List Maker – List Maker helps you quickly create and organize your lists.

List Maker

List Maker helps you quickly create and organize your lists.

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List Maker is a simple app that is intuitive to use. It is designed to help you keep track of your lists and let you view your list items in the order you want. List Maker lets you organize your lists in a manner to help you get your shopping done quickly.

– Create a Shopping or To-Do List.
– Associate items in your list to a group
– Add your own groups or use the groups provided
– Sort groups in your preferred order
– Sort items in your list alphabetically or by the groups they are associated to
– View or edit any of your saved lists
– Create a starter list to quickly build other lists from

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BigCity доставка в Минске – BigCity delivery in Minsk, from food to flowers

BigCity доставка в Минске

BigCity delivery in Minsk, from food to flowers

BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 0BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 1BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 2BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 3BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 4BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 5BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 6BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 7BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 8BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 9BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 10BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 11BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 12BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 13BigCity доставка в Минске screenshot 14

BigCity – it’s fast and convenient delivery of food, cakes, flowers and gifts all over Minsk. We have gathered the most popular restaurants and shops, providing delivery services in a single application (and the list is constantly updated). It’s very simple: you go, choose and order! Price when ordering through the application does not differ from the prices of suppliers.

The amount of the minimum order, the conditions of free delivery and payment methods depend on the company, a supplier of goods / services.

From Big City Minsk whole in your pocket – in a couple of clicks you can order sushi, and transportation for the beloved cat, and a birthday present. The app remembers your preferences, so the next time an order could be made even faster and easier.

The application is free and extremely easy to use: Download, select a category (in the second version there will be twice as much!), Choose a product / service, go to the shopping cart, enter contact details and wait for your order, or without having to worry about anything.

In our app you will find your favorite cafes, shops and delivery services (and if you can not find, let us know): eBurger, eDraniki, WOK, Terra Pizza and many others.

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Urban Style Fashion Outlet – Download the application of Urban Style Canary and enjoy great deals

Urban Style Fashion Outlet

Download the application of Urban Style Canary and enjoy great deals

Urban Style Fashion Outlet screenshot 0Urban Style Fashion Outlet screenshot 1Urban Style Fashion Outlet screenshot 2Urban Style Fashion Outlet screenshot 3Urban Style Fashion Outlet screenshot 4Urban Style Fashion Outlet screenshot 5Urban Style Fashion Outlet screenshot 6

Download the application of Urban Style Canary and enjoy incredible promotions.

Save up to 30% on top brands of Street, Skate, Surf, Snowboard, Clothing and Footwear.

Carhartt, Fox, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Volcom, Element, Hurley, DC Shoes, Nixon, Vans … And many more!

Now with our App you will always be the first to take advantage of our offers, wherever you are …

* Receive notifications alerts when promotions begin!
* Make your purchases from anywhere with maximum security.
* Keep track of your orders.

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大正泳裝 – 不管是炎炎夏日,還是嚴寒的冬天,游泳泡湯必備的泳衣怎麼買才划算,怎麼選才正確呢?大正泳裝批發零售泳裝類用品,提供專業的諮詢及服務,讓消費者買的便宜,用的安心!



大正泳裝 screenshot 0大正泳裝 screenshot 1大正泳裝 screenshot 2大正泳裝 screenshot 3大正泳裝 screenshot 4









● 商店首頁
● 訊息通知
● 商品比較
● 好康活動
● FB粉絲團
● 官方網站
● 商店介紹
● 購物說明
● 商店客服
● 門市資訊
● 加入LINE好友
● 諮詢服務
● APP 分享


● 本應用程式經由尚青雲端整合行銷股份有限公司,一點成金系統授權開發製作。
● 尚青雲端整合行銷官網
● 一點成金下載

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上益汽車百貨 – The benefits of car department


The benefits of car department

上益汽車百貨 screenshot 0上益汽車百貨 screenshot 1上益汽車百貨 screenshot 2上益汽車百貨 screenshot 3上益汽車百貨 screenshot 4

The benefits of car department


● Store Home
● Store introduction
● Store Information
● Specials
● Goodies Events
● FB Fans
● Store Customer Service
● join OUR LINE Friends
● Product Found Share
● message notification
● Compare Products
● Search Product
● Store Exclusive
● Store News
● Consulting Services
● APP Share

Action Shopping | simple happiness
For more information on the benefits of your car department store website: http: //


● This application integrated marketing Ltd. via 尚青云 end, it authorized the development of production systems into gold.
● Shang Qingyun end integrated marketing official website: http: //
● point into gold download: https: //

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Ta na mão cidade – Ta in hand city – Your shopping guide in Limeira and Region

Ta na mão cidade

Ta in hand city – Your shopping guide in Limeira and Region

Ta na mão cidade screenshot 0Ta na mão cidade screenshot 1Ta na mão cidade screenshot 2Ta na mão cidade screenshot 3

The shopping guide Limeira needed!

Stay tuned because the amount of partner companies increases every month, do not let your company out!

A dynamic application, usual and with a low investment. His mark in the palm of your customer reach throughout the city of Limeira.

Advertise here and enjoy all the interactivity and convenience of Ta in hand City.

(19) 3443-2549 or

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