Woofluid – Woocommerce App – Build a mobile app for your Woocommerce Store

Woofluid - Woocommerce App

Build a mobile app for your Woocommerce Store

Woofluid - Woocommerce App screenshot 0Woofluid - Woocommerce App screenshot 1Woofluid - Woocommerce App screenshot 2Woofluid - Woocommerce App screenshot 3Woofluid - Woocommerce App screenshot 4Woofluid - Woocommerce App screenshot 5Woofluid - Woocommerce App screenshot 6

Build a mobile app for your Woocommerce Store

Woofluid Plugin helps in building a custom mobile app for your Wocommerce store. It brings your E-store products at your customer’s fingertips anytime, anywhere!

To build your store’s app, download the plugin from http://www.woofluid.com

See detail information: https://goo.gl/0Ka5a6

ShoppingJoe – Grocery Shopping – The Premium App for Premium Groceries

ShoppingJoe - Grocery Shopping

The Premium App for Premium Groceries

ShoppingJoe - Grocery Shopping screenshot 0ShoppingJoe - Grocery Shopping screenshot 1ShoppingJoe - Grocery Shopping screenshot 2ShoppingJoe - Grocery Shopping screenshot 3ShoppingJoe - Grocery Shopping screenshot 4

ShoppingJoe is the easiest, most rewarding and the first really social way to shop. It is an extraordinarily intuitive mobile app, purpose built for Grocery Shopping that will change the way you shop. It has been developed with years of intensive research, to make the shopping experience easy, enjoyable and rewarding.
Shopping Joe can be used for Shopping for Groceries, Browsing Offers, Making Payments and to Collaborate Socially during the shopping process, with your family members.

Main Functions:
– Quick & easy shopping at physical, brick & mortar retail stores
– Highly targeted marketing offers, to ensure relevance of all offers
– Specify payment options for purchases, either as Cash on Delivery or through Card (Credit and Debit Cards)
– Share shopping carts with other members of one’s household, to collaborative while shopping
– Shop for thousands of grocery products

Key Features:
– Login once, using just your Mobile Number only. No passwords to remember. If your mobile number does not change, no need to log in again !
– Start Shopping by selecting physical brick & mortar retail stores in your neighbourhood, or those which will deliver to your address, from which to Shop
– Flexibility to shop by browsing Product Categories or browsing Savings (Promotions, Offers & Discounts) at the selected Stores
– Most intuitive product categorization to help in the easy navigation
– Stop creating Shopping Lists before you shop. Combine it with the cart into a single process. Mark items, or even product categories as “Plan to Buy” with just a long press. You will be helpfully reminded at Checkout, if you have still items marked as “Plan to Buy” which have not yet been added to your Cart ! What can we say, we think of everything.
– Review Product Offers, Store Promotions and Price Discounts – all in a single view. Make your shopping process most rewarding by not missing out on a single potential saving.
– Review Promotions and Apply them to your Cart, with a single Tap. Repeat, as many times, till the limit, if any, is reached
– Share your Cart, with other members of your household, to help collaborate in Shopping.
– Review the status of all your current orders, carts and stores in the Shopping screen.
– Save Carts to speed up your shopping in the future
– Specify multiple Delivery Addresses – such as your work place or your home, for maximum flexibility in shopping
– Use a very comprehensive Search to help identify individual items
– If you ever need any help, drop us a line at support@shoppingjoe.com

Download the app today, to move to the most innovative, advanced and rewarding way to shop!

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/PHGdu3

스마트쿠폰북 – 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 – 어디서든 어떤 음식을 주문하던 주문시마다 업계 최대 즉시할인과 적립 혜택을 제공하는배달음식 통합쿠폰북, 주문중계 어플

스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플

어디서든 어떤 음식을 주문하던 주문시마다 업계 최대 즉시할인과 적립 혜택을 제공하는배달음식 통합쿠폰북, 주문중계 어플

스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 0스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 1스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 2스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 3스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 4스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 5스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 6스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 7스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 8스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 9스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 10스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 11스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 12스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 13스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 14스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 15스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 16스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 17스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 18스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 19스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 20스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 21스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 22스마트쿠폰북 - 주문시마다 즉시할인, 배달음식 어플 screenshot 23

이용자의 현재위치로부터 5km이내 배달가능 음식점을 검색하고 선택한 후 드시고 싶은 메뉴를 선택할 수 있어요
또한 선택한 메뉴의 주문표로 미리 결제액을 확인할 수 있고 전화주문버튼을 눌러 전화 주문을 할 수도 있습니다.
전화주문한 경우 전화번호로 포인트가 적립되거나 즉시할인 혜택을 받으실 수 있습니다.
적립된 포인트는 스마트주문으로 현장결제시에도 사용이 가능합니다.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/JxTdS4

PC Plus – The official application for the PC Plus® rewards program

PC Plus

The official application for the PC Plus® rewards program

PC Plus screenshot 0PC Plus screenshot 1PC Plus screenshot 2PC Plus screenshot 3

The PC Plus® program gives you offers on the items you buy most. Get your offers each week and shop in our stores. The points you earn can be used for FREE groceries.
The PC Plus® app is a tool to make viewing your offers easy and convenient.

What’s new in Version 2.8

• Critical bug fixes for stability and performance

Let us know how you like this newest version by rating us, or email us at memberservices@pcplus.ca

We are always improving to make our app better for you. Keep your auto app updates turned on so you have the latest fixes and features. Go to Settings > Auto-update apps

App Features:
• Get offers as soon as they become available, wherever you are
• See your earned points conveniently located in My Account, and track your progress towards your next redemption
• Display points balance in real time
• Manage all PC® points accounts in one place
• Scan using your digital card, no extra card in your wallet
• Find a participating store near you

The PC Plus® program is available at any of the following participating stores across Canada:
Atlantic Superstore, Bloor Street Market, Dominion (Newfoundland and Labrador), Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, Loblaws City Market, Loblaws Great Food, Maxi, Maxi & Cie, No Frills, Provigo, Provigo Le Marché, Real Canadian Superstore, Save Easy, Valu-mart, Your Independent Grocer, and Zehrs.

PC Plus Program, President’s Choice, PC Financial, Offers, Flyer, Grocery, PC Points, Loyalty Card, Loblaws, Rewards
Free, June 2015, available in Canada

In order to understand current and future consumer interests and to improve or develop new products, services, programs, promotions, contests or events, President’s Choice Services Inc. may track and analyze your use of the application, including offers viewed, opt-out preferences, click-throughs and other use of features. We may collect personal information and non-personal information electronically, directly from you or through third parties. For instance, we may access personal information about you when you share information about yourself on social media networks and also when you interact with us electronically such as through our information technology systems, websites, email, mobile applications, social media properties or online advertising.
If you choose to download or use this application (“app”), we may receive personal information and non-personal information about your current location and about your mobile device, tablet, or browser, such as a unique identifier for your device. Most devices, tablets and browsers allow you to turn off the tracking of your location. However, if you do so, you may not be able to use some of the app features.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/7neezw

Скидки Лента Череповец – The latest discount hypermarkets in Cherepovets tape is now in your pocket!

Скидки Лента Череповец

The latest discount hypermarkets in Cherepovets tape is now in your pocket!

Скидки Лента Череповец screenshot 0Скидки Лента Череповец screenshot 1Скидки Лента Череповец screenshot 2Скидки Лента Череповец screenshot 3Скидки Лента Череповец screenshot 4Скидки Лента Череповец screenshot 5

The appendix “Tape Cherepovets Specials” from the team chp.today – discounts are available for you hypermarkets “Tape” in the city of Cherepovets.

Key features of the app:
– Only the best discounts!
– Update with one touch!
– Product filters;
– Shopping List – always at hand, lest we forget!
– Ability to send the list directly via SMS, or any other convenient for you application;

Information not only, there is also on our website chp.today/

If you have any difficulties, questions or suggestions to the application, please write to us: question@chp.today

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/bQfzmQ

AuchanDirect – Discover relax races with Auchandirect.fr application!


Discover relax races with Auchandirect.fr application!

AuchanDirect screenshot 0AuchanDirect screenshot 1AuchanDirect screenshot 2AuchanDirect screenshot 3AuchanDirect screenshot 4AuchanDirect screenshot 5AuchanDirect screenshot 6AuchanDirect screenshot 7AuchanDirect screenshot 8AuchanDirect screenshot 9AuchanDirect screenshot 10AuchanDirect screenshot 11AuchanDirect screenshot 12AuchanDirect screenshot 13AuchanDirect screenshot 14

Welcome to Auchandirect.fr applications for Android smartphones and tablets!
Auchandirect offers home delivery service of your shopping in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille and their regions, within 24 hours, Monday to Friday from 7am to 22:30 and Saturday from 7 am to 18:30.

And for you, Parisians, Parisians Auchandirect revolutionizes your daily shopping with a collection point of your shopping (pedestrian drive) without constraints!
Remove your shopping 3h after your order:
• No minimum purchase!
• No fees!
• Open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 23h, Saturday until 21h
• Free use of a trolley
First available in the 15th district of Paris, is coming soon Removing Express loan you.
In the subway with your smartphone, in your workplace with your computer or at home with your tablet, go shopping on your own.
A wide choice of trademarks and products of the range Auchan (Auchan, and Rik Rok, Mmm !, Better Living, Baby): nearly 7500 everyday products: dairy products, dairy, frozen foods, beverages, care Hygiène- beauty, cleaning products, market products (fruits and vegetables, meat, deli, catering, cheese …) and baby products (diapers, food, baby milk …) await you on the Auchandirect.fr applications.
Find similar products and promotions that Auchandirect.fr on the website.
Not to forget your kitty Waooh! that follows you everywhere: earn euro by buying products carrying the offer and décagnottez anytime on any support (application, computer).
With the tips of Auchandirect.fr applications, it is even easier to shop:
• Offline Mode: navigate and do your shopping without Internet connection wherever you want (from the subway …). The validation of your cart and payment will be in online mode.
• Synchronization and automatic backup: start your shopping on the Auchandirect.fr website from your computer and end it on Auchandirect.fr application from your smartphone or tablet.
• Reminder on the agenda: submit your order and add your delivery slot in your calendar if you wish.
• Discovery Mode: browse the shelves, add products into your cart without having Auchandirect.fr account. Create an account at any time during navigation and so keep your cart.
• Scan products: scan the barcode and if the product is found, you can add it to your cart or save it in a list.
• Top Cart: your order and your account will automatically find all the products you have ordered in a recorded list.
Not forgetting our key features you need to do your shopping with ease:
• Registration: Simply create your account from the application. And if you are already a client or customer of a Auchandirect Auchan site, sign in with your email and your usual password
• Niche delivery: choose and book for 60 minutes your delivery slot before starting your shopping
• Order History: go and find your last 10 orders delivered
• Control Change: add / remove a product, change your delivery slot as many times as you like at no extra cost
• Payment: pay your purchases online by credit card or Auchan card. The sample will be taken after delivery. The payment is secure and certified FIANET
• Our Customer Service: in case of trouble, contact the customer service by email Auchandirect.fr (client@auchandirect.fr) or telephone (09 69 39 19 69) from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 22h and Saturday from 9am at 18h (not surcharged call)

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/7DWdqx