StylFlip – Sell & Shop Fashion – A social platform to sell, shop and flaunt your branded pre-owned fashion.

StylFlip - Sell & Shop Fashion

A social platform to sell, shop and flaunt your branded pre-owned fashion.

StylFlip - Sell & Shop Fashion screenshot 0StylFlip - Sell & Shop Fashion screenshot 1StylFlip - Sell & Shop Fashion screenshot 2StylFlip - Sell & Shop Fashion screenshot 3StylFlip - Sell & Shop Fashion screenshot 4StylFlip - Sell & Shop Fashion screenshot 5

For fashionable women who have closets full and yet nothing to wear, StylFlip is a social platform to sell, shop and flaunt your branded pre-owned fashion.

Through the app you can access thousands of trendy, high fashion and luxury brands at a fraction of the cost. StylFlip helps you sell your closet and flaunt your style to a stylish community where fashion meets creativity and buyers & sellers interact with ease and confidence.

Our app helps women:

Sell: De-clutter and sell fashion pieces from their closet for cash so that they can fund their next purchase.

Join a community: Constantly re-discover and flaunt their current style to a community filled with like-minded fashion enthusiasts and friends

Buy: Score amazing deals on fashion brands they crave in a secure and trusted shopping environment

Support a cause: Donate the money from sale of their fashion items to one of its partner causes

We make:

Selling as easy as Buying – Closet to cash in 3 easy steps, free listing and 100% payout

You look great and make friends while doing it – Flaunt what you have, share the fashion on your mind and re-discover your style

Fashion brands accessible – Save upto 80% on renowned fashion brands, shop securely using the Stylflip Promise and easy returns.


Placard Digital Solutions Web Site –

StylFlip Support –

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Sycket – Get your ticket purchase mobile and win great gifts.


Get your ticket purchase mobile and win great gifts.

Sycket screenshot 0Sycket screenshot 1Sycket screenshot 2Sycket screenshot 3

Sycket is an innovative system that lets you purchase your ticket on the mobile and win fantastic gifts in the shops attached to Sycket.

How I start using Sycket?

Once downloaded the application you just have to register or login with Facebook to direct.

Thereafter, you can use Sycket in affiliated stores scanning QR code printed on the bottom of your receipt.

Once you take this action you will receive a notification which will see points earned in trade and gifts that can be achieved with the current points.
Plus, you can have the ticket of your purchase in your mind forever! The ticket has the same validity as the paper ticket.

How do I get gifts?

There are two types of gifts: gifts for the first purchase and gifts by accumulating points.
Gifts by accumulating points are achieved with each of your purchases where Sycket use.
For every euro spent on trade, You get 100 points !.

How to exchange gifts?

When you want to redeem got a gift, you have to follow these steps:

– Enter the screen to redeem gift.
– Show it to the clerk to verify that everything is correct.
– If everything is correct, click “REDEEM GIFT” and “OK”.
– Show him the verification screen the clerk.

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Courier Tracker »Pro« – One App for Tracking Over 350 Couriers – Ad Free!

Courier Tracker »Pro«

One App for Tracking Over 350 Couriers – Ad Free!

Courier Tracker »Pro« screenshot 0Courier Tracker »Pro« screenshot 1Courier Tracker »Pro« screenshot 2Courier Tracker »Pro« screenshot 3Courier Tracker »Pro« screenshot 4Courier Tracker »Pro« screenshot 5

AD-FREE version

With this app installed you can easily track 368 popular courier services in India and around the world!

Unique features:

• Tracking history with colors and tags for easy identification, and archiving of old tracks

• Cloud syncing to easily share your tracking list across multiple devices

• Smart paste: Paste text directly from an SMS or email – even an entire message, or a link – and the tracking number will be searched for and pasted

• The Magic Star ‘★’: Bring more frequently used couriers to the top of the list

• Save & share: Tracking documents may be saved for offline viewing, and directly shared from the app.

• The entire tracking history also can be exported

• Barcode scanning

• Supported couriers include: 4PX, 7 horses Logistics, A-1 International, A3 Express, ABT, ACS, Air Star Xpress, Air State, Airborne Intl, Airwings, AJ Express, Akash Ganga, AKR Express, Aliexpress Standard, Alleppey Parcel Service, AN Post, ANL, Antron Express, Aramex, Ashok Airways, Associated Road, Atlantic, ATS, AXL, Beacon, Bengal Force, Bhavana Roadways, Bibha, Blazeflash, Blue Dart, BNL Air, BOM-GIM, Bombino Express, Book My Packet, BSA Logistics, Bulgarian Post, Canada Post, Central Express, Ceska Posta, China Post, Chips Intl, Chronopost, Citipost, City Express, CJ Korea Express, CNZ Express, Concorde Express, Connect India, Continental Courier BD, Correios Brasil, Courier Guy, Courier IT, Criticalog, Daakiyaa, Dakiya, DCS, Delex, Delhivery, Delivree King, Delnet Express, Deus India, DHL Global, DHL India, DHL Sameday, Direct, Dotzot, DPD, Dreamco Express, DTDC, E-Vahan, Ecom Express, EcoMerc, eKart (Flipkart), Elbex, Elta, Emirates Post, EMS Korea, eParcel, Excess, Expan, Falcon, Fardar, Faspeed, Fast & First, FedEx, First Connections, First Flight, First Flight Canada, Flight Despatch, Flyking, Franch Express, FSC, Gati, Global Mail Express, GMS Worldwide, GoJavas, Good Luck, HighFly, ICC World, ICL, ICS, India Post, Infibeam, Inland World, Innovex, International Post, Jaipur Golden, Jetline, JV Express, Kenya Post, Kesineni Cargo, KGS Cargo, Khubani, King World Wide, KourierKonnect, Lalji Mulji, Linex Solutions, Logi Buddy, Ludhiana Express, Madhur, Madurai Radha Transport, MailEx, Maruti Air, Max Pacific, Megacity, Megharaj, Metroswift, Mettur Transport, Mirakle, MML Logistics, MSK Worldwide, my Hermes, mypacco, Nitco, NONSTOP, Nuvo Ex, OCS Worldwide, Om International, Om Logistics, Omni Express, Ondot, Orbit Worldwide, Overnite Express, Overseas Express, Pacific Express, Palande, Parcel Force, Parcel2Go, Parcelled, Parveen Express, Patel Roadways, Pavan, Pick Speed, Pickme Express, Pickrr, Pigeon Express, Pionexxco, Polish Post , Poonam, POS Malaysia, PostNL, PRG EXPRESS, Prime Express, Prime Track, Priority Express, Procure, Professional, PSS, Purolator, Pushpak, Q Express, Quantium, Rajdhani Air Express, Rapidconnect, Red Express, Royal Mail, Safexpress, Satellite Cargo, Saudi Post, Saurashtra Roadways, SCM For You, Seko Logistics, Sequel, Shree Anjani, Shree Balaji, Shree Laxmi, Shree Mahabali, Shree Mahavir, Shree Maruti, Shree Nandan, Shree Tirupati, Shri Karni, Shri Sai, Sigma, Singapore Post, SJ Worldwide, Skycom Express, Skylark Express, Skynet, Skynet India, SM, SME Cargo, Snapdeal, Soham International, Speed and safe, Speed Express, Speed Net Express, Speedman Air, Spoton, SRK Communique, ST, Steel City, Suntika, Super Trade, Swapnex, Sweden Post, Swiss Freight, Swiss Post, Tanvi Express, Target Logistics, TCI Freight, TCI XPS, Team United, Tej Post, TNT, Toll Global Express, Total, Trackon, Trust-On, Turkish Post, UBX, UC Global, UCS, Uncle Parcels, Unique Express, United Cargo, Universal Worldwide, UPS, USPS, V-Express, V-Trans, Vayu Seva, Velex, Vichare, Vietnam Post, VRL, Vulcan Express, Whipdart, World First, WorldNet Express, Wow Express, Xfas Logistics, Xpressbees, Yanwen Express, Yogayog, Zodiac Express

Detail information:

굿딜-휴대폰,스마트폰,핸드폰,중고폰,알뜰폰,지원금,스펙 – 휴대폰 스마트폰 핸드폰 새폰 구매 서비스 및 정보 제공, 핸드폰 구매,판매, 중고폰 매매, 시세, 스마트폰 랭킹, 공시지원금, 스마트폰 스팩


휴대폰 스마트폰 핸드폰 새폰 구매 서비스 및 정보 제공, 핸드폰 구매,판매, 중고폰 매매, 시세, 스마트폰 랭킹, 공시지원금, 스마트폰 스팩

굿딜-휴대폰,스마트폰,핸드폰,중고폰,알뜰폰,지원금,스펙 screenshot 0굿딜-휴대폰,스마트폰,핸드폰,중고폰,알뜰폰,지원금,스펙 screenshot 1굿딜-휴대폰,스마트폰,핸드폰,중고폰,알뜰폰,지원금,스펙 screenshot 2굿딜-휴대폰,스마트폰,핸드폰,중고폰,알뜰폰,지원금,스펙 screenshot 3굿딜-휴대폰,스마트폰,핸드폰,중고폰,알뜰폰,지원금,스펙 screenshot 4굿딜-휴대폰,스마트폰,핸드폰,중고폰,알뜰폰,지원금,스펙 screenshot 5굿딜-휴대폰,스마트폰,핸드폰,중고폰,알뜰폰,지원금,스펙 screenshot 6굿딜-휴대폰,스마트폰,핸드폰,중고폰,알뜰폰,지원금,스펙 screenshot 7

굿딜-휴대폰은 새 스마트폰을 구매할때 원하는 스마트폰을 등록하시면 판매점에서 판매 제안하는 방식의 매매 어플입니다.
동시에 현재 사용하는 내폰을 중고폰으로 간단한 터치로 판매할 수 있도록 서비스를 제공합니다.
현재 한국에서 판매하고 있는 거의 모든 스마트폰의 스팩을 제공하고 랭킹을 제공하여 휴대폰 선택에 도움을 드립니다.
고객에게 고급 구매 정보를 제공하여 저럼하게 스마트폰을 구매할 수 있는 정보를 제공합니다.
휴대폰 큐레이터 기능을 제공하여 편리하게 원하는 상품을 찾을 수 있습니다.
알뜰폰 구매를 스마트폰에서 간단하게 번호이동 할 수 있습니다.
– 새 스마트폰 구매
– 중고 스마트폰 매매
– 알뜰폰 구매
– 폰 큐레이터
– 스마트폰 스팩
– 스마트폰 랭킹
– 스마트폰 달인 정보
– 공시지원금
– 공시지원금 비교

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Мо.Доставка – Mo.Dostavka – a single meal delivery service for many institutions.


Mo.Dostavka – a single meal delivery service for many institutions.

Мо.Доставка screenshot 0Мо.Доставка screenshot 1Мо.Доставка screenshot 2Мо.Доставка screenshot 3Мо.Доставка screenshot 4Мо.Доставка screenshot 5Мо.Доставка screenshot 6Мо.Доставка screenshot 7

Mo.Dostavka – a service that combines service delivery from various institutions into a single online system.
From pizza, sushi, burgers, pies to Mexican and Chinese food – you can easily order food on our site from a huge number of our partners with the help of several actions.
Our team develops and improves the daily service that it has become a major tool in the selection and ordering food.

See detail information and download apk file:

تخفيضات الإمارات – The first guide for the latest cuts in the Emirates Offers

تخفيضات الإمارات

The first guide for the latest cuts in the Emirates Offers

تخفيضات الإمارات screenshot 0تخفيضات الإمارات screenshot 1تخفيضات الإمارات screenshot 2تخفيضات الإمارات screenshot 3تخفيضات الإمارات screenshot 4تخفيضات الإمارات screenshot 5

The latest Emirates offers first choice cuts apply to be abreast of the latest offers and discounts for brands and markets and malls and hypermarkets in the UAE
Offers Carrefour, Hyper Panda offers, discounts Dubai Mall, Ramez markets cuts, downloads Ansar Mall, downloads Jian, Lulu Offers Market, Offers Nsto Market, cuts Sharaf DG, cuts Union Association, the IKEA catalog and more offers

Application features: –
– Daily alerts when updating the application of new offers
– Attractive design, fast and easy to use
– Offers renewed weekly and daily
– The ability to share presentations on the social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Watts August, Google Plus, and other applications networks
– The possibility of sending offers via e-mail

Download the application and kept informed of the latest offers and discounts in the UAE

See more information and download apk file for android: – An exclusive shopping club that offers exclusive brands at fantastic prices.

An exclusive shopping club that offers exclusive brands at fantastic prices. screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot 4 is proud to present the new and improved app. is an exclusive shopping club that gives members access to unique, daily offers on hand-selected brands and campaigns every day. For fantastic prices, we offer our customers a wide range of the latest trends in clothing, interior design, sports, and beauty. was established by Qliro Group in September 2011 and now exists in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands.

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