K-Plussa-mobiilikortti – Download K-Plussa card for your phone.


Download K-Plussa card for your phone.

K-Plussa-mobiilikortti screenshot 0K-Plussa-mobiilikortti screenshot 1K-Plussa-mobiilikortti screenshot 2K-Plussa-mobiilikortti screenshot 3K-Plussa-mobiilikortti screenshot 4

The use of K-Plussa nearby scannable mobile card is easy. Put your phone on top of the display, for example, by pressing the screen a locking key or home key. Mobile Card only works when the display backlight is on. The phone screen lock does not need to be opened. Take the mobile phone back cover attached to the payment terminal to the left side of the connection ostotapahtumiensa treatment. The POS system to identify the customer’s K-Plussa card loaded special interests and controls the accumulated purchases of K-Plussa points to the client.

The introduction of the Middle to be read mobile card requires that you have a valid K-Plussa card or bank debit card K-Plussa feature. The card can be downloaded equipped with an NFC-enabled Android phone with OS version 4.4 or higher. The application is a beta version, which continues to develop. Mobile Card beta version of the phone calls so far the role of the default payment application and therefore does not yet work together with other similar demanding role with the NFC applications.

If the deployment of mobile card does not work and you receive a notification from the wrong name and the card number, please contact the K-Plussa customer service either by email or by calling plussa@kesko.fi our telephone number 010 19 8604. We will respond to your call on weekdays from 8 to 18, call price is the local network charge or mobile phone charge.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/tun2X5


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