Galeria Mokotow – Aplikacja Galerii Mokotów na Androida

Galeria Mokotow

Aplikacja Galerii Mokotów na Androida

Galeria Mokotow screenshot 0Galeria Mokotow screenshot 1Galeria Mokotow screenshot 2Galeria Mokotow screenshot 3Galeria Mokotow screenshot 4

Aplikacja Galerii Mokotów na Androida podpowie Ci wszystko co powiniennes wiedziec o Galerii Mokotów:

– Najświeższe informacje o promocjach i – wydarzeniach w Galerii
– Godziny otwarcia
– Dojazd
– Informacje o sklepach oraz usługach
– Plany Galerii Mokotów zawsze w Twojej kieszeni

Galeria Mokotów app Twój przewodnik do mody, stylu i inspiracji.

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Freedom Retailer – FutureIsNow – Retailers Get Your Free Account Today at

Freedom Retailer - FutureIsNow

Retailers Get Your Free Account Today at

Freedom Retailer - FutureIsNow screenshot 0Freedom Retailer - FutureIsNow screenshot 1Freedom Retailer - FutureIsNow screenshot 2Freedom Retailer - FutureIsNow screenshot 3Freedom Retailer - FutureIsNow screenshot 4Freedom Retailer - FutureIsNow screenshot 5Freedom Retailer - FutureIsNow screenshot 6Freedom Retailer - FutureIsNow screenshot 7Freedom Retailer - FutureIsNow screenshot 8

Key features of FutureIsNow – Freedom Retailer App

1. Owners can create their own offers and discounts.
2. Get an opportunity to push offers to only valuable customers.
3. See which customers liked your offer.
4. Keep track on the analytic concerning your offers.
5. Get maximum visibility. Attract awesome shoppers.
6.Get your Mall Listed on – Apply Now

Just Install Freedom Retailer App and increase your foot fall.


Q. Why will a retailer register with us?
Visibility is of utmost importance. To garner that visibility amongst freedom shoppers is one of the main reasons why retailers should register. Also it would give them an added advantage of broadcasting offers in one click to many platforms. Plus they can compile a list of loyal & regular consumers for promoting exciting offers in real-time.

Q. What would a retail brand gain from registering with us?
For a brand, it is difficult to keep a check on all of the outlet it operates. Through Freedom desi app, retailers would be able to manage schemes, data and keep a check over analytics. The platform provides more control to managers to manage schemes and evaluate footfall.

Q. Why a mall management should connect with us?
Information is vital component when it comes to shop in a mall. With Freedom get indoor maps & all your retailers listed on cloud panel. Provide access information of all stores & vital mall information like Housekeeping, Security, Transport, Lost & Found, Wheelchair Assistance and more for the benefit of Shopper. Effective promotion of the mall is something that can be achieved through use of Freedom desi app. Also, a fresh revenue scheme will come as more new users would involve Freedom desi app as a part of their shopping spree. We are sweetening up the deal by providing them incentives like a certain amount of cash with every data they verify & maintain.

Q. Why will freedom desi team work with me?
Motivation and self-sufficiency are key aggregators in the path to success. Through being a part of the Freedom family, the desi team would not just have a stable monetary in-flow but also help in building an ecosystem aligned with vision. The individual recognition they would get would convince them that Freedom is the place to be.

Q. Why will the retailer feel the need for the app?
The following objectives of the retailer will be fulfilled:
• Be listed on a global retail platform of
• The list management of loyal customers is simple & real time.
• Broadcast marketing message effectively nearby & customer list.
• Get notified on all actions done by shopper related to your store.
• Increase footfall & conversions along with Popularity Index.

Q. How will the retail brand use freedom cloud on a regular basis?
The use of Freedom app is symmetrical to use of any other app. It provides the ease of managing outlet data and managers, providing quick and easy ways to generate and spread offers. He can promote offers in all social media platform through a click. Also global and local outspread of offers can be easily taken charge of. Finally, retailers can be located with ease through the cloud.

Q. How can trade show find importance of the platform?
Not just retailers, but trade shows can benefit from us:
• Enabling each trade show participants with personalized Freedom Desks.
• Using the innovative technology of beacons for indoor mapping
• Creating announcement, through the app, to build up hype.
• Freedom users rating retailers/visited stalls

Feel Free to Call Us for any further clarification & getting associated with Platform. Give a missed call at +91-8882300500 or write to us at

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Smith’s – Save with Smith's! Coupons, ads, rewards & shopping list in one app!


Save with Smith's! Coupons, ads, rewards & shopping list in one app!

Smith's screenshot 0Smith's screenshot 1Smith's screenshot 2Smith's screenshot 3Smith's screenshot 4Smith's screenshot 5Smith's screenshot 6Smith's screenshot 7Smith's screenshot 8Smith's screenshot 9Smith's screenshot 10Smith's screenshot 11Smith's screenshot 12Smith's screenshot 13Smith's screenshot 14Smith's screenshot 15Smith's screenshot 16Smith's screenshot 17Smith's screenshot 18

Looking for the ultimate mobile shopping experience? Save time and money with the Smith’s App! The Smith’s App puts convenience and savings at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and register your Smith’s Fresh Values Rewards Card to take advantage of all these great benefits:

– Load online coupons directly to your Fresh Values Rewards Card and your shopping list.

– Create an online shopping list that you can update and use any time.

– View Weekly Ads and quickly add Weekly Ad items to your shopping list.

– Access exclusive promotions and save money with personalized offers.

– Refill your Smith’s Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet.

– Check your fuel points and view your rewards history.

– Use the store locator to find stores and fuel centers nearby.

Great feedback from customers like you on this mobile app and our other digital services help us improve them and make your shopping experience even better – so thank you! Keep those suggestions coming, and watch for additional enhancements as we roll them out:

– Multiple shopping lists.

– Save items as favorites.

– Save money when you choose items from our Smart Suggest feature.

Thank you for providing your feedback and suggestions. More updates are coming soon. Check or Google Play for the latest digital news.

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Canadian Tire – Get the free Canadian Tire App for your smartphone.

Canadian Tire

Get the free Canadian Tire App for your smartphone.

Canadian Tire screenshot 0Canadian Tire screenshot 1Canadian Tire screenshot 2Canadian Tire screenshot 3Canadian Tire screenshot 4Canadian Tire screenshot 5Canadian Tire screenshot 6Canadian Tire screenshot 7Canadian Tire screenshot 8Canadian Tire screenshot 9Canadian Tire screenshot 10Canadian Tire screenshot 11Canadian Tire screenshot 12Canadian Tire screenshot 13Canadian Tire screenshot 14

The free Canadian Tire App is essential for planning your next shopping trip!

Download, Hover & Discover
Scan the pages of the WOW Guide with the Canadian Tire app to unlock exciting digital extras, how-tos, product videos, expert advice and a virtual reality patio builder.

Shop from your mobile device

My Canadian Tire ‘Money’™ Program
An easier way to collect and redeem your Canadian Tire ‘Money’

Sale Alerts
We’ll alert you when items you’ve added to your Shopping List go on sale.

See this week’s flyer and an exclusive peek at the upcoming flyer every Wednesday.

Barcode Scanner
Scan UPCs and QR codes for ratings & reviews, product information and pricing.

Ratings and Reviews
Find out what other customers have to say about a product before making a decision.

Instructional Videos
How-to videos and Buying Guides with active demonstrations to follow along with.

Find the closest Canadian Tire Store for directions or product availability.

View your products up close in the image gallery to prevent any surprises.

We love your feedback! Email us at and let us know what you think or what enhancements would help to make the Canadian Tire app even better.

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Perform Better Europe – We are the expert for top products in the field of Functional Training.

Perform Better Europe

We are the expert for top products in the field of Functional Training.

Perform Better Europe screenshot 0Perform Better Europe screenshot 1Perform Better Europe screenshot 2Perform Better Europe screenshot 3Perform Better Europe screenshot 4Perform Better Europe screenshot 5Perform Better Europe screenshot 6Perform Better Europe screenshot 7

Our portfolio comprises the largest selection of functional small and large appliances in functional training, as well as Perform Better Performance Institute, the Functional Training magazine and Facility Design.
Since we represent the idea in essence, that the human body should be trained as a unit rather than isolated movements, we have the opportunity to let our Perform Better Performance Institute training and further form of the best experts and train the optimal dealing with functional training equipment.
Our aim is to always offer the latest tools, a wide range and the highest product quality and at the same time to combine the best expertise and competence.

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Hair24 – Hair24, buy Friseurbedarf inexpensive.


Hair24, buy Friseurbedarf inexpensive.

Hair24 screenshot 0Hair24 screenshot 1Hair24 screenshot 2Hair24 screenshot 3Hair24 screenshot 4Hair24 screenshot 5Hair24 screenshot 6Hair24 screenshot 7 is the online store to get Friseurbedarf low. We offer hair care from all major manufacturers such as Wella, Schwarzkopf and L’Oréal at bargain prices. Whether shampoo and conditioner, rinses and treatments, all these hair care products are available for your salon in a wide choice with us. Hairdressing is not just of toiletries. Materials and Accessories are also part of the daily demand for hairdressers. Frisierumhänge and Färbeschürzen are important part of any salon equipment, as well as spray bottles, measuring cups or ruffs. Here you will find accessories and consumables in a wide selection at reasonable prices as hairdressing wholesalers. Dyeing is daily consumables in saloon and should therefore always be enough available. Staining trays, paper lace and color brush you get low with other hairdressing supplies with us.

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ezig Shop – Shop and shop for electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories.

ezig Shop

Shop and shop for electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories.

ezig Shop screenshot 0ezig Shop screenshot 1ezig Shop screenshot 2ezig Shop screenshot 3ezig Shop screenshot 4ezig Shop screenshot 5ezig Shop screenshot 6ezig Shop screenshot 7

Finally available as APP, the EZIG Shop and EZIG online, shop and shop for electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories. In addition to our online shop, there are now 7 Offlinesops throughout Deutschlan from Flensburg to Rosenheim.

In addition to a well-chosen selection of devices, there are also a variety of liquids that you can easily select with this app.

See detail information and download apk file: