Allegro – Allegro – buy and bid where you want!


Allegro – buy and bid where you want!

Allegro screenshot 0Allegro screenshot 1Allegro screenshot 2Allegro screenshot 3Allegro screenshot 4Allegro screenshot 5Allegro screenshot 6Allegro screenshot 7Allegro screenshot 8Allegro screenshot 9Allegro screenshot 10Allegro screenshot 11Allegro screenshot 12Allegro screenshot 13Allegro screenshot 14Allegro screenshot 15Allegro screenshot 16Allegro screenshot 17Allegro screenshot 18Allegro screenshot 19Allegro screenshot 20Allegro screenshot 21Allegro screenshot 22Allegro screenshot 23

Internet shopping at the largest trading platform Allegro. From now on your Android you will have mobile access to millions of items at the best prices. Enjoy the Allegro as you want and where you want.

Try the app and see how easy and convenient you can buy items on Allegro:
• Internet auctions, auctions and shopping in one application. Find, buy and pay for an item from your phone or tablet. You can pay via bank transfer online or by credit card online.
• Two modes of appearance – one designed specifically for tablet users, and the other designed for smartphone users.
• Notifications – about events on the site: winners, losers auctions, piercing the offer and others.
• Access to Opportunity Allegro – on the main screen.
• Preview – on items observed, auctioned, recently viewed or purchased on the main screen.
• Search – browse search results as plain listing or galeryjnego mode.
• Filtering, sorting and narrowing the selected category search results.
• Exposing comments as buyer and seller.
• Sharing – sending ads your friends on the Facebook, Twitter will and the option of shipping it finds the offer SMS.
• Bills – check balances.
• PAYU – view the list of payments.
• And much, much, much more …

Download apk file for your android phone:


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