CEJEMALL – Online store with applications cashier / POS. Get & Process Order From Customers


Online store with applications cashier / POS. Get & Process Order From Customers

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Visit http://www.cejemall.com ( for more description )

Starting a business requires capital, place of business, employees, market and use time efficiently.

Capital expenditures for the goods to be sold, cash, pay employees, rent a place of business (for those who have no place of business).

Shaping market requires:
– Promotion,
– placing ad,
– Consignment of goods.
– place of business,
– Social media sharing facebook, twitter,
– Broadcast of goods through blackberry messenger, received orders via yahoo
– Advertising through berniaga.com, tokobagus.com (now olx.com),
– Consignment in online trading site Lamido, elevania, Tokopedia etc.

Lease more expensive every year, especially if renting in the shopping center (rental costs per year increase excluding pay the cost of service charge per month).

Payment of service providers also retreated consignment depends on the buyer’s delivery and info about the payment and the goods have been received.

Then we think any attempt having problems as we are about the rental place so the idea CEJEMALL.

Cejemall initials (“C”) and (“J”), while the “mall” shopping and collecting various types of businesses.

With cejemall you can work from home or place of business (for those who already have a place of business) – an internet connection of course.

Cejemall are:

– A collection of business directory “reliable”, both of which already have sites or sites that do not have

– A collection of business categories (business cards) “reliable” of culinary, tourism, automotive, local crafts, etc.

Join us and promote the business.

Have an online store, plug your product, find your market, can direct payment from your buyer.

Want to have an online sales site please contact us.

Want to promote local businesses in your area that is not well known, contact us.

See more information: https://goo.gl/jSpNaD


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