and convenient goods sent to the customer; to create a joint Sino-Japanese team to meet consumer shopping habits and Japanese bilingual shopping mall, bilingual in Japanese professional online customer service for buyers and sellers to provide quality service; supply channels open and transparent, authentic business information, transaction process without any middleman, the “seller – buyer” online direct deals mode, reduce costs, protect the interests of businesses and consumers; free of charge to its tenants for online promotion, expansion of Japanese influence and visibility of high-quality goods in China, the birth of a new international brand; with a commitment to open up the target market of the marketing team , continually tap the customer resources, huge market potential.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/bLwpTL

LimonChilli – Cut Vegetables, Vegetable Combos & Salads. Serving Hyderabad Only.


Cut Vegetables, Vegetable Combos & Salads. Serving Hyderabad Only.

LimonChilli screenshot 0LimonChilli screenshot 1LimonChilli screenshot 2LimonChilli screenshot 3LimonChilli screenshot 4LimonChilli screenshot 5LimonChilli screenshot 6LimonChilli screenshot 7LimonChilli screenshot 8LimonChilli screenshot 9

Delivering in Hyderabad Only. Cut Vegetables, Vegetable Combos, Salads and fresh fruits delivering to your Door Steps.

LimonChilli was founded in February, 2016 by Nitin Sharma (Ex-Amazon, INSEAD Alum and Hotelier by heart) and team comprising of Chef entrepreneur of a leading International Hotel chain and few other close friends. LimonChilli is an exciting new concept of helping everyone enjoy home cooked food. How do we do it? We provide pre-cut vegetables in shapes and sizes required in everyday cooking, which makes the entire process of cooking a lot easier and fun.

LimonChilli was born from the idea to help working couples and busy families to focus on cooking and eating healthy home cooked food rather than exploring vegetable markets, spending hours to get the freshest and best vegetables, storing them in refrigerators, deciding what to cook, and the saga of peeling and chopping.

LimonChilli’s pre-cut vegetables are freshly sourced, cut, packed and delivered by our team to suit your style of cooking. We also provide wide array of English vegetables, vegetable combinations with two or more vegetables and fresh fruits. Our concept of providing – Fresh cut vegetables, vegetable combinations, fresh fruits ensures you get best quality product, which is handled by professionals, with huge focus on hygiene to ensure safety of food.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/NBlMzE

메트로마트 증산점 – The mobile application for customers using Metro Mart transpiration points.

메트로마트 증산점

The mobile application for customers using Metro Mart transpiration points.

메트로마트 증산점 screenshot 0메트로마트 증산점 screenshot 1

The mobile application for customers using Metro Mart transpiration points.
Through this application, you can access a range of services including Metro Mart purchases goods and transpiration point check sale information.

Developer: Ltd. S & J warming
Address: 511 Trade Tower, No. 1004 in Gangnam-gu, Seoul youngdongdae
Phone: 1544-9238
Email: gaon@happygagae.com

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/9GdyLI