Italiano Salgados – Goiânia – Total comfort !!! Order now directly from our application.

Italiano Salgados - Goiânia

Total comfort !!! Order now directly from our application.

Italiano Salgados - Goiânia screenshot 0Italiano Salgados - Goiânia screenshot 1Italiano Salgados - Goiânia screenshot 2

Application Updated – November – Special Black Friday in 2016 – Stay informed of all our promotions and make your order and online payment directly from your Smartphone or Tablet.
Heats Black Friday- New Products –
* It’s Snack Time – Bought Won – Updated with new items.
* Premium Pie Kit Kat Dark
* Pie Premium Prestige Dark
* Super Combo Pie Joy V2.0 with Surprises gifts.
* Pies with Special Rates from R $ 25.00 the kg ..
* Over 500 Salted Traditional Special Price. and much more…..
Orders: Salted, pies, Twinkies cakes, Kit Birthday Parties, Combo It’s Snack Time and more in our application. We deliver throughout Goiânia, Aparecida de Goiania and another 25 cities Neighboring. (See Values) Italian Salgados – Goiania R-02 Qd Street. C-02 N 50 Villa Union – Goiânia – Goiás – CEP: 74313-060 (62) 3256-3407 (62) 9.9232-7464 Whatsapp’s Party !!! It’s Italian Salgados !!!

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Trove – Notifications for Ebay – Smart Notification System for eBay – Dominate eBay's Buy It Nows and Auctions

Trove - Notifications for Ebay

Smart Notification System for eBay – Dominate eBay's Buy It Nows and Auctions

Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 0Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 1Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 2Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 3Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 4Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 5Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 6Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 7Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 8Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 9Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 10Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 11Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 12Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 13Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 14Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 15Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 16Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 17Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 18Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 19Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 20Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 21Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 22Trove - Notifications for Ebay screenshot 23

Trove is the must have eBay notification system for both the professional and casual eBay user.

Trove has been created by certified eBay developers to automate your eBay experience, performing searches and monitoring results 24/7, alerting you at the perfect opportunity to grab a deal wherever you are.

So what does Trove actually do?

In a Nutshell…

1. Set a Search for any item you want to buy (iPhone, TV, Monocle etc.); using all standard filters plus some not offered by eBay (Seller Feedback, Zero Bid’s etc.)
2. Hit go and Trove will monitor eBay at regular intervals for any exciting new updates
3. Trove will notify your smartphone the moment when:
a. A matching item is listed on eBay – allowing you to grab it before the competition
b. A matching auction is almost finished – allowing you to snipe the win in the dying moments
4. Trove will open any listing you are interested in inside of your favourite mobile browser to ensure secure bidding and purchasing

Ok that’s great, what else does this offer that nothing else does?

Trove hosts an impressive array of features to guarantee your eBay experience is stepped up a gear:

• Set, save and run up to 10 searches
• Compatible across 19 Countries
• Developed by certified eBay developers
• Filter based on sellers feedback score
• Block New and Poor sellers – avoiding fake adds and scammers
• Include postage when filtering Maximum Price
• ‘Lite’ mode saves data usage and battery when away from home
• Mark your favorite results
• Clear and sharp Google Material User interface
• Get notified when auctions with zero or low bids are ending soon

So how much will all of this cost?

• 100% Free
• No adverts
• No membership required
• No registration required
• No watered down trials
• No eBay account details required

Please note:- although Troves feedback filters can greatly improve protection against scammers, this is no way a guaranteed prevention. Please always read the item descriptions before committing to purchase and only buy from trustworthy sellers who hold a credible level of feedback. Any issues or disputes which arise following purchase shall be dealt with between the buyer, seller and eBay.

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ToBox Seller – ToBox Seller – Store management

ToBox Seller

ToBox Seller – Store management

ToBox Seller screenshot 0ToBox Seller screenshot 1ToBox Seller screenshot 2ToBox Seller screenshot 3

Open shop in two clicks right on your mobile phone? Easily!

ToBox – a platform of new generation that combines hundreds of the best stores of the social networks, showrooms, as well as producers of unique design products.

With the application ToBox Seller can be fast, easy and completely free to open your online store and manage them wherever you are.

A new service for online merchants will allow you to:
– Details to tell customers about their product: the method of payment and delivery to the contact information;
– Make a shop window to suit your tastes;
– Manage products: easy to upload new products or modify the information on them
– Manage orders: efficiently receive notifications of new purchases and to inform customers about the status of their orders;
– To communicate with their customers, without leaving the application with a convenient messenger;

Appendix ToBox Seller will help to save time, attract and retain customers, while remaining the most mobile.

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S.I.VILLAGE – "Boutique of my hand S.I.VILLAGE"Shopping Shinsegae International official APP!


"Boutique of my hand S.I.VILLAGE"Shopping Shinsegae International official APP!

S.I.VILLAGE screenshot 0S.I.VILLAGE screenshot 1S.I.VILLAGE screenshot 2S.I.VILLAGE screenshot 3

“Boutique of my hand S.I.VILLAGE”
Meet the brand S.I.VILLAGE mobile.

S.I.VILLAGE APP is the official online shop of Shinsegae International.
In S.I.VILLAGE Shinsegae International, which holds the rights to the official importers
More than 40 global fashion brands sell only genuine beauty.
All domestic / international fashion and beauty brands at a time S.I.VILLAGE APP!
There are also lifestyle brands often blend of fashion goods and household goods (JAJU).
Get product information for all brands of mobile S.I.VILLAGE quickly and easily.

[S.I.VILLAGE own style guide]
Unique and valuable visual style guide which introduces a brand The SCRAT.
Read friendly and informative Brand Description
Providing easy to understand the brands of SIVILLAGE with RUNWAY video.

Premium package delivery]
Sturdy boxes, suitcases, handbags dust bags, etc.
SIVILLAGE we will ship the goods safely to the distinctive logo of the package is stuck.

[Online / offline integration membership S.I.VILLAGER]
To purchase from the store you can easily find information on the S.I.VILLAGE.
Please check all means to purchase and earn shopping points.
Coupons benefits that can be used offline and frequently special benefits only club / beauty club. SIVILLAGE in preparing a variety of benefits.

– Fashion / Beauty / Living Products offers all brands.
– Online / offline purchase history inquiry
– Guidance of store locations operating Shinsegae International Brand
– 1: 1 customer center operations
– Events / Announcements posted

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שופרסל – Super-Sol presents: a revolution in shopping.


Super-Sol presents: a revolution in shopping.

שופרסל screenshot 0שופרסל screenshot 1שופרסל screenshot 2שופרסל screenshot 3שופרסל screenshot 4שופרסל screenshot 5שופרסל screenshot 6שופרסל screenshot 7שופרסל screenshot 8

Super-Sol presents: a revolution in shopping. Discover the world of smart shopping with Supersal app gives you innovative shopping experience anywhere and anytime easily and quickly that consciousness.

Mobile Shopping List
Wise guidance and direction branch
Super-Sol purchase online
Deals Rewards and Coupons
Detection and navigation branches
And more …

Enter the new shopping era with a variety of advanced applications:

    Smart management of the shopping list:
Locating a product just scan, typing or photography
Quick Products List Recent acquisitions at the palm of your hand
Reminder products may have forgotten
Personal benefits and promotions just for you

    Buy Smart escort branch:
         Quick check branch includes sorting items by transitions – not roaming and looking for products
See “deals” Crossings
    Buy Shufersol Online:
Booking online shopping inside the app Shufersol shopping and come home.
Quick Products List Recent acquisitions at the palm of your hand
Reminder products may have forgotten
Personal benefits and promotions just for you
     Branch Locator:
Search, navigation, opening hours and speed dial branch

Network Operations newspapers
Personal benefits and promotions for you and more …. :
     And more …
Tips for buying smart

Whole range of possibilities await you Supersal app go now and enjoy the next generation of shopping.
Subject to the terms of use and policies

So that we can locate the nearest branch based on position to enable the GPS on your device
Use most functions made possible with the introduction of a private member Supersal customers.

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