Titano Store – The app allows viewing and purchase of the site's products titan store

Titano Store

The app allows viewing and purchase of the site's products titan store

Titano Store screenshot 0Titano Store screenshot 1Titano Store screenshot 2Titano Store screenshot 3Titano Store screenshot 4

Titan’s App Store was created to give some additional features to the customers of the website titan-store.com.
We thought we’d make it in to those who have an internet connexins and those who maybe on the airsoft field or in other circumstances they may not have.
For this reason we have created some functions that allow our visitors to easily access to our catalog, in order to see the products more quickly and optimized
The menu features Home – Categories – Brands are only available when connected to the network, in order to offer our catalog always fresh and updated, without ever having to update anything.

In dell’App homepage you can also see the latest products appear not to “lose sight”
Some of you will, however, happen to want to use some information offline, or even in areas not covered by a connection to the network, we have also thought of this, giving the opportunity to our visitors to save a favorite product and thus allow the consultation off-line.

If then there is a product that interests you, do not risk dimenticarvelo, fill your information in the profile window can be activated from the menu at the top right and inside the window you can add it to your wishlist product site directly in your user profile, so that it is available for purchase

We also thought some utility assistance, with a direct call to our shop and engineering department and with a convenient “Share the Road” for those who are nearby and need help
Last but not least we thought a notification feature to update you on all the news

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/OooTDj

VBrands – Vitrine of cityShowcase of European brands and the Handmade of Iranian Artists


Vitrine of cityShowcase of European brands and the Handmade of Iranian Artists

VBrands screenshot 0VBrands screenshot 1VBrands screenshot 2VBrands screenshot 3VBrands screenshot 4VBrands screenshot 5VBrands screenshot 6VBrands screenshot 7VBrands screenshot 8VBrands screenshot 9VBrands screenshot 10VBrands screenshot 11VBrands screenshot 12VBrands screenshot 13VBrands screenshot 14VBrands screenshot 15VBrands screenshot 16VBrands screenshot 17

***Vitrine of city***
Now you can know about all fashion stores in Iran!
V Brands presents some of the famous brands which are active in Iran. These brands include both the national and international fashion companies. The most important information which is available in our application as follows:
1- original and non-original branches
2-brands’ stores
3-Date of sales
4-brands’ productions.

* Now In Tehran and other cities coming soon*

V are together

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/3PYxhg

신라아이파크면세점 – Shilla Duty Free Kids Park – the largest urban Duty


Shilla Duty Free Kids Park – the largest urban Duty

신라아이파크면세점 screenshot 0신라아이파크면세점 screenshot 1신라아이파크면세점 screenshot 2신라아이파크면세점 screenshot 3신라아이파크면세점 screenshot 4

◈ I’Park Shilla Duty Free mobile app open!
Duty in my hand! Experience another dimension right now Smart duty-free shopping!

◈ too easy to join, easy SNS
ID / off duty now is to find it!
Facebook, you can sign up easily, such as KakaoTalk account.

◈ Real Time Stock Alerts
If the item is out of stock, wearing ttingdong!
If you apply for a restocking notice, we will send you a reminder letter when wearing the product.

◈ custom product for you
Do not have to worry Recommended Products I want!
Your attention will recommend care products.

◈ Day Drop-Dead Simple purchase service
Even today, leaving room makes shopping!
Gimpo airport departure 4 hours, five hours before leaving Incheon International Airport is available for order.

◈ Customer Service
Shopping contact: 1688-8800
Opening hours: 09:00 to 23:30, seven days a week

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/tfFtgz

K-Plussa-mobiilikortti – Download K-Plussa card for your phone.


Download K-Plussa card for your phone.

K-Plussa-mobiilikortti screenshot 0K-Plussa-mobiilikortti screenshot 1K-Plussa-mobiilikortti screenshot 2K-Plussa-mobiilikortti screenshot 3K-Plussa-mobiilikortti screenshot 4

The use of K-Plussa nearby scannable mobile card is easy. Put your phone on top of the display, for example, by pressing the screen a locking key or home key. Mobile Card only works when the display backlight is on. The phone screen lock does not need to be opened. Take the mobile phone back cover attached to the payment terminal to the left side of the connection ostotapahtumiensa treatment. The POS system to identify the customer’s K-Plussa card loaded special interests and controls the accumulated purchases of K-Plussa points to the client.

The introduction of the Middle to be read mobile card requires that you have a valid K-Plussa card or bank debit card K-Plussa feature. The card can be downloaded equipped with an NFC-enabled Android phone with OS version 4.4 or higher. The application is a beta version, which continues to develop. Mobile Card beta version of the phone calls so far the role of the default payment application and therefore does not yet work together with other similar demanding role with the NFC applications.

If the deployment of mobile card does not work and you receive a notification from the wrong name and the card number, please contact the K-Plussa customer service either by email or by calling plussa@kesko.fi our telephone number 010 19 8604. We will respond to your call on weekdays from 8 to 18, call price is the local network charge or mobile phone charge.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/tun2X5

Стройландия – stroylandiya.ru is a mobile application for Android!


stroylandiya.ru is a mobile application for Android!

Стройландия screenshot 0Стройландия screenshot 1Стройландия screenshot 2

Our application is user-friendly, understandable and multifunctional. All the opportunities that are available at stroylandiya.ru, are duplicated in the application: PRODUCTCATALOG, search, product card, shopping cart, store cards, region selection, contacts, information. This means that now you can at any time and in any place to view the entire range of products through the “catalog” or via the search box to find the desired item. You can place your order through the app or call the call-center. The application for convenience there is a choice of several ways to pay for your order. The mobile application is designed with all the requirements imposed by users of online shops, convenient navigation, the search filters, and ease of purchase.
Successful you purchase!
stroylandiya.ru – the largest network company of the Russian market of building materials and household goods.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/UFj6UE

entedeal – Entedeal is big deals at smart price, offering discounts on almost everything!


Entedeal is big deals at smart price, offering discounts on almost everything!

entedeal screenshot 0entedeal screenshot 1entedeal screenshot 2entedeal screenshot 3entedeal screenshot 4entedeal screenshot 5entedeal screenshot 6entedeal screenshot 7entedeal screenshot 8entedeal screenshot 9

Entedeal delivers big deals at smart price. Offering up to 90% off and even more on food, holidays and almost everything you would be looking for in Kerala. Download the app and start saving on almost everything that you need around you.

Entedeal bring to you happiness knocking at your door everyday with best deals in town. Bringing you smiles every morning with fresh new deals in your city, everyday!

With entedeal app you can: Keep yourself updated about the deals in your town Buy and redeem vouchers for deals Share your favourite deals with all your friends, groups and almost everyone instantly

So start saving on your favourite food or your most awaited holiday and almost everything through entedeal.com!

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/Kk3ZXb

Shoppist – Shopping List – App which provides an example of implementing Clean Architecture and MVP

Shoppist - Shopping List

App which provides an example of implementing Clean Architecture and MVP

Shoppist - Shopping List screenshot 0Shoppist - Shopping List screenshot 1Shoppist - Shopping List screenshot 2Shoppist - Shopping List screenshot 3Shoppist - Shopping List screenshot 4Shoppist - Shopping List screenshot 5Shoppist - Shopping List screenshot 6

Shoppist is a showcase of simple and functional shopping list. It demonstrates how to implement Clean Architecture with MVP for presentation layer and how to presenters survive when configuration changes.

The application is available in English and Russian languages.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/1K8K7V

Pulze Sri Lanka – Online shopping app of Pulze Sri Lanka Jewelry and Accessories

Pulze Sri Lanka

Online shopping app of Pulze Sri Lanka Jewelry and Accessories

Pulze Sri Lanka screenshot 0Pulze Sri Lanka screenshot 1Pulze Sri Lanka screenshot 2Pulze Sri Lanka screenshot 3Pulze Sri Lanka screenshot 4Pulze Sri Lanka screenshot 5Pulze Sri Lanka screenshot 6Pulze Sri Lanka screenshot 7

The Pulze Sri Lanka app is an online shopping marketplace for jewelries and accessories at your fingertips.
Browse through new products, categories and special offers with Pulze Sri Lanka mobile app. Mobile app orders can have up to 50% discounts!

The Pulze Sri Lanka app comes with features and functions designed to give you a safe and joyous shopping experience. Use our app to:

★Shop by product category
★Conveniently search for products
★Share products with friends via email, Facebook or other social media
★Manage your orders
★Get special mobile app only offers and discounts

This app offers thousands of attractive jewelry items affordable price under 5+ categories, including : Earings, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Jewelry sets

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/rHb7Ku

P.F. Chang’s – Taste of Asia and the benefits of being a customer PF Chang's in your cell.

P.F. Chang's

Taste of Asia and the benefits of being a customer PF Chang's in your cell.

P.F. Chang's screenshot 0P.F. Chang's screenshot 1P.F. Chang's screenshot 2P.F. Chang's screenshot 3

Now you can experience vivar PF Chang’s from your phone or tablet and accumulate points redeemable for each purchase. We want to be near you and give you more on each visit.

This delicious app lets you:

* Send your invoices to score points

* Book a table in our restaurant

* To redeem your points

* Browse our menu

* Ask for a home

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/EQxysx