Kuponi KAEFCE – Eat cheap in KFC. Show the coupon and pay less for your order.

Kuponi  KAEFCE

Eat cheap in KFC. Show the coupon and pay less for your order.

Kuponi  KAEFCE screenshot 0Kuponi  KAEFCE screenshot 1Kuponi  KAEFCE screenshot 2Kuponi  KAEFCE screenshot 3Kuponi  KAEFCE screenshot 4Kuponi  KAEFCE screenshot 5Kuponi  KAEFCE screenshot 6Kuponi  KAEFCE screenshot 7

The application contains a complete database of current graphical promotional coupons to KFC, as well as the current price list at restaurants and getting my.
** Pay less! ** Choose the coupon and show it on the screen of the phone when ordering. ** Coupons can be used repeatedly! **

NOVELTY!!! Find information about ingredients of nutritional products.


– LIST – A list of current promotional coupons
– COUPONS – Current discount coupons along with the viewing photographs
– PRICE LIST RESTAURANTS – Prices of products in restaurants
– PRICE LIST DELIVERY – Product Pricing in getting my
– Navigation application using finger gestures (move left / right)
– Navigation coupons full screen with your finger (move left / right)
– Ability to zoom in / out full screen coupon
– Ability to change the home tab (the icon in the upper-right corner)
– Ability to verify information about the nutrients

To show the coupon for the best quality in full screen, click on the selected coupon from the list (LIST or COUPONS). Coupons best show in the horizontal position the phone – when it occupies the entire screen of the device.

Coupons are valid until 10/10/2016. As soon as new, the application will be updated.

Keep in mind that this is an unofficial app.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/Gpuh6L


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