Pulze Sri Lanka – Online shopping app of Pulze Sri Lanka Jewelry and Accessories

Pulze Sri Lanka

Online shopping app of Pulze Sri Lanka Jewelry and Accessories

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The Pulze Sri Lanka app is an online shopping marketplace for jewelries and accessories at your fingertips.
Browse through new products, categories and special offers with Pulze Sri Lanka mobile app. Mobile app orders can have up to 50% discounts!

The Pulze Sri Lanka app comes with features and functions designed to give you a safe and joyous shopping experience. Use our app to:

★Shop by product category
★Conveniently search for products
★Share products with friends via email, Facebook or other social media
★Manage your orders
★Get special mobile app only offers and discounts

This app offers thousands of attractive jewelry items affordable price under 5+ categories, including : Earings, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Jewelry sets

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/rHb7Ku

P.F. Chang’s – Taste of Asia and the benefits of being a customer PF Chang's in your cell.

P.F. Chang's

Taste of Asia and the benefits of being a customer PF Chang's in your cell.

P.F. Chang's screenshot 0P.F. Chang's screenshot 1P.F. Chang's screenshot 2P.F. Chang's screenshot 3

Now you can experience vivar PF Chang’s from your phone or tablet and accumulate points redeemable for each purchase. We want to be near you and give you more on each visit.

This delicious app lets you:

* Send your invoices to score points

* Book a table in our restaurant

* To redeem your points

* Browse our menu

* Ask for a home

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/EQxysx

Personal Styling for Everyone – Your Personal Fashion Stylist App – Shopping, Deals, Discounts, Outfits, Styles!

Personal Styling for Everyone

Your Personal Fashion Stylist App – Shopping, Deals, Discounts, Outfits, Styles!

Personal Styling for Everyone screenshot 0Personal Styling for Everyone screenshot 1Personal Styling for Everyone screenshot 2Personal Styling for Everyone screenshot 3Personal Styling for Everyone screenshot 4Personal Styling for Everyone screenshot 5

Dekkoh – The Personal Stylist in your Pocket!

Imagine you have a special occasion coming up and you don’t know what to buy or wear for it. Now imagine a group of expert Personal Stylists who know everything about fashion and how to make someone look good. Further imagine being able to speak to those Personal Stylists for free, and get customised recommendations, awesome tips and shopping suggestions on what to wear & where to buy a great outfit.

You don’t have to imagine an app that let’s you do this – because we made it for you. It’s called Dekkoh!

Dekkoh is a personal stylist in your pocket AND your most comprehensive local shopping app rolled into one. You can use Dekkoh whenever you want a recommendation on what to buy something or a tip on what to wear. And it’s free!

1. Dekkoh puts you in touch with professional designers and stylists who help you discover your style, and products that will look great on you.

2. Dekkoh lets you browse amazing fashion products from both online AND offline stores, thereby guaranteeing the best in terms of quality, style and price. Choose from a range of Apparel, Footwear, Jewellery, Accessories and more.

3. Dekkoh gives you access to the best offline sales and online discounts.

So if you’re looking to buy a really great investment piece or if you want a budget outfit for a special occasion – just get onto Dekkoh and ask your personal stylist. There are also awesome rewards inside for helping people shop and posting reviews of products you’ve bought.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/T3h5hj

10Deals – Best Deals in Amritsar,Ludhiana,Patiala,Jalandhar, Chandigarh Mohali &Panchkula


Best Deals in Amritsar,Ludhiana,Patiala,Jalandhar, Chandigarh Mohali &Panchkula

10Deals screenshot 010Deals screenshot 110Deals screenshot 210Deals screenshot 310Deals screenshot 410Deals screenshot 510Deals screenshot 610Deals screenshot 710Deals screenshot 810Deals screenshot 9

10deals.in, India’s largest discount coupon site is now available on the Google Play Store. Unleash the power of deals and coupons with the free 10deals android app. So, are you a smart shopper who is always on the look-out for great deals, offers, coupons and vouchers every day? Whether it’s about making purchases at your grocery store or supermarket, eating out, visiting your favorite salon or online shopping, our app’s got you covered. Save money using best deals and coupons every time you shop!

We provide deals and coupons in more than 7 cities including Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula,Patiala,Bathinda,Ludhiana and Amritsar in India! The app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for you to find deals from hundreds and thousands of them. Don’t hold back from hanging out at your favorite eating joints or getting that spa session because 10deals brings to you all these at an unbeatable price. 

Health & Beauty Deals: Discover the spas and salons in your city with our app. Enjoy beauty services at premium salons & beauty parlors with exclusive salon deals. Sit back and rejuvenate with the best spa deals at affordable rates.

Restaurant & Pub Offers: Every foodie’s paradise, the 10deals app will let you pick exclusive discounts and deals for restaurants, pubs and bars. Find restaurant deals in cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Patiala, Ludhiana ,Bathinda and Amritsar.

Travel & Holiday Deals: Explore from a plethora of choices for travel packages, adventure trip deals, hotel booking discounts and start saving while enjoying your trips.
Grocery Cashback and Offers: Stay tuned with the latest grocery offers from brands and retail stores with the grocery offers. You can even save your more 10deals cashbacks offer by uploading a picture of your bill on 10deals app.

Online Shopping Coupons: Easily find discount coupons & promo codes for online stores like Matrix, Dominos, Pizza Hut, The KYLIN and many more.

Shop ‘on-the-go’ and search for great offers and deals on salons and spas, tattoos, restaurants, pubs, hotels, holiday discount coupons, grocery cashback offers and much more. 
Install the 10deals android app and start saving.
With the 10deals Android app, you can:

• Find deals based on your locations and get deal suggestions
• Buy and redeem deals directly from your mobile device

• Buy deals for spa, salon, restaurants, tattoos, pubs, bars, gyms and many more
• Travel smart with holiday packages

• Get updates on latest grocery offers & earn cashback on grocery bills

• Discover exciting shopping coupons, promo codes and vouchers to save every time you shop online

• Manage the brands & deals that you want to see.

- Search from over 1100+ offers & discover your favorite brands with ease

- NEW! See all online deals and offers in your nearby area using intuitive swipe gestures

- New left navigation menu 
- Earn cash-back on groceries by uploading a picture of your bill on 10deals app

- Manage SMS, Email & Push notifications

- Manage your favorite brands & view the deals under ‘Hot Picks’ 

- Get discounts using your credit card & debit cards or pay using your mobile cash

- Keep up-to-date with all grocery offers both online and nearby

– Get periodic free deal alerts, flash sale notifications, exclusive promos & more
- Review your favorite brands & share with friends and fellow shoppers

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/JHO9uH

Play.uz – GUDOK O'RNIGA BEPUL MUSIQALAR!Free ringtones instead of beeps!


GUDOK O'RNIGA BEPUL MUSIQALAR!Free ringtones instead of beeps!

Play.uz screenshot 0Play.uz screenshot 1Play.uz screenshot 2Play.uz screenshot 3

Play.uz mobil ilovasi xizmatlari faqat Beeline O’zbekiston mijozlari uchun taqdim etiladi.

Play.uz mobil ilovasi orqali gudoklar o’rniga musiqa o’rnatmoxchi bo’lsangiz, sizda Mening musiqam xizmati yoqilgan bo’lishi lozim.
Agar xizmat avtomatik tarzda faollashtirilmagan bo’lsa, iltimos mobil telefoningizdan * 110 * 311 # tering va chaqiruv tugmasini bosing.

Play.uz xizmati abonentning kutish vaqtidagi qo’ng’iroqning standart ovozini o’zgartirishga imkon beradi. U audioklip yoki ommaviy qo’shiq, mashhur kishining ovozi, hazil yoki maqol bo’lishi mumkin. Tanlash uchun emotsional k’plab janrlar mavjud.

Ximatimizni tanlaganingiz uchun minnatdormiz.

Xizmat MChJ “Playmobile” tomonidan taqdim etiladi.

All services of the mobile application Play.uz available only to subscribers “Beeline” Uzbekistan.

To set a ringing tone instead of through a mobile application Play.uz, you must first connect “its own melody.”
If the service is not connected or not connected automatically, please dial from your mobile phone * 110 * 311 # and press the call button.

Play.uz mobile application will allow you to replace the standard ringing sound expectations of the other party. This can be an audio clip or some sort of popular song, celebrity voice, joke or proverb. In the appendix to select the available catalog of songs of various genres and category selected jokes.

Thank you for choosing our service!

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/6C4k8o

My Mobi Saver – Find great deals, bargains, coupons, free stuff, and more on My Mobi Saver!

My Mobi Saver

Find great deals, bargains, coupons, free stuff, and more on My Mobi Saver!

My Mobi Saver screenshot 0My Mobi Saver screenshot 1My Mobi Saver screenshot 2My Mobi Saver screenshot 3

Getting your rewards is easy!

1) Take the reward survey in the navigation menu, 2) Browse daily for deals, 3) Check your email for daily coupons and savings! Complete ALL Pages of Your Survey for Your Rewards

In this app you can find:
Deals, SaverTips, Resources, Coupons, Samples, Automotive, Clothing, Computers, Credit Cards, Dating, Education, Employment/Jobs, Finance, Food/Entertainment, Freebies, Games, Groceries, Health/Beauty, Home/Garden, Home Services, Insurance, Kids/Babies, Legal, Paid Surveys, Pets, Retail/Shopping, Sports, Travel, Work at Home

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/yMRxj6