V4’s ZinGii – ZinGii – Excite & Celebrate in 39-99 Minutes.

V4’s ZinGii

ZinGii – Excite & Celebrate in 39-99 Minutes.

V4’s ZinGii screenshot 0V4’s ZinGii screenshot 1V4’s ZinGii screenshot 2V4’s ZinGii screenshot 3V4’s ZinGii screenshot 4V4’s ZinGii screenshot 5V4’s ZinGii screenshot 6

ZinGii – Excite & Celebrate in 39-99 Minutes. Order your Excitement Packages, Celebrations, GoGetit Giftee Coupons, Gift Vouchers, Cakes, Flower Bouquets, etc Globally from Anywhere & We deliver Anytime to your Dear & Near Loved Ones, Friend’s and Colleagues within 39-99 Minutes. We deliver doorstep at your choice of location, Anytime & Anywhere* (Includes Home, Office, Beach, Function/Marriage Halls, Parks, Roadside, Malls, Hotels and Resorts).

V4’s ZinGii Coupons, GoGetit Giftee is a Unique concept of Gifting where Gifter’s will Enable, Engage & Empower Gift Receiver (Giftee) to select Gifts of their own Choice, Taste and Preferences from available 100+ Excitement & Celebration options and around 10K+ Products & Services thru’ ZinGii App.

V4’s ZinGii objective to support Celebrations is further scaled up with services like Kids Parties, Midnight Splash, Couple Romantic Moments, Planned Celebrations with Event Coordinator & Master of Ceremonies (MC) and Excitement Delivery thru’ Celebration Cakes, Flower Bouquets, Fun Games, Package Vouchers, Midnight Surprise Gifts, Employee Rewards & Celebrations, Fun & Adventure, Value Combo’s, etc

V4’s ZinGii enables people who cannot attend Marriage’s or Anniversary or Birthday’s of their loved one’s with option of delivering a personalized & exciting Gift Vouchers with themes like Honeymoon, Anniversary Enjoyment and Romantic Getaways.

V4’s ZinGii helps Corporate’s to Excite their Employees in an Innovative Style & Difference and helps them to achieve Employee satisfaction thru’ Delight, Excitement & Celebrations.

For any additional info, please call or WhatsApp our E&C Fulfillment Team (ECFT) @ 0091- 7299-03-0202

*We service only in Chennai region now. More Indian Locations coming soon. Our service delivery time is from 11 AM – Midnight IST hrs only and delivery location should be legally accessible for our E&C Fulfillment Team.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/dXWq83

RYT – RYT App for a personalized shopping experience.


RYT App for a personalized shopping experience.

RYT screenshot 0RYT screenshot 1RYT screenshot 2

“RYT” app – get personalized and highly relevant offers. Get special treatment and deals that are just for you from places you like to visit to shop / eat / get entertained, etc.

Many reasons to go the RYT App way…

Get latest, relevant information on products/services/offers/events/stores etc. based on your own choice.

Some handy uses of this feature include:
• Explore : Planning your day… 24*7… when you step out of home… get the best deals/ offers/service from your favourite stores/pubs/multiplexes/restaurants/spas and more.
• Discover: Location and time matter. Check out the best deals/offers currently in-store from stores in your neighbourhood.
• Search inside stores : Search for offers/discounts/information within each store/outlet. Search within your favourites, specific store or outlet.
• Relevant information: Keeping abreast of events in your neighbourhood – flash sales to best deals etc..

Personalized offers:
Reward yourself for being a customer and let businesses treat you the in a special way.

Business offers:
Every business wants to recognise and reward you for being their valued customer. Receive daily updates of your favourite stores:
1. Get real time feed.
2. Receive offers of interest notifications only.
3. Non-Intrusive – Contextualise when you want to see the notifications in your own time and space.
4. Check out complete details from notification itself.
5. Ad- free notifications.
6. Saved search alerts: Get updates of the latest relevant offers from the products/ brands you searched for based on your keywords.

My favourite stores:
• Customize favourite stores: Select top stores/pubs/multiplexes/restaurants/spas etc. as favourites to see by default on your RYT Store Offers listings

• Add unlimited stores as favourites. Stay Informed. Take smarter decisions when shopping.
Never miss any important update from your favourite store/ pub/ multiplex/restaurant/spa etc. RYT allows you to put all your favourites in one location. Add unlimited favourites from across different categories.

One click save any product to your wishlist queue. Also lets you share the same with your favourite stores.

Share offer:
One click share offer with friends/family you think deserves it most.

Peace of mind. Experience Ad free RYT.

Advertisements are not shown to RYT consumers. Get an awesome RYT experience.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/qSjv64

beruby – Start your day saving in the beruby community.


Start your day saving in the beruby community.

beruby screenshot 0beruby screenshot 1beruby screenshot 2beruby screenshot 3beruby screenshot 4beruby screenshot 5

Start your day saving in the beruby community.
beruby is a free application where you can save money on your Internet activity (save on your purchases, your registrations, page visits, becoming a facebook fan, etc). In the beruby application you can find over 400 online advertisers available with special offers only available on your mobile.
Additionally, beruby provides you with all of the advertiser details including the amount you will save, a description of the offers, as well as similar advertisers you might be interested in, etc.
Store your favorite Internet links in your own personal and customized beruby homepage. Have access to your favorite sites directly from the application!
Finally, feel free to check your beruby balance or view your transactions at any time.
Remember, just like our website, the beruby application is free and there is no cost to join. beruby simply wants to share with our users the savings and rewards from the 400 advertisers at our disposal.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/cnwVbI

MMarket – Монголын анхны сошиал худалдааны цахим дэлгүүр.Та захиал бид хүргэе.


Монголын анхны сошиал худалдааны цахим дэлгүүр.Та захиал бид хүргэе.

MMarket screenshot 0MMarket screenshot 1MMarket screenshot 2MMarket screenshot 3MMarket screenshot 4MMarket screenshot 5

ММаркет апп нь танд онлайнаар хамгийн хямд, хамгийн чанартай барааг санал болгож байна.
ММаркет үйлчилгээ нь бараа сонголт, төлбөр, захиалгыг нэг дор хийх боломжтой ба захиалга хийгдсэний дараа таны гэрт 24 цагийн дотор түргэн шуурхай, найдвартай хүргэж өгнө.

Үйлчилгээний боломжууд:
– ММаркет дээр тавигдсан барааг үзэж сонирхох
– Онлайн захиалга өгөх
– Төлбөрийн өргөн боломжийг олгоно (Бэлнээр, Дансны шилжүүлэг, Банкны картаар, ММаркет виртуал дансаар)
– Бараа захиалга хийгдсэний дараа хүргэлтийн статусыг бүрэн хянах
– Бараа худалдагчид санал хүсэлт илгээх

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/jBYXYD

レディースファッション通販プチプラ オトナ可愛いMiiDUE – Cute latest item, discount Kawakode appeared one after another!From Fast brand to famous Blanc, appeared MiiDUE the trend fashion can buy cheap is in the app!

レディースファッション通販プチプラ オトナ可愛いMiiDUE

Cute latest item, discount Kawakode appeared one after another!From Fast brand to famous Blanc, appeared MiiDUE the trend fashion can buy cheap is in the app!

レディースファッション通販プチプラ オトナ可愛いMiiDUE screenshot 0レディースファッション通販プチプラ オトナ可愛いMiiDUE screenshot 1レディースファッション通販プチプラ オトナ可愛いMiiDUE screenshot 2レディースファッション通販プチプラ オトナ可愛いMiiDUE screenshot 3

Popular Corde packed! !
Cheap cute adult Petit plastic fashion mail app
MiiDUE – Miideyue –
Cute commodity of free shipping Lots! Same day delivery ★

Cheap and cute adult of fashionable clothing is full !!
Bali rich ★ with confidence in a number also each item Buyer Reviews you can enjoy shopping.

Recommended for 20s and 30s-40s ★ ladies fashion office casual clothes Puchipura!

App use and membership registration, newsletter, etc. of course free!
Stock notice, will deliver the deals, such as such as cheap and discount information.

Black-based or sister system, such as adult cute fashion,
Leave it to mature fashion if MiiDUE- Miideyue!
I drew a shopping site that can be used in smart phones.

▼ Handling items ▼
Tiered ruffle / blouse / tank top / tunic camisole /
Shirt / T-shirt / dress / maxi dress / Dolman sleeve / Bolero /
Flying squirrels / cardigan /

Jacket / dungarees / spring coat / mods / trench coat / pea coat

Skirt / maxi skirt / long skirt / Regipan / pants / skinny pants /
Paginsu / Bottoms / tapered pants

Sandals / Pumps / heel / sneakers / Inn heel sneakers / boots /
Handbag / shoulder bag / backpack / tote bag / ring / bracelet /
Pierce / belt / hat / stall / large format stall / muffler /

Plain / Border / floral / total handle / leopard / animal pattern / camouflage / chiffon /
Check / denim / Military / Plaid / quilting / cashmere / thick /
Knit / brushed back / sweat / fake leather / Korean fashion

▼ item review pickup ▼
① Tiered ruffle purchaser
Rating 5.0
Epidemic comprises at Puchipura!
I bought palm pattern navy ☆
But there is a sense of sheer street is also in everyone of review
It was in the review because it shows through even in the model’s wear picture
Nashi no problem to wear inner!
Form is also cute as you thought!
Highest in the dough thin minute dry easy for even the coming season! !
I am happy to buy palm pattern of the epidemic this year in Puchipura!
~ Defeated this season clothes!

② Regipan purchaser
Rating 5.0
!! I received to buy the next day easier tomorrow
Since the 168 centimeter certain purchase the blue 64 size.
First, but it was a feeling I do not have pierced the moment you put one … the foot
!! It was just when I wear a little pushy
A little stretch Once wear one day, became more wear more easily.
Handle also Ppoku summer, it is very cute very satisfied.

③ shop review
Evaluation 4.67
Corresponding mecha was fast!
We soon arrived, it was good! !
Convenience store deferred payment was also survived a comfortable ~!

▼ delivery & payment method ▼
Sagawa Express / Yamato Transport / Japan Post / Eco distribution
Convenience store deferred payment / credit / bank transfer / cash on delivery

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/I5Msiv

Vivian Bógus Fitness – Application of Clothing Brand Fashion Casual Vivian Bógus and Fitness

Vivian Bógus Fitness

Application of Clothing Brand Fashion Casual Vivian Bógus and Fitness

Vivian Bógus Fitness screenshot 0Vivian Bógus Fitness screenshot 1Vivian Bógus Fitness screenshot 2

Here you can see our products directly from your phone and make your shopping more comfortably.

The brand Vivian Bógus opened his shop in 2008 in the Jardins neighborhood selling casual fashion women’s clothing. In 2014 expanded its product line and has partnered with blogger fitness Debs Aquino (blogdadebs) and so did the Cola collection in Debs by Vivian Bógus.

We only work with fabrics and quality clothing and cherish quality care to our clients.

Like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/vivianbogus

Follow on Instagram:vivianbogusfitnessvivianbogusmoda

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/HRJWfO