Thinges: Shop Handmade Asia – Shop at Thinges, the marketplace for artisanal, handmade and vintage goods.

Thinges: Shop Handmade Asia

Shop at Thinges, the marketplace for artisanal, handmade and vintage goods.

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Shop our Asian marketplace for unique artisanal, handmade, customisable, and vintage goods.

Let Thinges widen your eyes and discover all the awesome handmade products of the region. Be it previously unknown traditional crafters or bohemian new-age makers, through Thinges, you can find out about their story and have the opportunity to own a piece of their work.

Shop for bespoke gifts, unique handmade jewellery, independent label clothing, artisanal ornaments and furniture, unavailable elsewhere in the world.

Nothing on Thinges is mass-manufactured. Shop at ease knowing everything you buy is handmade with love. In fact, many of the independent brands on Thinges are social businesses. This means the business is either built around a cause (e.g. a designer working with disadvantaged women in Cambodia) or pledging a certain percentage of their profits to one (e.g. animal society).

At Thinges, we strongly believe that social businesses are the way to go for making the world a better place. Every time you shop on Thinges, you are casting a vote in support of the makers’ movement and the kind of world you want to live in.

Asia’s finest artisanal and handcrafted goods at your finger tips:

★ Be amazed by curated recommendations personalised to your desires
★ Find out about the story behind each crafter and product
★ Check on the status of your order
★ Chat with crafters and store owners for more information and customisation options
★ Personalise your one-of-a-kind product

If you are a crafter or artisanal goods seller, our free Sell Thinges app has everything you need to manage your store: list products, process orders, view your store stats, and more.
Download the Sell Thinges app :

Visit our support page:

Download apk file for android:


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