То-Сё – доставка блюд – That Sho – delivery of Japanese and European cuisine

То-Сё - доставка блюд

That Sho – delivery of Japanese and European cuisine

То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 0То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 1То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 2То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 3То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 4То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 5То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 6

Recently, Japanese cuisine is now in the diet of our compatriots. And this is quite understandable. Japan impresses with its contrasts, its refined elegance. We are pleased to offer you the chance to touch the mysterious and harmonious world of food of Japan. In Japanese cuisine influenced traits such as elegance and simplicity, as well as the love of the Japanese nation to the whole miniature.

Delivery Service “What-sho” opened on December 1, 2010 and today we can say with confidence that it has won the hearts of many lovers of good food.

It offers a range of Japanese dishes as well as dishes and desserts European cuisine. In preparation of dishes using top quality fish, and only the best varieties of Japanese rice. You can always find a suitable exciting offers in our menu, new dishes, discounts, gifts, promotions, as well as individual approach to him.

The main principle of our work – tasty, fast, high quality, convenient.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/Cjdztz

Grocery Gateway – Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery for the GTA

Grocery Gateway

Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery for the GTA

Grocery Gateway screenshot 0Grocery Gateway screenshot 1Grocery Gateway screenshot 2Grocery Gateway screenshot 3Grocery Gateway screenshot 4Grocery Gateway screenshot 5Grocery Gateway screenshot 6Grocery Gateway screenshot 7Grocery Gateway screenshot 8Grocery Gateway screenshot 9Grocery Gateway screenshot 10Grocery Gateway screenshot 11Grocery Gateway screenshot 12Grocery Gateway screenshot 13Grocery Gateway screenshot 14

At Grocery Gateway, we pride ourselves on delivering the freshest fruits, vegetables and groceries in Toronto and area with friendly, innovative service. Easily select your farm fresh and pantry items with our app. Your personal shopper packs your order with care and delivery is as soon as tomorrow.

Experience personal service.

Have your groceries hand-selected by personal shoppers and delivered right to your kitchen table. Our treat-you-like-family service makes your weekly shopping stress-free.

Keep shopping simple.

Easy searches bring the grocery store to your screen. Create and save your shopping lists for quick check outs.

Skip the browsing.

Choose a box of organic veggies or get the perfect dinner party at your door. Our Cart Starters are pre-loaded with the products you need for events, recipes and daily shopping.

Discover good food.

We carefully curate the products on our shelves and foster relationships with local growers and vendors to bring you good food, in season and at great value. Find new products and get deals on your favourites in our specials flyer.

Grocery Gateway is part of Longo’s, now 29 stores in the Greater Toronto Area. Family-run since 1956 and dedicated to offering the best food experiences, we focus on fresh foods, supporting local farmers and providing personal customer service. On Grocery Gateway you can select from more than 10,000 items including organic, local and artisanal products and our popular Longo’s prepared meals. Fruits and vegetables are selected for freshness and seasonality, with Longo’s family members still visiting the Ontario Food Terminal every morning to source the best.

There’s nothing more satisfying than opening a fridge full of fresh groceries. Glistening apples, fresh juice, and ready-to-eat lasagna – that’s our perfect view. We want it to be yours too. Order today for delivery as early as the next day.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/IEpQPi

Dr. Sheesha – Dr. Sheesha is now online

Dr. Sheesha

Dr. Sheesha is now online

Dr. Sheesha screenshot 0Dr. Sheesha screenshot 1

Dr. Sheesha is an authentic restaurant for lip smacking delicacies with several years of experience. Simple, easy to use app when you need to explore yummiest food in the town.\n\n- Explore our Menu for lip smacking delicacies.\n- See what fellow foodies have to say about us.\n- Check out our picturesque photo gallery.\n- Avail exclusive offers and discounts.\n\nWhy Dr. Sheesha ?\n\n- Wide range of delicious food.\n- Great ambience.\n- Prompt service.\n- Experienced  Chefs.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/vQAjA2

My Grocery Shopping List – Allows you to create, store and organize recipes and shopping lists in seconds.

My Grocery Shopping List

Allows you to create, store and organize recipes and shopping lists in seconds.

My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 0My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 1My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 2My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 3My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 4My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 5My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 6My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 7My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 8My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 9My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 10My Grocery Shopping List screenshot 11

Did you ever forget to buy something? Did you ever buy duplicate items when you split shopping with your family, friends or roommates?
My Grocery Shopping List is the most easy way to create, store and organize your shopping lists and recipes. Start real time shared shopping by adding people to your shopping lists. They will receive push notifications and join your shopping adventure immediately. Know who bought each item and modify the shopping list on the go. Add recipe ingredients to your shopping list with a single tap. No need to add all ingredients of your favorite dish one by one.

• Shared and private real time shopping that works offline
• Use voice and text to create shopping lists, recipes and items
• Archive shopping lists for later use
• Create and store your own recipes
• Add recipe ingredients to your shopping list with a single tap
• Get access to 1.5 million of world’s best recipes with beautiful photos
• Save your favorite recipes and add them to your shopping list
• Manage your friends list to share your shopping lists with ease
• And more…

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Car parts – Mister-Auto – Mister Auto : The app allowing you to order your car parts at discount prices!

Car parts - Mister-Auto

Mister Auto : The app allowing you to order your car parts at discount prices!

Car parts - Mister-Auto screenshot 0Car parts - Mister-Auto screenshot 1Car parts - Mister-Auto screenshot 2Car parts - Mister-Auto screenshot 3Car parts - Mister-Auto screenshot 4

Discover the new mobile application 100% free, to order your car parts directly from your Android Smartphone.

Mister-Auto’s official app

– We specialize in all major car parts: brake discs, brake pads, motor oils, alternators, filters, windscreen wiper blades, clutches, shock absorbers, mirrors…
– Discounts and daily promotions – Up to 70% Off selected car parts
– Over 300.000 car parts on stock
– Car Parts for All Makes and Models – Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Fiat, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Ford, VW, Mazda
– Car Parts Manufacturers – Valeo, Bosch, TRW, Monroe, Bendix, Delphi, KYB, Brembo, Ferodo, Cevam, FTE
– Easy and secure shopping, flexible payment methods

How Does It Work?

Download the app and simply use your car registration or select your vehicle to find the right part for your car.

– Select your car (make, model, and engine)
– Find car parts that fit your car
– Sort by price, make or availability
– Click on product information to find out more about the selected car part
– Add the car part to your basket
– Select the payment method (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal…), and the delivery method (YOTEL Standard Delivery or DHL Express Delivery)
– Your car part will be delivered to your home as quick as possible
– If you need any further information before ordering your car parts online then our dedicated team is on hand with expert advice and assistance

Why choose MISTER-AUTO?

✓ Service Parts at Competitive Discounted Prices
✓ A Large Choice of Top Brands
✓ 15 Day Money-Back Guarantee
✓ Secure Shopping

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/YRHxCj

Di Mano in Mano – Antiques, art, flea markets, reuse recycle restoration ..

Di Mano in Mano

Antiques, art, flea markets, reuse recycle restoration ..

Di Mano in Mano screenshot 0Di Mano in Mano screenshot 1Di Mano in Mano screenshot 2Di Mano in Mano screenshot 3Di Mano in Mano screenshot 4Di Mano in Mano screenshot 5Di Mano in Mano screenshot 6Di Mano in Mano screenshot 7Di Mano in Mano screenshot 8Di Mano in Mano screenshot 9Di Mano in Mano screenshot 10Di Mano in Mano screenshot 11Di Mano in Mano screenshot 12Di Mano in Mano screenshot 13Di Mano in Mano screenshot 14Di Mano in Mano screenshot 15Di Mano in Mano screenshot 16Di Mano in Mano screenshot 17Di Mano in Mano screenshot 18Di Mano in Mano screenshot 19Di Mano in Mano screenshot 20

Hand in Hand, Antiques, Modernism, Design, Art, Library Online, Flea used, Reuse, Recycle, Restoration … all this gives our application.

Take the opportunity to Hand in Hand have always just a click away.

Videocatalogs, news, images from our antique markets, modern art, design, library, art, outlets, opportunities, and bazaar shop 900.

Our You tube channel, Facebook, Twitter …

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/MxS9YC