Savourez les régions – Alsace – Save money throughout the year with your favorite Alsatian brands!

Savourez les régions - Alsace

Save money throughout the year with your favorite Alsatian brands!

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With the App Savour Alsace: Save money throughout the year with Alsatian your favorite brands!

You are a fan of brands and products from Alsace?
Download the free application “Taste of Alsace” and fill exclusive benefits:
> Your loyalty rewarded by products up to 100% refunded! Choose loyalty cards that you like and earn points to gain access to free products.

> The specials and deals exclusively reserved for the app users!

> All the latest from your favorite brands in preview!

How it works ?
With “Taste of Alsace”, to save money has never been easier.
One gesture is enough:
1. Buy your favorite products in your supermarkets or hypermarkets usual (do not throw your receipts!)
2. Photograph your receipt using the app …
3. … and make money instantly!
“Savour the Alsace”, the application that gives value to your sales receipt!

Discover every day “Taste of Alsace” promotional offers offered by the big brands which have long you enjoy the quality of Alsatian specialties and products. Alsace Lait, Meteor, Feyel, Peter Schmidt, Grand’Mère, Schneider, Erstein, Carola, Fischer, Gruau d’Or, Wolfberger, Stoeffler, Melfor, Hammer and Alélor are already part of the application, others will join the application to offer you even more tips, discounts and, of course, still more savings.

Download the free app and enjoy it without moderation … Good “App”!

Share this tip to your loved ones so they do also save money.

The team Savour Alsace

See more information and download apk file:


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