Titano Store – The app allows viewing and purchase of the site's products titan store

Titano Store

The app allows viewing and purchase of the site's products titan store

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Titan’s App Store was created to give some additional features to the customers of the website titan-store.com.
We thought we’d make it in to those who have an internet connexins and those who maybe on the airsoft field or in other circumstances they may not have.
For this reason we have created some functions that allow our visitors to easily access to our catalog, in order to see the products more quickly and optimized
The menu features Home – Categories – Brands are only available when connected to the network, in order to offer our catalog always fresh and updated, without ever having to update anything.

In dell’App homepage you can also see the latest products appear not to “lose sight”
Some of you will, however, happen to want to use some information offline, or even in areas not covered by a connection to the network, we have also thought of this, giving the opportunity to our visitors to save a favorite product and thus allow the consultation off-line.

If then there is a product that interests you, do not risk dimenticarvelo, fill your information in the profile window can be activated from the menu at the top right and inside the window you can add it to your wishlist product site directly in your user profile, so that it is available for purchase

We also thought some utility assistance, with a direct call to our shop and engineering department and with a convenient “Share the Road” for those who are nearby and need help
Last but not least we thought a notification feature to update you on all the news

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/OooTDj


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