Стройландия – stroylandiya.ru is a mobile application for Android!


stroylandiya.ru is a mobile application for Android!

Стройландия screenshot 0Стройландия screenshot 1Стройландия screenshot 2

Our application is user-friendly, understandable and multifunctional. All the opportunities that are available at stroylandiya.ru, are duplicated in the application: PRODUCTCATALOG, search, product card, shopping cart, store cards, region selection, contacts, information. This means that now you can at any time and in any place to view the entire range of products through the “catalog” or via the search box to find the desired item. You can place your order through the app or call the call-center. The application for convenience there is a choice of several ways to pay for your order. The mobile application is designed with all the requirements imposed by users of online shops, convenient navigation, the search filters, and ease of purchase.
Successful you purchase!
stroylandiya.ru – the largest network company of the Russian market of building materials and household goods.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/UFj6UE


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