V4’s ZinGii – ZinGii – Excite & Celebrate in 39-99 Minutes.

V4’s ZinGii

ZinGii – Excite & Celebrate in 39-99 Minutes.

V4’s ZinGii screenshot 0V4’s ZinGii screenshot 1V4’s ZinGii screenshot 2V4’s ZinGii screenshot 3V4’s ZinGii screenshot 4V4’s ZinGii screenshot 5V4’s ZinGii screenshot 6

ZinGii – Excite & Celebrate in 39-99 Minutes. Order your Excitement Packages, Celebrations, GoGetit Giftee Coupons, Gift Vouchers, Cakes, Flower Bouquets, etc Globally from Anywhere & We deliver Anytime to your Dear & Near Loved Ones, Friend’s and Colleagues within 39-99 Minutes. We deliver doorstep at your choice of location, Anytime & Anywhere* (Includes Home, Office, Beach, Function/Marriage Halls, Parks, Roadside, Malls, Hotels and Resorts).

V4’s ZinGii Coupons, GoGetit Giftee is a Unique concept of Gifting where Gifter’s will Enable, Engage & Empower Gift Receiver (Giftee) to select Gifts of their own Choice, Taste and Preferences from available 100+ Excitement & Celebration options and around 10K+ Products & Services thru’ ZinGii App.

V4’s ZinGii objective to support Celebrations is further scaled up with services like Kids Parties, Midnight Splash, Couple Romantic Moments, Planned Celebrations with Event Coordinator & Master of Ceremonies (MC) and Excitement Delivery thru’ Celebration Cakes, Flower Bouquets, Fun Games, Package Vouchers, Midnight Surprise Gifts, Employee Rewards & Celebrations, Fun & Adventure, Value Combo’s, etc

V4’s ZinGii enables people who cannot attend Marriage’s or Anniversary or Birthday’s of their loved one’s with option of delivering a personalized & exciting Gift Vouchers with themes like Honeymoon, Anniversary Enjoyment and Romantic Getaways.

V4’s ZinGii helps Corporate’s to Excite their Employees in an Innovative Style & Difference and helps them to achieve Employee satisfaction thru’ Delight, Excitement & Celebrations.

For any additional info, please call or WhatsApp our E&C Fulfillment Team (ECFT) @ 0091- 7299-03-0202

*We service only in Chennai region now. More Indian Locations coming soon. Our service delivery time is from 11 AM – Midnight IST hrs only and delivery location should be legally accessible for our E&C Fulfillment Team.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/dXWq83


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