Modies Fashion – Untuk aktifasi akun anda silakan hubungi kontak dibawah ini

Modies Fashion

Untuk aktifasi akun anda silakan hubungi kontak dibawah ini

Modies Fashion screenshot 0Modies Fashion screenshot 1Modies Fashion screenshot 2Modies Fashion screenshot 3Modies Fashion screenshot 4Modies Fashion screenshot 5

Modies Fashion

Suplier sepatu, baju, fashion wanita
– Update produk tiap minggu
– Pembelian tanpa minimum order
– Bisa cek stok sendiri by aplikasi
– Orderan otomatis masuk sistem rekapan
– Bisa sistem dropship
– Respon admin cepat
– Lokasi pengiriman dari jakarta
– Testimonial Instagram @modiesfashion

Untuk aktivasi aplikasi :
PIN BB 21E7953F
WA 0838 9970 6130
LINE dhee_rikhaa

Detail information and download apk file for android:

스타일티바 Styletiba – Tiba style Styletiba

스타일티바 Styletiba

Tiba style Styletiba

스타일티바 Styletiba screenshot 0스타일티바 Styletiba screenshot 1스타일티바 Styletiba screenshot 2스타일티바 Styletiba screenshot 3스타일티바 Styletiba screenshot 4

Lovely city and modern shopping malls to be released to embellish women’s clothing emotion
Style tiba new app has been released
Daily coordination and propose a style that is updated daily tiba
Meet a variety of items that sense Season
Also enjoy a variety of styles through the app tiba Benefit
Events enough to satisfy the shopper nimdeul
Check in style anytime, anywhere tiba app.

See detail information and download apk file:

Sushimania – Mobile application delivery restaurant "Sushimaniya"


Mobile application delivery restaurant "Sushimaniya"

Sushimania screenshot 0Sushimania screenshot 1Sushimania screenshot 2Sushimania screenshot 3Sushimania screenshot 4

Here is a mobile application leading restaurant delivery Ufa – “Sushimaniya.” Now, to order food just got easier !:
– Convenient functionality and striking design
– The application for all the devices smart phones and tablets;
– Fast-loading menu in the background;
– Order in a couple of clicks without registration;
– Detailed menu in HD resolution.
Phone: 8 (347) 295-33-66

Download apk file:

Suare (Саюри) – Mobile application delivery café "Suare" House and Sushi "Sayuri"

Suare (Саюри)

Mobile application delivery café "Suare" House and Sushi "Sayuri"

Suare (Саюри) screenshot 0Suare (Саюри) screenshot 1Suare (Саюри) screenshot 2Suare (Саюри) screenshot 3Suare (Саюри) screenshot 4

Our menu in your pocket! Place your order in a couple of clicks.
Our mobile application – a delivery service in your smartphone / tablet. Just a couple of clicks on the screen of your device, you can place your order and at the same moment we will take it.
Sushi House Sayuri and cafes Suare – one of the most popular and recognizable institutions Almetyevsk and Leninogorsk. A variety of interiors, pleasant environment, the best chefs and a wide range of traditional and delicious dishes will surprise even the most experienced guest.

Contact Sushi House “Sayuri”
phone: 8 (8553) 401-300

Contact cafes Suare
phone: 8 (8553) 403-111

Detail information:

Дуслык – Mobile application teahouse "Duslyk"


Mobile application teahouse "Duslyk"

Дуслык screenshot 0Дуслык screenshot 1Дуслык screenshot 2Дуслык screenshot 3Дуслык screenshot 4

Our restaurant offers oriental dishes cooked in a cauldron, a wood-burning oven or on the grill, homemade beverages, semi-finished dishes from our menu, as well as blanks for steam cocktails.

about delivery
You only pay for the order.
We provide Free Shipping
In case of delay the courier, we will pay you a bonus, you can use the next order. 1 min – 5 rubles.

Payment methods
Cash (opalata cash couriers or in the restaurant upon receiving the order)
Credit card via the Internet – a payment (when ordering online (Visa, Master Card)
Bankovskaoy card upon receiving the order (payment order by credit card upon receipt. Accepted credit cards Visa, Master Card).

Detail information and download apk file for android:

Perfect Shopping List – Keep your shopping lists under control. Do not forget to buy anything, anymore.

Perfect Shopping List

Keep your shopping lists under control. Do not forget to buy anything, anymore.

Perfect Shopping List screenshot 0Perfect Shopping List screenshot 1Perfect Shopping List screenshot 2Perfect Shopping List screenshot 3Perfect Shopping List screenshot 4Perfect Shopping List screenshot 5Perfect Shopping List screenshot 6Perfect Shopping List screenshot 7Perfect Shopping List screenshot 8Perfect Shopping List screenshot 9Perfect Shopping List screenshot 10Perfect Shopping List screenshot 11Perfect Shopping List screenshot 12

Perfect Shopping List led you manage shopping list easy and quickly. The interaction focuses on the practice, and is based on the building of a list of items, which can be individually marked as “necessary”. Once you are in the store, as the needed products are picked up, they can be unmarked in the application. The items can be reused as many times as you need.
Perfect Shopping List can also store the target stock for each item. Before go shopping, you can enter the current stock and Perfect Shopping List will calculate the necessary amount to reach the target stock.
There are two main views: items and shopping. In the item list you will be able to add, delete and modify items, in addition to mark those that you need to buy. The shopping list only shows the items marked as “necessary”. When an item is unmarked it will be removed from this list, so you only see what is pending to buy.

– Completely free and without advertisements
– Multi-store support
– Shopping list sharing by sending it through SMS, email, Whatsapp, etc.
– Optional download of initial data packs including images
– Data import and export
– Management of items, categories and units
– Possibility of adding images for items, categories and stores
– Price registration separated by item, store, brand and presentation
– Price comparisons between different stores, brands and presentations
– Possibility of set a discount percentage per store
– Picked up item list, where you can see all the items already put in the shopping cart
– Optional specification of target and current stocks, in order to know the quantity to buy for each item and your pantry inventories.
– If you do not want to enter target and current stock, you have the possibility of directly edit the quantity to buy
– Order by description or category / aisles, with on the fly smart grouping
– Fast scroll to move quickly across large lists
– Quick search inside lists with optional voice recognition
– Global item search, with the possibility of adding those that do not exist and automatic relation with the active store.
– Multilingual support. Human translations available: English and Spanish. Automatic translations partially available: French, German, Portuguese and Italian
– Material Design theme compatibility (only Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher)

Use of permission explained:
– Internet Access: download initial data pack (no ads at all)
– External storage access: read and write database backups

See more information and download apk file:

끌리제 ChliJe – Rize off; My sister from Mississippi to traipse in style

끌리제 ChliJe

Rize off; My sister from Mississippi to traipse in style

끌리제 ChliJe screenshot 0끌리제 ChliJe screenshot 1끌리제 ChliJe screenshot 2끌리제 ChliJe screenshot 3끌리제 ChliJe screenshot 4끌리제 ChliJe screenshot 5

Missy stylish look, while simple, comfortable and coordinated, reliable 1 introduces shopping app above.
365 days only 5% of mobile shopping is always affordable with discount coupons please.

★★★ ★★★ Thank You Special Offers

This shopping app installed immediately receive coupon with 5% discount will be issued a lifetime.

1) discount and content
– Only customers who have installed the app surprise secret shopping discount coupons are normally issued
– Mon, Wed, Fri day just 3 hours (11:00 to 14:00) only Experience the time sale is in progress
– Experience the only shopping app that you can enjoy discounts by category
– Best Deals, Enjoy shopping at discount prices through coordinated sense to set such
– Product / service stars Experience the diverse and convenient menu

2) Smart Services
– Go take care of 100% reserve more easy and convenient through mobile only simple Reviews Register
– Search Shopping Cart Add to my favorites and enjoy the convenient shopping
– You can do it easy and convenient for your order to buy goods

3) Custom made service is more convenient
– Always enjoy the convenient shopping using the auto-login feature
– My page via discount coupons, etc. easily and conveniently reserve History Check
– Store and get a 100% interlocking events easily using a wide range of benefits through the PC

– Website:
– Headquarters: cod Ancient Norse North Road 35-2 (goseongdong 3, second floor) off Rize
– The new features will continue to be updated in the future.

Download apk file: