Otaku Shop – The Shop for Authentic Japanese Goods and Everything to Satisfy Your Otaku Needs

Otaku Shop

The Shop for Authentic Japanese Goods and Everything to Satisfy Your Otaku Needs

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Otaku Shop is the No. 1 shop for quality Japanese goods, from figures, plushies, j-fashion, and more! We’ve serviced over 100,000 fans worldwide with amazing prices and stellar customer support. Download now and experience it yourself!

Why you should download:
• Tokyo Otaku Mode has 18 million likes on Facebook!
• Worldwide Free Shipping for orders over $100
• Thoughtful packaging, fast delivery, and caring customer support
• Constantly evolving app with average rating of 4.5 stars (as of 2015/12)
• Join the Tokyo Otaku Mode family of more than 2 million fans
• Great selection of over 25,000 items, guaranteed 100% authentic
• Frequent promotions and sales to discover great deals
• Earn lots of TOM Points, and use them for a discount on your next purchase
• Hassle-free and secure payment system

App Features:
• Discover the newest and hottest products in Japan
• Start building your wishlist full of amazing Japanese goods
• Instant restock notifications for items you’re watching
• Read product reviews from other fans like you
… And more features to come!

The shop includes a large variety of official merchandise including Attack on Titan, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online, Fate stay night, and more. Looking for the latest merchandise for One Punch Man, or the latest release of a new Nendoroid? We’ve got you covered. Our products aren’t just for anime and manga lovers either, but span across all otaku culture such as idols, singers, and artists such as Hatsune Miku, Love Live, Idolmaster, and more that represet Japan’s pop culture!

Featured App Reviews:
“This app had made all of my nerdy Japanese dreams come true. All of the products are affordable and everything I’ve bought off the site is authentic. No Chinese knock offs. They’re all straight out of Japan or their DC in California. I only have one complaint and it is very minor: once items are out of stock they are usually gone. It makes me sad panda.”

“I sewiously love this app so much even though I’ve only had it for one hour. They stay updated on all the anime and the price is very reasonable! The pictures are high quality and there is about any anime you can think of there. Very smooth scrolling and it doesn’t crash for me.”

“The app is great and easy to use. I’m a big fan of the variety of things they offer and their customer service is top notch. Like the review before said, the only thing that will be sad is your wallet.”

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/i8ctob

우리동네마트 – Leaflets and discount information is in my hand right away!


Leaflets and discount information is in my hand right away!

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1. Flyers today
      Registration for the event flyer APP, exposure to consumers
2. Surprise three days
      Surprise three days real-time information delivery
3. Gaccount
      As the ability to earn coupons to use various coupons
4. Earn Points
      Points can be viewed in real time

See more information: https://goo.gl/gpL97B

モノタロウ – 現場で使う消耗品をアプリで注文! – Products that are sold in Monotarou can easily search for "keyword" or "bar code", find the goods to some free time, you can later slowly shopping!

モノタロウ - 現場で使う消耗品をアプリで注文!

Products that are sold in Monotarou can easily search for "keyword" or "bar code", find the goods to some free time, you can later slowly shopping!

モノタロウ - 現場で使う消耗品をアプリで注文! screenshot 0モノタロウ - 現場で使う消耗品をアプリで注文! screenshot 1モノタロウ - 現場で使う消耗品をアプリで注文! screenshot 2モノタロウ - 現場で使う消耗品をアプリで注文! screenshot 3モノタロウ - 現場で使う消耗品をアプリで注文! screenshot 4モノタロウ - 現場で使う消耗品をアプリで注文! screenshot 5

“Handling score 10 million points or more!”, “Free shipping on orders of 3,000 yen or more!” “Shortest day shipping on orders of 15 o’clock!”
It is the official shopping app of net store Monotarou to support the site field for operators.

Function of only “Monotarou” app
● daily special price notification
In Monotarou, category that was determined by the daily will be 10% OFF. It’s too lazy to check every day but.
Please choose a category to be worried about from is new notification setting screen. Once the chosen category becomes special price, you’ve got to remember is Monotarou app. Of course, the day to buy the best deals, you can choose the date of the private brand 15% OFF.
So you tell also the day to become a 15% OFF without notice secretly, please use all means!
※ You must be logged in to the “Monotarou” app.

● coupon, campaign simple application
Just tap the coupon and campaigns that are displayed if app. You can apply a special price easily. Or a note of the other code, if you do not have to input.
※ limited to checkout in the “Monotarou” app.
※ You must be logged in to the “Monotarou” app.

● bar code search
Reads the bar code of the product with the camera, you can easily find the goods.
※ For some of Monotarou handling goods, there is a commodity that can not be searched.

Function Introduction of “Monotarou” app
● Keyword Search
From the rich assortment of more than 10 million points, such as product name, brand name, part number, you can search in a variety of keywords.

● shipping notification – Notification
You can be notified of the shipment and the arrival of the goods ordered.
Not only it is understood that the shipping status of the goods, you can know the comfort quickly on the scene that the goods arrived in the office.
※ limited to some delivery company.

● Search from category
You can search for products by following the same commodity classification and catalog. In addition, it can also be combined with keyword search.

● those who bought
If there is an item you want to re-buy, please use all means “what I bought.” You can see the goods purchased in the past in the list.
In addition, products that were purchased recently will be displayed on the home screen, you can re-order as soon as you launch the app.
※ You must be logged in to the “Monotarou” app.

● what you see
Displayed once the goods, you do not need to search again. You can look back quickly in the “what you see” function.

● Favorites
Or can see the products that are registered in the favorite list, you can edit your favorite content.
Please use to register, such as well buy goods made in commodity and care.

● your purchase history
Order status (for released / cancellation …, etc.), you can check the purchase order number.
In addition, recent orders You can check in as soon as the home screen to launch the application.
※ You must be logged in to the “Monotarou” app.

● basket synchronization
You can synchronize the basket of apps and web site automatically.
Looking for a commodity in the app a little free time, you can also shop slowly on a PC at a later time!

About the use of “Monotarou”
※ Monotarou the corporation, and is a service for individual businesses.
※ customers of general consumer Please use the Internet home improvement IHC.MonotaRO.
※ The available the Monotarou app, as long as your registered users of business owners Monotarou.

■ mistaken Monotarou easy keyword
Monotarou, MonoTaro, Momotaro, Momotaro, Momotaro, monotaro, momotaro

See detail information: https://goo.gl/HXAQsa

幸運靚號 – Lucky.HK – 幸運靚號 是一間尊貴手機號碼專賣店,自1996年開始提供手機號碼買賣服務。本店提供過萬個全新尊貴手機號碼。

幸運靚號 - Lucky.HK

幸運靚號 是一間尊貴手機號碼專賣店,自1996年開始提供手機號碼買賣服務。本店提供過萬個全新尊貴手機號碼。

幸運靚號 - Lucky.HK screenshot 0幸運靚號 - Lucky.HK screenshot 1幸運靚號 - Lucky.HK screenshot 2幸運靚號 - Lucky.HK screenshot 3

◆ 關於本店 ◆
幸運靚號 是一間尊貴手機號碼專賣店,自1996年開始提供手機號碼買賣服務。本店提供過萬個全新尊貴手機號碼。我們的客戶遍佈各行各業,包括地產代理、大型連鎖餐廳、金融公司、廣告公司、珠寶公司和物流公司等。

◆ 本店服務 ◆

◆ 購買須知 ◆
本店所售賣的手機號碼是全新的,一般已包含 $100 或以下的面值,都可於本地任何網絡供應商辨理上台。

◆ 交易安排 ◆
當買方選購了電話號碼後可於當天聯絡我們安排交易,交易時間為 星期一至日上午十一時至晚上十時,地點可另行商議,亦可一同到CSL、3、中國移動或數碼通等電訊公司門市辨理上台手續。

◆ 付款方式 ◆


► 幸運靚號 – 香港手機號碼專門店
► 營業時間 : Mon – Sun 11:00a.m. – 11:00p.m
► 銷售服務 : 852 – 6083 9666 (Wechat & Whatsapp)
► 銷售服務 : sales@lucky.hk
► 客戶服務 : info@lucky.hk
► 本店網址 : lucky.hk

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/bfKxLK

金牌靚號 – 香港手機號碼專門店 – Gold Liang – Hong Kong mobile phone number shop

金牌靚號 - 香港手機號碼專門店

Gold Liang – Hong Kong mobile phone number shop

金牌靚號 - 香港手機號碼專門店 screenshot 0金牌靚號 - 香港手機號碼專門店 screenshot 1金牌靚號 - 香港手機號碼專門店 screenshot 2


◆ ◆ About shop
Gold Liang is a honorable phone number store, since 1996 began offering trading services phone number. We serve over ten thousand new Premier phone number. Our customers all walks of life, including estate agents, large chain restaurants, financial companies, advertising agencies, jewelry companies and logistics companies.

◆ ◆ Gold Service
Our services include search auspicious for customers, easy to remember phone numbers for businesses to use for personal use or gifts to use, providing customers with the confidence of reliable service. Our 24-hour telephone information services, inquiries please feel free to contact us, we will carefully at your service.

Notes ◆ ◆ Buy
We are selling a new phone number is usually already contains a face value of $ 100 or less, available to any local network providers identified management power.

◆ ◆ Trading Arrangements
When the buyer can later buy a phone number to contact us to arrange trading day, trading hours are Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 10 pm Location can be negotiated, can go to a CSL, 3, SmarTone China Mobile Discrimination and other telecommunications companies store manager came procedures.

◆ payment method ◆
Came face to face transaction or discernible reason, only accept cash payments.

► Gold Liang – Hong Kong mobile phone number shop
► Hours:. Monday – Sunday 11:00 a.m – 11:00 p.m
► Hotline: 852–60839666
► Sales & Service: sales@grandnumber.com
► Customer Inquiry: info@grandnumber.com
► Our Website: grandnumber.com

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/Sk6c5S