То-Сё – доставка блюд – That Sho – delivery of Japanese and European cuisine

То-Сё - доставка блюд

That Sho – delivery of Japanese and European cuisine

То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 0То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 1То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 2То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 3То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 4То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 5То-Сё - доставка блюд screenshot 6

Recently, Japanese cuisine is now in the diet of our compatriots. And this is quite understandable. Japan impresses with its contrasts, its refined elegance. We are pleased to offer you the chance to touch the mysterious and harmonious world of food of Japan. In Japanese cuisine influenced traits such as elegance and simplicity, as well as the love of the Japanese nation to the whole miniature.

Delivery Service “What-sho” opened on December 1, 2010 and today we can say with confidence that it has won the hearts of many lovers of good food.

It offers a range of Japanese dishes as well as dishes and desserts European cuisine. In preparation of dishes using top quality fish, and only the best varieties of Japanese rice. You can always find a suitable exciting offers in our menu, new dishes, discounts, gifts, promotions, as well as individual approach to him.

The main principle of our work – tasty, fast, high quality, convenient.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/Cjdztz


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