2dehands – Gratis zoekertjes – Buy and sell your things even faster in-app chat via 2dehands.be!

2dehands - Gratis zoekertjes

Buy and sell your things even faster in-app chat via 2dehands.be!

2dehands - Gratis zoekertjes screenshot 02dehands - Gratis zoekertjes screenshot 1

2dehands.be is the largest and best-known classifieds site in Belgium. Quickly download the free Android app 2dehands.be: as you buy and sell from now on your Android smartphone.

The biggest farm supply always within reach through a convenient app, always Globe ads.

You trusted 2dehands.be areas, they are all 42 in the app. So depending on your smartphone you everything you can on the website: budget buy what you need, and sell for a good price you much. Placing ads or modify, view pictures do the best finds, placing a bid. Just like on the website, so: easy and free! And always within reach.

Install the app on your smartphone 2dehands.be
• You have free access to more than 4 million ads.
• Easy respond via chat functionality.
• quickly see through in-app chat or someone has read your messages.
• You place and change your ads easily.
• You share your ads easily through social networks, email and SMS.
• You can immediately respond by e-mail or phone.
• Or even easier, contact us directly via chat.
• You can find the shortest path to the seller via the integrated route planner.

Useful features:
• Refining searches with a keyword.
• Filter search results by price and product characteristics.
• Full Screen view photos.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/uwJQBp


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