Snapcart – Snap Receipts, Get Cashbacks!


Snap Receipts, Get Cashbacks!

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Snapcart is an android based mobile app that enables everyone to use their shopping receipts to get cashback, as easy as taking a snap of the shopping receipt and upload it through Snapcart app.

How to use Snapcart:

1. Browse the latest product promo inside the Snapcart app. There will be different promo updated every now and then. Search and choose the products that suit you

2. When you go shopping at your favorite retail store/supermarket, take a snap of your shopping receipt and submit it to Snapcart

3. After the verification process is done, you’ll get cashback based on the products you purchased

4. Once the credit reaches the minimum amount, cashbacks can be cashed out to your preferred cash out channel.

The categories focused are daily needs products including food, beverage, health & personal care, baby care, and home care:

* Seasoning and Canned Food
* Noodles & Pasta
* Breakfast
* Snacks
* Candy
* Milk (powdered milk, ready to drink, condensed milk)
* Coffee & Tea (coffee, tea, chocolate, ready to drink)
* Drinks (energy drink, syrup, carbonated/soda, mineral water, juice)
* Beauty Care (hair care, facial care, body care, cosmetics)
* Tissue and Cotton (facial tissue, toilet & kitchen tissue, cotton, facial oil paper, wet tissue)
* Feminine Care (pads, panty liners, feminine hygiene care)
* Baby Care (formula milk, diaper, baby soap)
* Home Care (Insecticide, air freshener, dishwashing, floor cleaning, toilet cleaning, kitchen & furniture cleaning)
* Others

Snap your grocery shopping receipts with Snapcart!

Find out more about us!

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