Marcela Koury – Marcela Koury lingerie and corsetry

Marcela Koury

Marcela Koury lingerie and corsetry

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We design and manufacture of corsetry, lingerie and swimwear. For a modern, romantic and ultra feminine woman. MK think of thousands of options for each style, so encontras variations between different products of the same family. Our proposal is growing every year, because fashion and originality are our passion! Always thinking of offering the best, our collection is still being completed and diversifies in lines for all audiences.

In Marcela Koury constantly think about the care of our designs, choice and quality of raw materials, the quality of our packaging, advertising campaigns, the beauty of our models, our catalogs, thinking about each woman’s style to highlight the best of each a. Not to mention the options for the little ones, we find pajamas, socks and underwear for both sexes, completing a practical and distinguished collection. Marcela Koury is installed under a system based on a romantic, classic and modern look concept.
You know where to find us? Channels wholesale, retail, resellers throughout the country.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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