VENAMISHOP – eShop shoes and handbags for women


eShop shoes and handbags for women

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Obrigado for using or VENAMISHOP.COM app!

Thank you for using our app VENAMISHOP

We are manufacturers of shoes and leather wallets. All our products are handmade in Argentina. We strive to create limited editions of original design products for our customers who choose us for our products, our wide variety and warm humane treatment they receive from us.

5 Reasons to download the application VENAMISHOP
– Access to exclusive discounts and promotions
– Launch of new products before any other communication channel
– Fashion Tips, information on seasonal trends and developments of the season.
– Access to our catalog and buy online
– Exclusive access to surveys to improve care and services, with unique benefits for participating.

❤ ❤ ❤ hope you enjoy this new experience! ❤ ❤ ❤

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We manufacture sapatos de couro and bags as mulheres. Todos os produtos são nossos feitos Mao na Argentina. Nós we esforçamos to raise edições limited originais produtos nossos you design for customers who escolhem us to you nossos produtos, a nossa huge variedade and quente human tratamento that recebem of nós.

5 Razões to do fazer or download application VENAMISHOP.COM
– High speed Descontos and exclusive promoções
– Lançamento of novos produtos do that qualquer outro comunicação channel primeira
– Dicas fashion, as Tendências informações on sazonais and Olhares sazonais.
– Access ao nosso loja online catalog and atualizado rapier
– Access to exclusive online inquiries for you and care melhorar com serviços exclusive benefits for participating!

Recorda we recommend seus friends !!!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ muito você Aproveite hope that this nova experience! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Sales Tax Calculator Free – Calculate tax in multiple cities, know total before paying. Best TAX calculator!

Sales Tax Calculator Free

Calculate tax in multiple cities, know total before paying. Best TAX calculator!

Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 0Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 1Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 2Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 3Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 4Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 5Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 6Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 7Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 8Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 9Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 10Sales Tax Calculator Free screenshot 11

With three configurable TAX options to quickly change from one to the other, great for people who travel or need to calculate TAX in different cities.

Sales Tax / VAT Calculator is a handy calculator that will display sale price, tax and total in real time as you enter values and make calculations. Find out the exact price to pay for an item with a discount using the built in discount calculator. The absolutely best calculator for shopping and sales people, including memory functions to keep a running total.

This is a very simple to use sales tax calculator that only requires the price and the rate of sales tax usually once. The app would save the sales tax rate for you so you would not need to enter it every time. You then get both the full price and the amount of tax of your item and you are good to go! You can now calculate the tax and total of multiple items!

Now you can also label the prices you have added to the shopping list!
It’s a simple tax or tip calculator with a shopping list. You can lock or unlock the tax value on demand. If unlocked then the calculator is calculating the tax of the other two values. It has numerous settings to satisfy your needs. Items can be added or removed from the shopping list. Now you can also label the prices you have added to the shopping list, so you know exactly how much every item costs. When you’re finished with shopping you can send the sum to the calculator and calculate the price including tax.

– Calculates Sales TAX and Total values as you enter values or make calculations
– Haptic Feedback
– Formatted for financial calculations
– Quickly choose between 3 configurable tax settings. Great for traveling!
– Rounding Option: Calculate TAX using natural or rounding down TAX result
– Briefly show your TAX settings at startup
– Customize colors for Text and Background. Show your team spirit or your own style!!
– Enter your own TAX ID labels to whatever you want
– Easy to use one TAX ID to calculate Tips!
– Deduct the tax from a total price to find the pre-TAX price.
– Includes built in Memory functions.
– Pre-set or custom discount calculator allows you to find the final price after discount, including TAX!

For questions, suggestions or bug reports email me.

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ВьетКафе – Loyalty program VetKafe


Loyalty program VetKafe

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Instituting a bonus card for each order in our restaurants and get points.
In the accumulated points can get nice gifts!
Your first gift you can get now!

About us
VetKafe – the only network of restaurants Vietnamese cuisine. At present it has already 19 restaurants in Moscow, Ryazan, Almaty and London. We should also mention the capital VetKafe Express: a unique format, which has no analogues in Russia – fast food restaurants Vietnamese cuisine. The plans – to open new schools network!
In addition, Vietnamese cuisine is recognized as one of the most healthy and useful in the world. If you are going to visit Vietnam during a visit VetKafe will not only get acquainted with the gastronomic traditions, but also bring a little dream come true!
Chef Tran Manh Hung network – special pride VetKafe, a true master who knows the ropes of the cuisine of different cities and provinces, so the restaurants of the network there are always new offers, consisting of traditional dishes from different parts of Vietnam.

8 (800) 333-21-33

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Терра пицца – Loyalty program Terra pizza

Терра пицца

Loyalty program Terra pizza

Терра пицца screenshot 0Терра пицца screenshot 1Терра пицца screenshot 2Терра пицца screenshot 3Терра пицца screenshot 4

Show your bonus card for each order in our institution and get points.
For accumulated points can be nice gifts!
Your first gift you can receive the next visit already.

Phone support:
+375 29 1800924 (for subscribers of mobile operator velcom)
+375 25 6039985 (for subscribers of mobile operator life)
+375 29 2080924 (for subscribers of MTS)
Calls are charged at the rates according to your operator.

About Us
Cafe chain “Terra Pizza” – a tasty food, comfortable interior and a friendly atmosphere!
We appreciate every visitor and every guest we take a warm and sincere. Cafe ‘Terra Pizza “- as a comfortable home where guests are always welcome.
Terra Menu
Online institutions’ Terra Pizza “dishes are prepared using only the freshest ingredients. For us, quality of food and service – above all!
Visitors’ Terra Pizza “particularly praised pizzas, steaks and salads. The range of beers on tap, cocktails and strong drinks appeal to you liking.
With a high level of quality in the cafe “Terra Pizza” set reasonable prices.
We strive to ensure that our schools you will be pleasantly surprised by everything from the atmosphere to the assortment of food and value.
Terra Friends
We make sure that the “Terra Pizza” you feel like visiting good friends.
We love our customers and always welcome suggestions, feedback and suggestions. So the cafe “Terra Pizza” are even better.
We trust our customers, you will have access to a reservation is prepared dishes (book in advance without payment, everything will be ready by that time). Also in the network acts order take-out.
Terra Comfort
The interior of the “Terra Pizza” used natural materials and pleasant, soothing colors. We strive to create a cozy space for a pleasant pastime. And we hope that we succeed. Enjoy the comfort of network places “Terra Pizza” No smoking. However, the new point on the street. Melezha, 1 we have a separate smoking room! All our guests we offer free Wi-Fi.
Come and visit us often. All the best for your friends – cafe chain “Terra Pizza!”

+375 29 1800924

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G-voice – Loyalty program G-voice


Loyalty program G-voice

G-voice screenshot 0G-voice screenshot 1G-voice screenshot 2G-voice screenshot 3G-voice screenshot 4

Instituting a bonus card for each order in our schools and get points.
For the earned points you can get a nice gifts at the karaoke G-voice.

About us
Karaoke bar «G-Voice» – this is a great place for those who want to spend time with friends. G-Voice is equipped with a professional system “Karaoke Evolution Pro”, more than 20,000 songs. The stylish interior, designed in the style of Art Deco, and comfortable atmosphere will make you feel at ease. We are glad to see you from 20:00 to 06:00 from Tuesday to Sunday!

8 (800) 333-21-33

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Subway – Loyalty program Subway


Loyalty program Subway

Subway screenshot 0Subway screenshot 1Subway screenshot 2Subway screenshot 3Subway screenshot 4

Imposes a bonus card with every order at Subway in Krasnoyarsk and get points.
The accumulation of points, you can get nice gifts!
Your first gift you can get already at the next visit.
1 point = 1 ruble

About us
Subway Krasnoyarsk
st. Bograda 134 – around the clock!
pr. Mira 85 – 10 to 22
st. Air terminal 17 – around the clock!
Waiting for you!

8 (800) 333-21-33

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Sheesha Lounge – Sheesha Lounge Loyalty Program

Sheesha Lounge

Sheesha Lounge Loyalty Program

Sheesha Lounge screenshot 0Sheesha Lounge screenshot 1Sheesha Lounge screenshot 2Sheesha Lounge screenshot 3Sheesha Lounge screenshot 4

About us
The one and only original Sheesha Lounge in Warsaw / Poland
Sheesh LOUNGE: Restaurant Sheesha bar in the heart of Warsaw with a unique atmosphere, since 2003, we were visited by thousands of visitors we have and we promise you original atmosphere where it is easy to fall in love, Sheesha is only one.


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Наше Кафе – Our Loyalty Program Cafes

Наше Кафе

Our Loyalty Program Cafes

Наше Кафе screenshot 0Наше Кафе screenshot 1Наше Кафе screenshot 2Наше Кафе screenshot 3Наше Кафе screenshot 4

Now you can bring a bonus card in our network of restaurants each visit Boulevard (Alchevsk), Our cafe (Alchevsk), Our cafe (Severodonetsk), Ela-Pala (Alchevsk), Flamingo (Alchevsk).
With each order, show the waiter the app and get points.
Sharing of lessons balls in the dishes from the menu and come again!
His first get a treat now!

About us
Restoratsіya “Shpatser” Zaproshuye Schodnya the living room. Mi potіshimo you traditsіynoyu lvіvskoyu kitchen, Zapashny kavoyu that vishukanimi Smakolyk.

0 (800) 21 12 19
Our Network Cafe

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Семицветик – Loyalty program Semitsvetik


Loyalty program Semitsvetik

Семицветик screenshot 0Семицветик screenshot 1Семицветик screenshot 2Семицветик screenshot 3Семицветик screenshot 4

Instituting a bonus card with every purchase in our flower shop and online store and get the points.
For the earned points you can get nice gifts!
Your first gift you can get longer next visit.

About us
© Semitsvetik – a flower shop and online store that sells flowers and delivery at wholesale prices.
Our company has been successfully working and developing since 2006. During the years of productive work we have achieved great results in the direction of selling flowers at wholesale prices. Our florists have gained vast experience in the field of wedding floristry. Every month we process 1,500 orders from satisfied customers!
We are waiting for you with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our address: Pushkinskaya Street. 20
Call us by phone 8 (812) 385 – 76 – 42
Our website:

8 (800) 333-21-33

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