AuchanDirect – Discover relax races with application!


Discover relax races with application!

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Welcome to applications for Android smartphones and tablets!
Auchandirect offers home delivery service of your shopping in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille and their regions, within 24 hours, Monday to Friday from 7am to 22:30 and Saturday from 7 am to 18:30.

And for you, Parisians, Parisians Auchandirect revolutionizes your daily shopping with a collection point of your shopping (pedestrian drive) without constraints!
Remove your shopping 3h after your order:
• No minimum purchase!
• No fees!
• Open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 23h, Saturday until 21h
• Free use of a trolley
First available in the 15th district of Paris, is coming soon Removing Express loan you.
In the subway with your smartphone, in your workplace with your computer or at home with your tablet, go shopping on your own.
A wide choice of trademarks and products of the range Auchan (Auchan, and Rik Rok, Mmm !, Better Living, Baby): nearly 7500 everyday products: dairy products, dairy, frozen foods, beverages, care Hygiène- beauty, cleaning products, market products (fruits and vegetables, meat, deli, catering, cheese …) and baby products (diapers, food, baby milk …) await you on the applications.
Find similar products and promotions that on the website.
Not to forget your kitty Waooh! that follows you everywhere: earn euro by buying products carrying the offer and décagnottez anytime on any support (application, computer).
With the tips of applications, it is even easier to shop:
• Offline Mode: navigate and do your shopping without Internet connection wherever you want (from the subway …). The validation of your cart and payment will be in online mode.
• Synchronization and automatic backup: start your shopping on the website from your computer and end it on application from your smartphone or tablet.
• Reminder on the agenda: submit your order and add your delivery slot in your calendar if you wish.
• Discovery Mode: browse the shelves, add products into your cart without having account. Create an account at any time during navigation and so keep your cart.
• Scan products: scan the barcode and if the product is found, you can add it to your cart or save it in a list.
• Top Cart: your order and your account will automatically find all the products you have ordered in a recorded list.
Not forgetting our key features you need to do your shopping with ease:
• Registration: Simply create your account from the application. And if you are already a client or customer of a Auchandirect Auchan site, sign in with your email and your usual password
• Niche delivery: choose and book for 60 minutes your delivery slot before starting your shopping
• Order History: go and find your last 10 orders delivered
• Control Change: add / remove a product, change your delivery slot as many times as you like at no extra cost
• Payment: pay your purchases online by credit card or Auchan card. The sample will be taken after delivery. The payment is secure and certified FIANET
• Our Customer Service: in case of trouble, contact the customer service by email ( or telephone (09 69 39 19 69) from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 22h and Saturday from 9am at 18h (not surcharged call)

Download apk file for android:


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