Baju Indonesia – This application is helpful because it simplifies shopping for clothes in

Baju Indonesia

This application is helpful because it simplifies shopping for clothes in

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Applications Baju Indonesia will be very helpful because it will simplify shopping for clothes in

Baju Indonesia app very useful because it displays a variety of wood products of various types and sizes so you have many choices when shopping for clothes. The clothes are available ranging from clothes men, clothes women, Muslim clothes to dress the child.

Baju Indonesia applications will also be easier for you to make an order because it can connect directly with our website or directly via SMS.

So to simplify shopping for clothes of the largest online store that sells clothes in Indonesia, Indonesia Baju This application will help you in the shopping process. So download the app Baju Indonesia now and start shopping. Happy shopping clothes 🙂

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Student Beans – Student discount made easy

Student Beans

Student discount made easy

Student Beans screenshot 0Student Beans screenshot 1Student Beans screenshot 2Student Beans screenshot 3Student Beans screenshot 4

Discover all the best student discounts with the Student Beans app.

It’s free, it’s easy, and best of all it saves you money.

Clothes, tech, music, food – everything you could possibly want and more.

Student Beans gives you:

– A free digital student card on your smartphone
– Easy access to hundreds of the best student discounts from all your favourite brands including Topshop, Domino’s Pizza, Boohoo, Ted Baker and many more
– Alerts for the latest boosted discounts

Instant discounts online:

Simply log in to the Student Beans app to browse all the latest student discounts or use the search to find the brand you want immediately. Click to get a code and that’s it – free, simple and quick.

In Store? No worries

All you need to do is show your phone at the till to save in shops, restaurants and all sorts. Simply use your Student Beans iD to prove your student status – no student card necessary.

It’s as easy as that. Download the Student Beans app and save money every time you shop.

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当店オリジナルスマホケース・スマホカバー館.com – Searchable your favorite from among the 300,000 or more!Sumahokesu & cover shop sticks to quality "Sumahokaba Museum .com"


Searchable your favorite from among the 300,000 or more!Sumahokesu & cover shop sticks to quality "Sumahokaba Museum .com"

当店オリジナルスマホケース・スマホカバー館.com screenshot 0当店オリジナルスマホケース・スマホカバー館.com screenshot 1当店オリジナルスマホケース・スマホカバー館.com screenshot 2当店オリジナルスマホケース・スマホカバー館.com screenshot 3当店オリジナルスマホケース・スマホカバー館.com screenshot 4

XPERIA · GALAXY various smartphone case, is Sumahokesu & cover specializes in mobile cover case has sold 300,000 more types.

Stocks high-resolution printing of smartphone case stuck to quality, it sells a wide variety of cases for each individual model of the smartphone.

Cheap and cute smartphone case Sumahokaba a lot!
Bali rich ☆ with confidence in a number also each item Buyer Reviews you can enjoy the shopping! !
Cute Sumahokesu, enrich the product line-up of Sumahokaba!
Sumahokesu, Sumahokaba is rich lineup, such as classic design and original design!
Does not have friends around, you will find only your items!

▼ Handling items ▼

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Pesquisa & Compra (Full) – You may know the price of each product in the city's supermarkets.

Pesquisa & Compra (Full)

You may know the price of each product in the city's supermarkets.

Pesquisa & Compra (Full) screenshot 0Pesquisa & Compra (Full) screenshot 1

The Research & Purchase application was developed to assist users in their purchases in supermarkets. With this application, the user can know the price of every product in every supermarket in town.
The user who has the Research & Purchase application on your device mobile, you can position the camera on the product Bar code for the app to read and report prices in supermarkets. If for some reason the camera can not read the bar code, the user can enter the bar code via the keyboard.
With the Search application & Buy installed on your device mobile, the user can decide whether or not to purchase a product on the supermarket you are doing your shopping comparing prices with other supermarkets, or if you are in a supermarket that is committed to sell at the lowest price of the city, using the application information as proof of the existence lowest price at another property.

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Кофейня№1 – Loyalty program Kofeynya№1


Loyalty program Kofeynya№1

Кофейня№1 screenshot 0Кофейня№1 screenshot 1Кофейня№1 screenshot 2Кофейня№1 screenshot 3Кофейня№1 screenshot 4

About us
Coffee number one glad to see you from 8:00 to 24:00 in winter, and from 8:00 to 01:00 during the summer.
Great location, kind and helpful staff, comfortable atmosphere, fast service. All this is about Perk number one.
We are glad to see you at the light and tasty breakfasts, have a hearty meal, excellent desserts and a varied menu.
We will not let you get bored even if you come alone or with friends. Here you can find interesting for yourself a book or magazine on special shelves located in the hall. And if you liked that book, or does not want to go out of your hands, it is possible to get, one has only to say so to the waiter. Always available daily newspapers and wi-fi.
Coffee, soft cheesecake, an interesting book, and not in a hurry, enjoy the taste of this fine not hurried life.
And if you have planned a celebration you can order a birthday cake.

8 (800) 333-21-33

Download apk file for android:

SMOKY – Loyalty program SMOKY


Loyalty program SMOKY

SMOKY screenshot 0SMOKY screenshot 1SMOKY screenshot 2SMOKY screenshot 3SMOKY screenshot 4

Using the app, you can bring a bonus card each time you visit our establishment, earn points and exchange them for nice gifts.

About us
Hookah bar «SMOKY» – is a cozy place where you can smoke hookah RIGHT! Chat with friends over a cup of delicious tea sets and dance to the best DJs.

0 (800) 21 12 19

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PARTY-FOOD – Loyalty program PARTY-FOOD


Loyalty program PARTY-FOOD

PARTY-FOOD screenshot 0PARTY-FOOD screenshot 1PARTY-FOOD screenshot 2PARTY-FOOD screenshot 3PARTY-FOOD screenshot 4

About us
Our business is a mix of popular dishes of foreign cuisines, prepared from products of Kazakhstan’s production and made for each client with love!
Main menu – more than thirty kinds of delicious pizzas, it’s a great range of burgers, it’s crunchy and juicy chicken dishes, a trendy menu WOK, fresh salads, milkshakes and constantly updated news!
Available services company
“Home delivery and office”
“Promotions, discounts, discount bonus system”
“Complex lunches in the office”
“Gift certificates”
“Training with employment”
“Children’s cooking classes”
The main advantage of «PARTY-FOOD» -is an understanding of what the customer is a top priority in the company and our efforts are aimed at continuous improvement of customer satisfaction both before buying or after. Various competitions, promotions, attractive offers.

party food

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