Thinges: Shop Handmade Asia – Shop at Thinges, the marketplace for artisanal, handmade and vintage goods.

Thinges: Shop Handmade Asia

Shop at Thinges, the marketplace for artisanal, handmade and vintage goods.

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Shop our Asian marketplace for unique artisanal, handmade, customisable, and vintage goods.

Let Thinges widen your eyes and discover all the awesome handmade products of the region. Be it previously unknown traditional crafters or bohemian new-age makers, through Thinges, you can find out about their story and have the opportunity to own a piece of their work.

Shop for bespoke gifts, unique handmade jewellery, independent label clothing, artisanal ornaments and furniture, unavailable elsewhere in the world.

Nothing on Thinges is mass-manufactured. Shop at ease knowing everything you buy is handmade with love. In fact, many of the independent brands on Thinges are social businesses. This means the business is either built around a cause (e.g. a designer working with disadvantaged women in Cambodia) or pledging a certain percentage of their profits to one (e.g. animal society).

At Thinges, we strongly believe that social businesses are the way to go for making the world a better place. Every time you shop on Thinges, you are casting a vote in support of the makers’ movement and the kind of world you want to live in.

Asia’s finest artisanal and handcrafted goods at your finger tips:

★ Be amazed by curated recommendations personalised to your desires
★ Find out about the story behind each crafter and product
★ Check on the status of your order
★ Chat with crafters and store owners for more information and customisation options
★ Personalise your one-of-a-kind product

If you are a crafter or artisanal goods seller, our free Sell Thinges app has everything you need to manage your store: list products, process orders, view your store stats, and more.
Download the Sell Thinges app :

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SnapKirana – Transforming Grocery. Shop Online from your Known shops with Doorstep Delivery


Transforming Grocery. Shop Online from your Known shops with Doorstep Delivery

SnapKirana screenshot 0SnapKirana screenshot 1SnapKirana screenshot 2SnapKirana screenshot 3SnapKirana screenshot 4 is an initiative by a group of experienced professionals with Retail and Consumer Goods background in Technology and Business. Our objective is to transform Local Grocers into Digital. We are an online marketplace that allows shoppers to buy high-quality groceries from local and independent shops across India.

SnapKirana is transforming Local Grocery shops and enabling them to provide convenience of ordering Groceries. You will also be able to support Local Grocers by buying fresh, high quality and unique products from a large variety of options provided by them.

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Redcoupon – FREE DOWNLOAD Discount Coupons. With Redcoupon pay after you've used!


FREE DOWNLOAD Discount Coupons. With Redcoupon pay after you've used!

Redcoupon screenshot 0Redcoupon screenshot 1Redcoupon screenshot 2Redcoupon screenshot 3Redcoupon screenshot 4Redcoupon screenshot 5

If you’re tired of the usual coupon sites where you are obligated to pay online in advance the full amount of the offer, do not miss the application of Redcoupon!

Redcoupon is the first portal of discounts in Italy which guarantees you exclusive offers and promotions in your city, giving you the option of paying the amount of the coupons directly from the activity. It ‘very easy: free discharges exceptional offers on Dining, Fitness, Recreation, Leisure, Travel and you pay only a result of the use of coupons!

The App Redcoupon gives you the ability to:
– Find out in real time the best bargains and savings in your city for free download directly from your smartphone
– Geolocalizzarti and find on the map missed the deals closest to you
– To communicate and interact with the staff Redcoupon through service real-time chat and get immediate assistance
– Access to lots of offers with discounts up to 80% on Shopping, Travel, Electronics Outlet and paying in a totally safe amount or a small percentage online

Download now Redcoupon, the App with hundreds of deals on the best partner of your city, carefully selected to offer you only the best!

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Faida – Android application for


Android application for

Faida screenshot 0Faida screenshot 1Faida screenshot 2Faida screenshot 3Faida screenshot 4Faida screenshot 5Faida screenshot 6 started with one simple goal in mind “we are going to change the world in the way people buy, sell & exchange items by making sure that they get better value out of it”.
Things get much more interesting when you can get cash along with exchanging your goods.
At we use simple technology in complex ways, to make sure every deal has your Faida in it. Realize a better value of your unwanted stuff by exchanging it or selling it, which may be useful for others.
All this in couple of clicks!!
Get involved in the Faida’s fun and addictive games to earn reward points for virtually everything you do and then use those points to get merchandise. Better yet, be on the top of the leaderboard and brag about it to your friends and while you’re doing all this, make the world a better & cleaner place in your own little way, by promoting the recycle/reuse/share economy.
Buy Best …Sell Instantly …Exchange Easily…

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자전거닷컴 ThisBike – Com everything Bicycles Bicycle Accessories

자전거닷컴 ThisBike

Com everything Bicycles Bicycle Accessories

자전거닷컴 ThisBike screenshot 0자전거닷컴 ThisBike screenshot 1자전거닷컴 ThisBike screenshot 2자전거닷컴 ThisBike screenshot 3자전거닷컴 ThisBike screenshot 4

Motorcycle, bicycle parts, bicycle clothing, helmets online professional sales
Com Everything distinguished design and outstanding performance bikes Motorcycle
Convenience and excellent design, Bicycling com closer as possible to the satisfaction of our customers and Motorcycle functionality at an affordable price.


Contact: 1544-8587
Website: http: //

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Aussie Farmers Direct – Browse, shop and order healthy Australian food on the go.

Aussie Farmers Direct

Browse, shop and order healthy Australian food on the go.

Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 0Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 1Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 2Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 3Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 4Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 5Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 6Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 7Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 8Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 9Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 10Aussie Farmers Direct screenshot 11

Aussie Farmers Direct is Australia’s leading home delivery food business. Download our new updated app to browse, shop and order healthy Australian food on the go – anywhere, anytime. We know life is hectic, and we’re here to help.

We are leading the way in creating a sustainable farming future for us all. We have developed the Aussie Farmers Direct App with you in mind, making ordering healthy Australian food convenient and simple to make sure your kitchen is always full.

Delivered straight from the farm to your doorstep by your friendly local milko, Aussie Farmers Direct is your number one source for 100% Australian produce and food. We deliver direct to the doors of more than 130,000 households across six states of Australia.

Download the App now to find the best of and even more:


+ Super fast and easy for you to shop across our whole range and create an order – even while you are on the go.
+ Select products to receive weekly or fortnightly, or even once-off if you have a special occasion coming up.
+ Going away? Add a delivery break using the App and your orders will automatically resume on your return.


+ Shop using your Phone & Tablet to have 100% Australian produce and food delivered to your doorstep by your local milko… You don’t even need to be home.
+ Order products from your region, sourced with care from local farmers and suppliers. There’s no need to worry about selecting a store – we take care of that for you.
+ Browse the latest specials and freshest new products straight from the farm.
+ Learn more about our Aussie farmers and how Aussie Farmers Direct leads the way in providing a sustainable farming future for us all.


+ Access Help from our customer service team at the tap of a button while using the App as you shop.
+ Learn all about Aussie Farmers Direct, the Aussie Farmers Foundation, our Fundraising programme and how you can become a Franchisee.

If you have any queries or feedback about the Aussie Farmers Direct App please do email us at so we can help directly.

Download apk file for android: