Linxale – Enhance your shopping experience.


Enhance your shopping experience.

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Linxale is a geo-social shopping application which offers you bargain shopping in leading shopping centers effortlessly and conveniently.

This application shows all real-time sales at your nearest retail chains and shopping centers. You can also partner with another user in order to share a sale for a best-price purchase.

******** Main application display ********

The upper screen displays the name of your nearest shopping center. Press the name to display the names of other shopping centers and see sales elsewhere.

The main screen displays all sales in the current shopping center, allowing you to like sales or share with friends.

In the top-right corner of the screen, there is a search icon, allowing you to search by store name, and opening the possibility to add new sales.

******** “Find a partner” button ********

The “Find shopping partner” button, located on sharable sales, locates a nearby partner for money-saving smart purchases. Once the application locates a partner you each receive a message and a chat thread starts for you to coordinate the shared purchase. Shared sales with requests and chats are located at the top of the screen.

******** Hot sale ********

A Hot Sale is identified by a flashing “Join partner” button, indicating that a share request has been submitted by another user. Tap the button to initiate the shared purchase.

We bring you smart sale shopping conveniently.

Download the application now and start saving from your first purchase…

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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